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the best part of Tyler and Josh taking their pants off last night was their execution. Tyler?? Button popped, fly down, one fluid motion and pants are gone!!!!
Josh??? 18 zipper fumbles and 3 days trying to step out of them bye 👋

Dragon (Josh Diaz x Reader) Part 2

Request: @threoraeken asked, “hi hi hi I just started reading your imagines and they’re rlly good!! if it’s ok, can you write a josh diaz imagine that’s super cute and fluffy!! hihi josh needs some lovin ❤️”

A/N. It’s not as cute and fluffy so much as sort of angsty, but I hope you like it. It’s a continuation from Dragon, because everything was set up really nicely so I thought why not? I tried to make it more fluffy closer to the end. Sorry, hope you like it :)

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You woke up at about four in the morning, comfortable and warm, surrounded by pack. Corey had somehow wiggled his way between you and Theo, and you had both arms wrapped around his waist. Theo had an arm draped over Corey and you, and Tracy was curled around Theo’s back. You shifted back, stretching out your arms, trying to figure out what had woken you, and you froze when something shocked you.

“Josh?” You sat up, turning to look at him.

He was lying off to the side, on the floor, having rolled completely off the blankets. His eyes were shut tight and he flinched in his sleep.

“Josh,” you whispered, “Josh wake up.”

He twitched, and electricity crackled up his arms. “Stop… don't…”

“Josh.” You hissed, crawling forward. “Josh wake up it’s just a nightmare.”

“Please don't…” he flinched again, eyelids flickering. “Stop… it hurts… Theo stop…” the electricity was worse now, flickering on the walls and lighting up the dark room.

You bit your lip, studying him for a second. You didn’t know if waking him up was a good idea, or if you should just let the nightmare play out.

“Theo don’t!” Josh flinched again, and sparks flew out of his hand, exploding against the wall.

Theo sat up immediately, eyes glowing gold. Hayden and Corey sat up as well, and Tracy shifted under Theo’s arm, her head popping up from behind his shoulder.

“Sorry.” You apologized. “The heater sometimes makes noises. I’ve learned to just tune it out. Go back to bed.”

Almost everyone had laid back down before you were even done your explanation. Theo gave you a suspicious look.

“Stop…” Josh breathed, “Theo–” Your hand clamped over his mouth.

“You know Josh and his sex dreams. Go back to bed.” You said through your teeth, clenching your jaw against the electricity pulsing through your arm. He stared for a second longer, and you forced a smile, until he lay back down. You waited, barely moving, until his breathing evened out.

“Mother of Christ!” You hissed, turning to look at Josh and yanking your arm away. Your fingers tingled and your arm was numb.

He was awake, staring at you with wide eyes. His mouth hung open, looking panicked, and you held up a hand, signalling that he should shut the hell up and follow you. You grabbed his arm and dragged him into the bedroom.

“Are you okay?” You whispered as soon as the door closed. “What was that?”

“Nothing.” Josh shook his head defensively. “I’m fine. It was nothing. Go back to sleep.”

You ignored him. “What were you dreaming about?” You saw the momentary panic on his face, and the desperation as he searched for something.

His eyes lit up. “You, naked, and damn, you looked fi–”

“Don’t.” You snapped. “Please don’t make a joke out of this. It was Theo, wasn’t it?”

“Fine, so maybe it was Theo doing dirty things to me–”

You crossed your arms over your chest. “Josh.”

He sighed, dropping his gaze to the floor. “Fine. It was the night I died.”

“You think I don’t have nightmares like that?” You asked, feeling a little offended. “Josh, why do you think Tracy’s so violent all the time? It’s because she spends five nights a week unable to sleep. We all have dreams about how we died.”

“But it’s different for you.” He protested. “I mean, yeah, the car accident was horrible, but do you know how hard it is to sleep when the guy who ripped out your throat is only a couple bodies away from you?” He sounded angry when he said it, but the look on his face was one of absolute terror.

You didn’t say anything, just tugged his head down and wrapped your arms around his neck. He went stiff against you, before sighing and relaxing into it, dropping his head onto your shoulder.

“It’s just hard.” He mumbled. “I know we’re supposed to just get over it, and move on, but–”

“Josh,” you said sharply, pulling back, “he killed you. You’re not supposed to just get over it. Okay? This is not your fault.” You stared at him, and when he dropped his gaze you grabbed his face and made him look at you. “Okay?”

He nodded.

“Good.” You nodded back. “Do you want to sleep in here?”

He blinked in surprise. “But what about pack bonding and stuff?”

You shrugged. “Screw pack bonding. You guys are sleeping here to make me feel better, and I’ll feel better knowing that you’re sleeping.”

“Thanks. Are you sure though?” He rubbed the back of his neck and tugged at the hem of his shirt. You noticed that it was the same one he had warm to school.

“What happened to the clothes Theo brought for you?” You asked. The Henley probably wasn’t too comfortable to sleep in.

“They’re all Theo’s, and they smell like him.” He shrugged. “These aren’t too bad. The jeans are a little uncomfortable, but it’s fine.”

“Take it off.” You ordered, opening the door to your small closet and rifling through it. “Here.” You tossed a pair of pants over your shoulder. “I have some shirts that are huge, but you probably won’t want to wear them. Do you have the pants on?”

“Yeah.” You turned around to see him fiddling with the hem of the sweatpants, his shirt gone. You allowed yourself a glance, and it was nice, before tearing your gaze back to his face.  

“Why do you have guys sweatpants?” He asked, still fiddling with the waistband.

“They’re more comfortable then girls sweatpants.” You shrugged. “Go to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.” You turned to leave.

“Or you could stay.” You turned to look at him in surprise and he shrugged. “Screw pack bonding, right? Besides, you have an extremely large bed for someone so small, and I’m still not sure if I’ve absorbed all that electricity.”

You rolled your eyes. “Will that really make you feel better or are you just trying to get into my pants?”


You nodded.

“I’m cold all the time.” He said quietly. “And you’re really warm.”

“Yeah, I am a dragon.” You said. “My hands burst into flames, remember?”

“You know what I mean.” He rolled his eyes. “It’s really hard to warm up, but you’re warm. And I sleep better around you.” His face got red and you could feel the heat radiating from it from where you stood. You saw with mild amusement that his blush spread all the way down his neck.

You bit your lip, trying to decide whether or not you should tell him that he did the same thing for you. Dragons are cold blooded, so no matter how much fire you generated, you were always cold. Except when he was around. Something about the electricity he radiated warmed you to your core.

“Okay.” You said instead. “But don’t get handsy, alright?”

He nodded, and both of you climbed into the bed. You lay on your side against the wall, and though Josh wasn’t touching you, you could feel the heat and static electricity radiating off him. You heard him sigh and felt the mattress dip and he rolled onto his side, his arm draping over your stomach.

“Is this okay?” He mumbled into your back.

“Mhmm.” You nodded, smiling a little as he pulled you backwards, so your back pressed against his chest.

“Thanks for this.” He breathed, fingers stroking soothing circles on your arm.

“No problem. Are you feeling better?”

A quiet sigh answered you, and you turned to see that he was already fast asleep, head pressed into your shoulder, arms tightening around your waist. One hand ever so slowly drifted up between your breasts. With a small smile you lay back down, snuggled a little deeper into his arms, and fell asleep. But only after you had removed his hand from your boob.

Theo watched the two of you from the doorway. He had known Josh was having nightmares, and it had been safe to assume they were caused in part by his death. He had just let Josh handle it on his own, figuring it was the best way for the boy get over his problems. He saw now that it may not have been his best plan

As he watched, you sighed and rolled over, snuggling into Josh’s neck, and his arms tightened around you. This may or may not be a problem. Theo knew he would need to keep an eye on it.