josh kain

All my favorite characters are celebrating me beating Phantasy Star 2 again, there’s Anna, and Rudolph, and Kain and Shir…. But Amy isn’t having a great time at all! Well what’s the matter, Amy?

 Oh… I see.

She says she read the Phantasy Star timeline, and she just learned the futility of her existence.

(Funny story: Rudo is a vampire in this because I was like “Hey how am I going to tie this composititon together??? Oh vampire cape of course!!!)


Kinds’ (Kain’s) Adventure (1990)

Kain’s (Kinds being his name in the Japanese release of PSII) Adventure is one of 8 text adventures made for each playable character of Phantasy Star II which details a bit on their lives prior to the events of the game. While they were only released in Japan, fans have translated them for others outside to play. Kain’s story takes place 3 years before he joins Rolf on his journey and basically tells you how he ended up there.