josh is like his dad and maddy is like her mom

Love is hard - Chapter six

Pairing: Madison Joseph x reader (friends), Josh Dun x reader (friends, lovers?), Tyler Joseph x reader (friends), Jenna Joseph x reader (friends), other Joseph and Dun family members

Plot: You take a leap year abroad, where you meet Madison Joseph. You become best friends and move in with her family. You meet her brother Tyler and his best friend Josh, who you have a crush on. Will Josh and you become more than friends?

This chapter: You try to mend fences, but will all be okay?

Warnings: None

Word count: about 2500

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A/n: Hope you love it :)

Dinner went as expected. Maddie and Ashley caught up, having known each other for years through their brothers, still occasionally laughing and joking about ‘your zoo-boy’, as they called Brandon. Jenna and Kelly were happily chatting with each other, while Tyler and his dad conversed, mostly about Tyler’s music. Josh sat furthest away from you, on purpose you suspected. He joined the conversation between Tyler and Chris from time to time, but mostly sat in silence. You were quieter than usual, getting annoyed by Maddie and Ashley’s jokes and feeling you screwed things up with Josh, even though it was in no way your intention or your fault. “Thanks for the lovely dinner. We should be going now, I’ll call you soon.” Tyler said to his mom after dinner and coffee. Jenna, Ashley and Josh got up as well, going around the table to say goodbye to everyone. You frantically tried to think of something to say to Josh before he left, thinking you had approximately 5 seconds to say something when he’d come over to hug you. He hugged Maddie, who sat next to you and turned to you. “Can I just…” you softly started, trying to look in his eyes. “Bye, y/n.” Josh simply said, ignoring your words completely, leaving without even looking at you. Ouch.

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Maddy: It moves about half a centimeter away from the Earth every year. So, it’s much closer than it was yesterday.
Jim: You mean tomorrow.
Maddy: You know what I mean.
Josh: The sky is insane.
Maddy: The stars are all different here, too. They’re not in the same place as in 2149, because the universe has had 85 million fewer years to expand. I mean, do the math.
Jim: We’ll just leave the math up to you, sweetie.