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Regarding Watermarked Photos–

Josh Hutcherson Source continues to be committed to bringing you the most up to date news, best fan contributions and highest quality photos. As part of our efforts to maintain that commitment, we purchase timely photos to share with our followers and the reason we watermark them is to protect our investment. We pay, out of our own pockets, to access the HQ photos direct from the agencies.

We ask that if users repost the photos we buy (especially on platforms outside of tumblr), you simply leave our watermark on the photo. Removing our watermark via blurring, cloning or cropping, jeopardizes our ability to continue purchasing these photos for our followers, and it is common netiquette to leave the watermark as is.

We truly value the immense support from fans across all social media, and hope you can understand and appreciate our request.

Thank you,

The Staff