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Preview for FIX: An NC-17 One Shot Request

“But look,” I added quickly. “You only have a little ways to go here. Why don’t I grab my weedwhacker and finish it off for you?”

As I stood up she was stuttering her polite refusals. “No, no, you’ve been working all morning, I couldn’t ask that. It’s really fine, I can ask my dad to take a look at it. It can wait. Thanks for giving it a try, Josh. It was really sweet of you.”

I put on my most heart-breaking smile for her. Gosh, what I wouldn’t do to get her sweaty body out of those clothes. That weedwhacker wasn’t the only one in the neighborhood that needed a good fix. When was the last time…? No need to dwell on it. Tanya’s body seemed like the perfect problem-solver. 

“Don’t worry about it. Stay right here. I’ll have it done in a hot second,” I promised. 

“Well, every second is hot in this weather,” she joked. “If you insist.. but I’ll have a nice cold glass of lemonade ready for you, okay? Just come on in the house when you’re done.”

The summer is getting hot, so I think its time for a hot and heavy one-shot for all you deserving readers out there. Stay tuned, because this sexy little gift will be posted tomorrow night at 7 PM EST

Thanks should go to Danielle for her request.

Airplane Food (Joshifer oneshot)

So this has been sitting in my Google Docs forever and I figured what better way to fuel my depression over rubyfalls leaving than into writing. And there’s no better time to post it than on Joshifer appreciation day. So here you go! Everyone remembers this quote from Jen? 

“We were just on the plane, and Josh [Hutcherson] was eating something that I don’t like—salmon or something. I was eating my own snack and he kept eating my snack. I was going to share with him because I’m not an asshole, but then finally I was like, ‘I can’t eat your snack. So it’s not fair that you’re eating my snack!’ Our security guard just started laughing at us. And we were like, ‘It’s been a lot of years!’”

My brain took this quote and ran with it. And this was born.

Airplane Food

“No,” he begins, “I like fish. You,” he says, emphasizing his point by jabbing a finger into my side, “are the one that doesn’t like fish.”

I scoff, shaking my head and picking my discarded menu card back up off my lap, turning my attention back to it, “frozen fish sticks and California rolls don’t count, asshole.”

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Do The Cricket- A Joshifer One Shot

This one shot came to be when I heard Karen Lawrence say this on a radio station:

“I know she loves children and she’s always wanted to be a mom so I hope she has/makes time for her personal life so she can get married and have babies.”

And who doesn’t love some daddy Josh!? Anyways, hope you enjoy!  



As I turn the ignition off, a smile forms across my face. Through the windshield I see my wife’s many black shoes intermixed with tiny pink and purple sparkly ones scattered around the garage stairs that lead up to the kitchen door. I step out of the car and shut the door, greeted by our dalmations Pongo and Perdy, which our four year old who was obsessed with 101 Dalmations at the time so carefully named.

“What are you guys doing out here?” I say to them as they run ahead to the door, which I open, letting the barking dogs inside.

“Damn it Josh!” Jennifer curses over their loud barking, as she slams some dishes from the dishwasher into the cabinet. “I put them out there for a reason!” I raise my eyebrows wondering what the hell I just walked into and just stand there for a second, hoping she’ll cool off. She grabs Pongo by the collar and leads him out the back door which she loudly slams. She begins to chase Perdy around the kitchen, who has no intention of going back outside. She finally ends up diving on the floor, grabbing Perdy by her hind legs. I’m about to burst out laughing at the whole scenario when I see her start to sob.

“Jen, what’s wrong?“ I set my keys down on the counter. I walk over and kneel beside her. She lets go of Perdy to place her face in her hands. “Jen, honey, look at me.” I say gently as I pull her hands down and tilt her chin to look me directly in the eyes. “What’s wrong?”

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Nothing's Ever Easy ~A Joshifer-One Shot Continuation~

Well goodness; the monster is finally finished! After much talk with my lovely followers and friends on here (especially peetasbunmyoven for giving me ideas to work off of), I was finally inspired to write the much longer continuation to Not So Easy, my Joshifer ice-skating fic. This one follows my headcanon concerning the events surrounding the BAFTA’s, the Olympics, and Montreal.

Disclaimer: Wow, first time for everything. But this one-shot does get a little smutty later on; ye be warned. I also am quite aware that the events in this story may not be 100% accurate, but it’s all real in my eyes ;)

I hope you all like it, and sorry for the wait <3!

Nothing’s Ever Easy

Jen sauntered forward, wandering aimlessly through the network of small roads and alleys. Every now and then, she would also throw a look over her shoulder, smiling at the man trailing behind her. Her and Josh had been going ice skating, making a nightly habit of it ever since the Olympics had been airing.

This however, seemed to be taking quite a toll on Josh’s body, as he was now limping slightly and every movement seemed to be painful for him. Jen imagined that the blistering wind hitting them both probably wasn’t helping either.

Slowing her pace so she was by his side, she gently rubbed a hand up and down his back. “Hey. You okay back here?” She watched as a cloud of vapor left his lips, confirming once more how cold it was.

 “I’ve been better, Jen. Damn, couldn’t you have picked a more…easy sport to fangirl over?” His face contorted slightly in discomfort with every step he took, and although Jen felt bad for him, she couldn’t help but chuckle at his grouchy attitude.

“Not when we have the 2018 Olympics to train for, no,” she snickered, nudging him softly on the shoulder. He only groaned in response.

Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer and shivering as the wind continued to strike them relentlessly. Atlanta hadn’t warmed up in the slightest, the ice and snow still scattered about the city. That hadn’t stopped the both of them from wandering the streets however, going to their small, outdoor skating rink, or even taking short walks in the old Olympic park itself. And thanks to the large hooded jackets they were both wearing, no one took any notice of their identities, something they rarely got to experience.

A particularly large gust of wind whipped through the buildings surrounding them, causing Jen to shudder and press her body against his. “Couldn’t Mockingjay have been filmed in Hawaii,” she whined, bringing a chuckle from Josh.

“Hey, you’re the one who always wants to come out here. True Olympians shouldn’t be bothered by the cold.”

The look on her face only caused him to grin more.

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Whatever You Say (1st Joshifer Oneshot)

So. First Joshifer oneshot/fic/anything (I don’t even know what to call this lol). You don’t understand how long it took me to do this. I got so distracted and I changed so many things and yeah. It’s really not even that long. But it’s something, right?


And btw, it’s in Josh POV. Welp, here it is!

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As Promised.

Finally Here my one shot fic that I promised you all. I haven’t written any fics for a LOOOOOOONG time so please be kind. I will try my best to have as little errors as possible. 

This story is centered on the first phone conversation that Josh and Jen had after finding out who was in the cast. I did some research. I know Jen originally turned down the franchise and then changed her mind but I think this had an interesting motif as well.  By the way I like to think Jen’s parents are still romantic with each other.

Disclaimer #1: I would love to know Josh and Jen, but sadly I don’t. I also don’t know any of the cast of the Hunger Games or anyone else depicted in the story.

Disclaimer #2: Though this fanfiction is centered closely around real events, it is fictional. 

Disclaimer #3: The rating is M just in case….

And finally Here it is…

45 Minutes

Jen looked over at the script for the third time that evening. She hoped she got the role. She had read the first book prior to trying out for the role. Katniss intrigued her. She was interesting. Jen had no clue where Katniss’s journey might take her. Which only excited her more. She sighed and closed her eyes. Praying that she would be able to give the role justice. Above all, she hoped that the guy playing Peeta wasn’t an asshole or worse…boring. She could handle dick-ish guys, but boring was where she drew the line. After all she grew up with two brothers who drove her to the edge of insanity on most days. Sure they were crazy like all the Lawrence’s but at least she had fun, most of the time. She got up from the bed and placed the script on her dresser. She didn’t want to spend too much time in California waiting for an answer so she decided to go back to Louisville where there would be less anxiety and stress. “Now, where the hell did I put my cell?” she wondered as she looked around. “must be downstairs. I wonder if there’s any left-over pizza from last night. I’m hungry anyway” She mused as she descended the stairs. She looked in the fridge for anything that might satiate her hunger. As she turned to place her already heated pizza on the table she saw her phone . The damn thing was vibrating. “Fuck, I forgot to put up the volume.” She picked it up quickly, “Hello?” 

“Jen? Is that you?” 

“Yeah, I’m sorry Liz I had my phone on vibrate and forgot.” 

“Jesus, Jen, I called you four times. I was Starting to get worried something happened. Anyway, I have great news. You got the part.” Jen whooped and pumped her fists in triumph. She was so excited and enraptured in the moment that she didn’t even let Liz finish the rest of the information. She heard Liz yelling at the top of her lungs trying to capture her attention.

“HELLLLLOOOOOO!” She yelled. Jen quickly recovered and put the phone to her ear. 

“Yeah, I’m sorry but I really don’t have the mentality right now to keep in all the info that you’re trying to give me. So, can you text it to me instead? That way I don’t forget. I’m too excited right now.” 

Liz sighed and said, “Sure, But please make sure you’re at the reading on time.”

“Fine. I’ll be there. By the way who’s playing Peeta?”

“Oh, It’s Josh Hutcherson.”

Jen’s Eyes grew wide, “THE Josh Hutcherson? The guy I told you that I had to use to get my parents on board with my acting career?”

“The very same.” 

“So, is there any way you might know his number?” 

“Why?” Asked Liz with a hint of suspicion. 

“Oh come on Liz. If I have to work with the guy I at least have to talk to him at some point.” 

“Yeah, and you can do that at the reading.” 

“It’ll be too awkward. I don’t want the people to think we have no chemistry. If I talk to him I can get all the awkwardness out of the way and get straight down business.” 

“I’ll text you his number. If you weren’t an actress you would’ve made a great lawyer.” 

“Thanks. I’ll Talk to you later.” She hung up the phone and did a little jig. “I got the part. I can’t believe it.” She thought with a big grin plastered on her face. 

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Forever (Joshifer oneshot)

Surprise I actually wrote something!! I listened to a song, a plot bunny formed in my head, so I had to get this out. Enjoy everyone!


“Jennifer!” I yell as I bang my fist impatiently on the bathroom door, “how much longer? We’re late!”

From behind the door I hear something clatter to the floor followed by some colorful language before she finally yells back at me, “five minutes!”

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All in Good Time ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

Hello everyone! As promised, here is my new Joshifer one-shot. I’ve been kind of inspired by all the rumors and new gifs floating around, so I decided to write a kind of little….AU/headcanon kind of thing. Now I may or may not make a continuation of this, but we shall see. I’d like to give a huge thank you to toastbabeis for the inspiration!  I hope you all like it :)!

All in Good Time

Jennifer walked slowly back to the hotel, a warm smile plastered across her face. She had finally had a nice night, free of any promotions, paparazzi, or even the stress from shooting. It had been a night filled with family and friends, something she had been desperately craving for a while. Now however, she was longing for only one person; a person who she assumed was up waiting for her in the hotel.

Filming in Atlanta had its ups and downs, the city always bustling and filled with people, but there were so many attractions and things to do. Tonight, Atlanta had shown its virtues, as the restaurant Jen had visited was within walking distance of the place she was staying at.

Shivering slightly to herself, relief pooled inside her as she approached the Marriott, thankful that no paparazzi had been trailing her. Apparently no one had received word of her appearance, though a few fans had asked to take pictures; only with the promise that they would not give away Jen and her Co-Stars’ location.

The staff of the hotel greeted her as usual, asking to escort her back up to her room. She complied, though she wasn’t exactly paying attention to all the bustle around her; her mind was elsewhere. Visions of a young man with dyed blonde hair, gleaming hazel eyes, tender lips, a strong jaw…

Her body clenched involuntarily; God she had missed him. He had refused to come to dinner tonight on account of the rumors floating around, the press and tabloids being more active than ever. With the word on her supposed engagement with Nick, he had said he didn’t want to risk it. And now that Jen had spent almost the entire day without the slightest glance of Josh, every part of her was screaming for him.

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Yoga Poses

I FOUND THAT YOGA STORY!! Hiding in the depths of my e-mail (seriously, I wrote this almost a year ago and it never saw the light of day) I found it. It’s mostly about Josh doing yoga to get weed but there is a hint of Joshifer at the end because I’m me. Anyway, enjoy everyone!

Yoga Poses

“No. No way I’m doing that.” Josh stands with his arms crossed, eyeing Woody skeptically.

Woody smiles and steps forward, a small baggie dangling from his fingers. He gives it a shake and holds it out towards Josh. “You want the goods?”

Josh nods and reaches out to take the baggie, but before his fingers close around the bag, Woody snatches it away and stashes it in the pocket of his shorts, “then you’ll get your ass on that yoga mat and do what I say.”

“Oh, come on!” Josh cries, a hint of desperation in his voice. “Can’t I just pay you for it?”

Woody shakes his head and waggles his eyebrows playfully, “Nah. It’s more fun this way. Plus, you’ll learn something new. Broaden your horizons.”

Josh rolls his eyes and presses his lips together. Quickly, he runs through his options in his head, and he’s left with… not many. Here in Atlanta, he’s out of his element. At home, he’d have six friends who could all score him some weed, but on location he’s left with one person to ask. And the one person he’s asked has apparently decided a yoga session is what it’s going to cost for him to replenish his stash.

“Well?” Woody asks, pulling the small baggie back out of his pocket and dangling it out in front of Josh like bait.

Glancing at the baggie and the contents within, Josh wrinkles his nose and lets out an exasperated sigh. “Yeah, okay, fine. Let’s get this over with.”

Woody smirks and slides the baggie back in his pocket. “You’ll get this when we’re done,” he says, patting his pocket before holding up his index finger to Josh. “One pose. That’s all I want. Take your shoes off, we’ll get this done, and then you’ll be on your way to… thoroughly enjoying the rest of your evening.”

Josh scoffs and slips the toe of one sneaker behind the heel of the other and effortlessly slides out of one shoe, before using his socked foot to free his other foot from his other shoe. Once he’s standing in his socks, he lifts the hem of his plain white t-shirt to retie the drawstring on the waistband of his grey mesh basketball shorts before moving to stand in the center of the bright blue yoga mat laying in the middle of Woody’s living room, his arms hanging limply at his side.

“Alright,” Woody begins, laying a matching yoga mat down on the floor next to Josh’s, focusing on getting the corners to lay flat, “we’ll start easy.  We’ll do a pose called Downward-Facing Dog.”

Josh narrows his eyes and arches an eyebrow, “Downward-Facing Dog? Are you shitting me?”

Woody’s head snaps up and he gives his companion a pointed look, “if you don’t want to do this, the door is that way.”

Josh sighs and shakes his head, “no, I’m sorry,” he apologizes, maintaining eye contact with Woody. “Sorry. Really. I didn’t mean that.”

Woody nods, silently accepting his apology before continuing with his lesson. “Okay, so you’ll start by getting down on your hands and knees.”

“You could at least buy me dinner first,” Josh mumbles as he begrudgingly follows Woody’s instruction. Once he’s down on all fours, he glances up at his instructor who remains standing, “I’m doing this by myself?”

Woody shakes his head, “Nah, I’ll join you once you’re in the position. I gotta make sure you’re doing it right first. You’re not getting my good stuff if you’re going to half ass this.”

Josh rolls his eyes and looks down at his hands splayed on the bright blue mat below him, briefly considering just going without smoking until he’s back home, but he knows whatever Woody has is going to be much better than anything any of his friends could scrounge up. Plus, he really wants to get high.

“Now,” Woody continues, effectively ending any chance Josh had to change his mind and leave, “scoot your knees back so they’re right below your hips, and put your hands out in front of your shoulders.”

Josh obeys, aligning his knees and hips and sliding his hands out in front of him before looking up from under his blond bangs. “Okay. Now what?”

Woody smirks, “Gettin’ into it now, hmm?”

Josh grunts, curling and uncurling his fingers on the mat, “I just want my weed.”

“You’ll get it. Hands flat. Start lifting your knees up.” Woody instructs, crossing his arms as he observes.

Josh’s brow furrows in confusion. “Knees… up? Like I’m going to be putting my ass up in the air?”

Woody winks and points at his student. “You got it. Keep your heels off the ground while you’re lifting your knees too.”

Josh closes his eyes, hangs his head, and sighs. Weed, he thinks. Fifteen minutes of embarrassment will be worth it later. He slowly lifts his knees off the mat, all the muscles in his legs straining as he struggles to keep his heels in the air from this position. “Like this?”

“Just like that.” Woody confirms. “Now, keep going up, straighten your legs, but don’t lock your knees. As you’re going up you can put your heels on the ground.”

As Josh continues stretching his legs upwards, he feels all the muscles in his thighs starting to burn as he lowers his heels against the spongy mat. He’s not out of shape by any means, but this is something entirely new for the muscles in his legs and he feels them all flexing and straining in ways they aren’t used to.

“Well, look at you!” Woody exclaims, almost too proudly for Josh’s liking, “You’re a natural.”

“I’d rather not be,” Josh grumbles, taking a deep breath, “You joining me?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Woody drawls, dropping down to his hands and knees on the mat next to Josh, and quickly and effortlessly assuming the same position.

“How long do we stay like this?” Josh asks through gritted teeth. His legs feel like they’re on fire now.

“Few minutes.” Woody replies.

Josh hangs his head and inhales and exhales deeply. After what he’s sure has been twenty minutes and not just a few minutes, and after his legs have begun trembling from holding the same uncomfortable position for so long, Woody finally speaks from beside him.

“Alright, that’s it. Bend your knees back to the floor. You’re done.”

As Josh relaxes his muscles and sinks back onto his knees, he sighs in relief and then shifts to sit on the floor, watching as Woody holds the pose a bit longer with his eyes closed before sinking down onto his knees and into what looks like the fetal position, deeply inhaling and exhaling. People do this regularly?! And to relax?! Josh thinks to himself as he reaches for his sneakers taking a deep breath and shaking his head.

“Hey, Buddha,” Josh begins, untying a shoe and shoving his foot down into it, getting Woody’s attention, “can I have my stuff now?”

Woody rolls his eyes and reaches deep down into his pocket, pulling the baggie out and flinging it at Josh, who catches it with one hand, smirking.

“Next time, it’s gonna cost you more. Now get out of here so I can finish my session in peace.” He closes his eyes and returns his head to the position between his knees where it had been before Josh called for him.


The next morning, Josh’s legs scream in protest as he climbs the stairs to enter his trailer. He’s not entirely sure how holding one yoga pose for three minutes had done so much damage, but Woody’s weed had been worth it. Two hits was all it took to get a decent high that he was able to enjoy with some Pizza Rolls and Netflix until he finally stumbled to bed, glassy eyed and satisfied.

When he enters his trailer, he’s not surprised to find Jennifer already inside, snacking on trail mix and Sour Patch Kids. She’d had an earlier call time than him this morning, and she smiles when she sees him, popping a candy into her mouth.

“Are you ever not eating?” Josh mumbles, dropping the backpack he carries with him to set on the floor inside the door and shutting it behind him.

"Well, good morning to you too, asshole.” Jennifer says from the couch, crossing her arms. “And to think, I was going to share my candy with you.”

“Sorry,” he apologizes, running his hand through his hair, “I’m just really sore. I want to go back to sleep. Good morning.”

“Sore, hmm?” Jennifer waggles her eyebrows suggestively. She opens her mouth to speak, but Josh stops her before she has the chance.

“God, Jen, no. Stop.” Josh wrinkles his nose and closes his eyes, waving his hand at her dismissively. “Whatever you’re thinking, you’re wrong. And I don’t actually want to know what you’re thinking, so don’t tell me.”

She rolls her eyes and reaches for her bag of trail mix, pulling out a pretzel and crunching it while she speaks, “okay, so then what did you do last night?”

Josh crosses the floor and sits down on the couch next to her, his legs burning as he sits. He reaches for the bag of Sour Patch Kids, expecting Jennifer to protest when he does, but she remains silent and just looks at him expectantly. He shrugs and pops a candy in his mouth, chewing and swallowing before he replies. “The usual. Smoked a little and hung out with Andre.”

Jennifer looks at him through narrowed eyes. “And that’s why you’re sore?” And then suddenly, she snatches the bag of candy back from him, wagging it in front of him “I said I wasn’t sharing with you, remember? Where’d you get the weed from? I thought you ran out last week.” She fires off her questions rapid fire.

He nods and leans back against the couch, watching Jennifer begin to pick out all the red and orange candies from the bag. He knows all that will be left in the bag when she’s done are all the flavors she doesn’t like. “I did.”

“So how’d you get more? Woody?” She asks, not breaking her concentration from the bag of candy in her hand.

“He made me do yoga for it.” Josh admits, watching her face carefully, and his confession is enough to make her look up at him from the bag she holds.

The looks she gives him silently asks him if he’s serious, and when he nods at her, she drops her head back and begins laughing, clapping her hands together, the bag of candy forgotten as it drops onto her lap.

“I’m glad you think it’s funny,” Josh says, crossing his arms, “My legs are so sore I can barely walk.”

Once Jennifer manages to stop laughing, she looks at Josh and sighs. “Okay, so he really made you do yoga?” She asks, looking at him seriously.

“Yes! It was awful!” Josh exclaims, and Jennifer chuckles again, shaking her head.

“What?” Josh asks, cocking his head to the side, “why did you shake your head like that?”

Jennifer smiles shyly and looks down at her lap, “nothing it’s just…” she laughs a little before looking back up at Josh, who wears frustration on all of his features, “when I wanted some, I just said please and he gave it to me.”

You'll Never be Alone ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

Well hey there! Time for yet another Joshifer One-shot; this one is more of my headcanon. I began writing when Josh’s Paris pics…Weren’t out…But oh well; it could still make sense ;). Hope you all like it!

You’ll Never be Alone

Jennifer sat on the plush mattress, locked up within her hotel room for the fourth consecutive night. Her blue-green eyes traced the snowflakes that were dancing across the window; it was snowing for what seemed like the umpteenth time in Atlanta. Though she was used to snow, and she enjoyed snow most of the time, these few storms ended up being a burden. All the incoming and outgoing flights were either heavily delayed or canceled, and with the amount of snow increasing, it was not possible to film or even travel around the city much. So here she was, trapped within her own icy prison.

This time alone was rather hard on her, as she found herself getting lost in more serious thoughts than normal; many of which made her sorrowful, and all centered on one person.  The very thought of him brought tears to her eyes. God she missed him. It had been a little over two weeks- maybe even three- since she last got to interact with him. Their schedules were way different than they had been a little less than a year ago; he was off visiting family and friends since he was not a large part in the script, and Jen was stuck doing promotions for her other movies or filming.

There was just something about his missing presence that…broke her down. He was always there to make her smile, always there to mess around with her and cheer her up, always a pair of open arms. Was she growing apart from him now that they were barely meeting? Shivering and tucking her legs close to her chest, Jen couldn’t help but allow a few stray tears to drip down her face. “Shit,” she murmured to herself, brushing a hand across her cheeks as she tried in vain to keep her emotions intact. He was her rock after all. And without her rock, what was she?

Deciding that it wouldn’t do her any good to sit alone and pity herself, she tucked herself under the warm blankets, continuing to stare blankly out the window. The world looked so peaceful; the ice frosted its patterns across the glass, and the wind howled softly, bringing any snow that had fallen up in a dazzling spiral. Even so, Jen found it hard to ease herself into slumber, the loneliness getting the best of her.

Just when it seemed like she was about to fall asleep, there was faint noise, emitting from somewhere nearby. Jolting upright, she pulled the covers protectively to her chest, allowing her eyes to scan the room. Had it just been her imagination? Maybe she had dreamt of it; something like that. As she began to ease herself back into the bed, the noise presented itself yet again; a faint knocking. Someone was outside her room. Room Service, most likely, or one of the other hotel staff.

Her first response was to roll her eyes and let out a groan, not wanting to put forth the effort just to be spoken to by a stranger. But when the knocking grew stronger and more desperate, it captured her attention. Whoever was out there was in no mood to give up, and would most likely remain there until she answered the door. Letting out a sigh and slipping out of bed, she sluggishly dragged herself to the small hallway, poising her fingers on the handle.

What happened next was far beyond what she expected.

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A sequel to FIX featuring Tanya, the neighbor that Josh just couldn’t keep his hands off of. (Some NC-17 material included)

It was time to sell the ring. 

I opened the kitchen drawer and stared at it. It seemed to stare back at me, twinkling happily, urging me to put it on. I slammed the drawer shut. No, not today after all. Stop being so weak, Tanya, my brain criticized coldly.

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Not so Easy ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

Ahh silly figure skating; look what you made me do. This had originally started out as a drabble, but I just kind of kept…adding and adding and adding to it. I really love writing the moments between these two, so it was kind of hard to keep this particular writing…as short as I had originally intended. But oh well; more Joshifer for everyone! I hope you all like it :)

Not so Easy

“Dammit!” hissed Josh, his body coming in contact with the ice for about the fifth or sixth time that night. He had decided to come out and give skating a shot, since the athletes in the Olympics had made it look…well….easy.

But things weren’t exactly going well for him. He had been a wreck most of the night, his skates flying out from under him every which way, and the thought of him trying to pull off an Olympic stunt made the bruises and aches in his body hurt even more. Rolling his eyes, he began to hoist himself up, when a light spray of ice coated his black jacket.

His hazel eyes immediately came in contact with hers, the smile in her gaze evident even in the low light of the night. “Having trouble there?” Jen teased, resting her hands on her hips as she glided up next to him.

Jennifer had insisted that they both come out here, as watching the Olympics had made her a little too enthusiastic about the sport. Josh had never seen Jen skate before, and now here she was almost looking like a professional. His eyes traveled up and down her body, trying to picture her as a skilled figure skater, which wasn’t all that hard. She had been gliding around effortlessly the entire night, though she had insisted that this was only her first or second time doing so.

“No, no…I’m fine,” he muttered, though this wasn’t truthful. He wasn’t jealous of Jen’s abilities to ice skate, but he didn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of her. Maybe it was a bit too late for that, his backside covered in a powdery residue from his previous falls.

Her eyes were still tracking his body, causing his cheeks to run red with embarrassment as he brushed himself off.

“Josh, you didn’t hurt yourself did you?” Her tone had grown more serious.

“Jen, have you even watched me skate? I’m pretty used to these falls by now.”

This of course, brought a smile to her face, her fingers beginning to lace through his. 

“Well let’s see if we can fix that then.”

Before he could react, Jen was leading him across the ice, her arm stretched backwards to maintain the grip on his hand. It almost looked like she was gliding perfectly across the slippery surface; like she had been doing it her entire life. His eyes trailed up and down her back side, clenching his jaw as he continued to watch her.

“So, you did this in your previous life or something?”

He could see the laugh shake her body, and she gently tugged on his arm to hoist him forward so they were standing side by side.

“God no Josh, stop. I can skate forwards; so what. If I tried to do any of those turns or jumps we watched tonight, I would fall flat on my ass.”

A grin stretched across Josh’s face, and he continued to skate by her side. “Funny you would say that, because I actually dreamed that you were a professional. I think it’s a sign; you had perfect form and everything.”

The snort that came from Jennifer only caused his smile to grow more.

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Playing With Fire Pt. 2

We arrived at the premiere. Before we got out of the truck, Josh handed me my sunglasses, black Ray-Ban wayfarers, to help shield my eyes from the flashing cameras right outside of the car. I put them on as Josh grabbed my hand and we stepped out of the vehicle. Everyone was in awe of us together. They’d never seen me with him before. Not a word was uttered within the time it took for Josh and I to walk from the car to the building.

“Well that wasn’t awkward at all.” I said sarcastically. He found it humorous.

“It’s okay. It’s because you’re my girlfriend and you aren’t an actress.” he responded.

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