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Όταν βαριέσαι να γράψεις, οπότε κάθεσαι και φτιάχνεις accurate tumblr text posts για τους χαρακτήρες από το ‘’7′’, επειδή Δεν Έχεις Ζωή ®

  • (text posts memes for my original characters from my stories on wattpad)
... in which Dan has a wet dream

It’s just after 7 by the time Dan gets home. He immediately goes to his room to change into comfier clothes. But as he walks towards it, he sees Phil, lying on his own room’s floor.

‘What are you doing?’ Dan asks, holding back a laughter.

'My back hurts and hard surfaces help.’

'Okay,’ Dan says. Over the past 5 years they learned not to question each other’s weirdnesses. 'Brought pizza, you want some?’


'Let me get changed first.' 

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anonymous asked:

Hey if it's not too much of a problem could you make a GIF set from the interview where Josh is alone (from 5:32" to 5:42"). If you can't thank you anyway for the incredible job you are doing.

Sure. Just want to verify you mean this interview:

and the part where’s talking about dabbling in the future?

And you’re welcome, thank you for the kudos. <333


Jimmy: You did get to walk on the Great Wall of China. Who took this picture?

Liam: One of my friends took that.

Jimmy: Why are you wearing a panda hat?

Lo que necesitas saber de Géminis

• Son un desastre emocional (ni ellos mismos lo entienden)
• No saben lo que es dormir temprano
• Cuando se aburren se ponen muy pesados o depresivos
• Nunca admitirán en voz alta que están mal o que se han equivocado
• Expresan sus emociones de muchas maneras, pero ninguna paree funcionarles
• Cubren sus emociones con humor/indiferencia la mayor parte del tiempo
• Muy inseguros
• Tienen ataques random de energía y/o tristeza
• Sienten un incomprensible amor por los snacks (bocadillos, chucherías)
• Parecen más jóvenes de lo que son (tanto en apariencia como en comportamiento)