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Ma io detesto praticamente tutto, ormai. Me stessa più di una chiunque altro.
—  Hunger Games
Interview with Mocking Jay Cast

dan: *acts surprised when jennifer tells him her age*
dan: *actually knows her age, birthday, height, ethnicity, and views on the sacrifice of ancient relics*


Been meaning to put these together for ages! from my Hunger Games portrait series thing that I abandoned! I think these are probably the best portraits I’ve done - took around 10 hours each. 

The Hunger Games Tumblr
  • Katniss: Hunting things
  • Peeta: Baking posts
  • Gale: THAT blog that tries to be tumblr af, but isn't
  • Haymitch: Funny posts about drinking where he makes fun of himself but doesn't know it becuase he is so drunk
  • Prim: Photography
  • Finnick: The blog that IS tumblr af
  • Snow: Poems that seem harmless, but have secret meanings and are actually his way of giving you a headsup that he is a bad dude and plans on taking over
Lo que necesitas saber de Géminis

• Son un desastre emocional (ni ellos mismos lo entienden)
• No saben lo que es dormir temprano
• Cuando se aburren se ponen muy pesados o depresivos
• Nunca admitirán en voz alta que están mal o que se han equivocado
• Expresan sus emociones de muchas maneras, pero ninguna paree funcionarles
• Cubren sus emociones con humor/indiferencia la mayor parte del tiempo
• Muy inseguros
• Tienen ataques random de energía y/o tristeza
• Sienten un incomprensible amor por los snacks (bocadillos, chucherías)
• Parecen más jóvenes de lo que son (tanto en apariencia como en comportamiento)


Jimmy: You did get to walk on the Great Wall of China. Who took this picture?

Liam: One of my friends took that.

Jimmy: Why are you wearing a panda hat?


Joshifer+ Clapping Laughs on Jimmy Fallon