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These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Seven

A/N: Well hello everyone! Happy Thursday! Sorry to keep you all waiting a little longer than usual with this chapter. I just did not have that extra little push of motivation to write, and so when the original posting date rolled around, I was left empty hand. But thankfully, with the extra time, my motivation came back around, and I was able to finish off chapter seven for you all! About time, right? 

So glad I took that second week, because I was able to tie in some real life situations that I’m sure you’ll notice once you read. So really, it was all worth it in the end lol!

Now, as usual, I appreciate any and all feedback for the story. Any comments are accepted with the utmost gratitude, as they fuel me to press onward and continue with the story. I appreciate all the support you have given me thus far.

Speaking of support, big thank you to catching-dandelions for all her help, and for her patience to listen to my late night babbles.

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And without further adooo…

“What…what is it? What’s wrong?”

I could have just stuck with the first question. I could have simply inquired as to why my publicist is standing outside my hotel room past midnight.

But that’s just the thing; Liz normally doesn’t come a calling this late at night. So there has got to be something problematic going on, I just know it.

What’s strange however, is that I cannot wrap my finger around what that thing may be. I cannot recall the last time I was papped. I don’t remember the last time I was misquoted in an article, or was featured on the front page of a tabloid, wrapped around lies.

Everything has been relatively quiet; the last large issue at hand was my incident with Nick. And even that, was resolved without trouble.

I simply informed Liz that same night that Nick was threatening me with violence, and intended to stalk me, and she shot down the problem in a heartbeat. She conferred with his team, and they agreed on a restraining order of sorts. The darkness receded as quickly as it had arrived. Nothing more had happened since.

“May I come in?”

Liz’s voice breaks me from my thoughts, and I stare at her with wide eyes, my gaze strung with confusion.

“I was thinking we could chat a bit on your couch, if you don’t mind,” she continues on, “And I’ll tell you what’s going on.”

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Josh’s Upcoming Mockingjay Part 2 Promo Appearences

November 16: LA Premiere (no live stream or press)

November 16: Circus Halligalli (previously taped in Germany)

November 17: Jimmy Kimmel Live! - ABC, 11:35 PM EST

November 18: Good Morning America - ABC, 8-9 AM EST

November 19: Live with Kelly and Michael - ABC, 9 AM EST

November 19: Late Night With Seth Meyers, NBC, 12:35 AM EST

November 26: El Hormiguero (previously taped in Spain)

anonymous asked:

Its too much coincidence really, that C leaves right when jen comes back to LA!

No anon it’s not. Nothing about the fakest “relationship” known to man and (redacted) is coincidental. It’s pretty clear to me and many that she along with Josh’s people are very much in cahoots with wanting to get her career going.

I mean come on! Look at this! I just typed his name and clicked news. Why on earth is his travels with (redacted) being pushed so hard. I saw two measly news about his beach volley ball game and another of the in dubious battle trailer all the way at the bottom. I feel so pressured to like this farce that it’s actually driving me nuts.

 Although I can’t imagine why. She’s not a great actress, she’s incredibly self absorbed, she likes to parade herself and those she’s supposed to love as puppets, she’s not particularly charitable or incredible anyway. Her only real claim to fame is dating Josh Hutcherson star of the Hunger Games franchise and staring in a film where she was all but lost among real talent. 

The movies didn’t even do particularly well either. It’s was hailed as a meh kind of film by many critics. Yet for some stupid reason Hollywood is still trying to cram that atrocious movie and (redacted) down our throats. Personally I don’t have much patience with stupid frivolity such is PL but when (redacted) who is virtually a nobody uses Josh (someone I happen to love as an actor and person) as a stepping stone to her fame with little care to his reputation it infuriates me. 

So no anon it doesn’t surprise me that she left when our beautiful cupcake is back. We all know Jen and Josh need their special time to get to know each other carnally.

 I mean who in their right mind would think that Josh would be sad to see her go when he looks miserable around her.

(yup they look glowing here! I can almost feel the intense love and happiness.)

Jen makes him smile and vice versa. There’s a certain love between them that is anything but Platonic or fraternal in any way shape or form. Only Josh can make Jen smile like this.

 We all have that reserved smile for our bea’s. Even Pippy is alert which is rare for her. Of all the times Jen’s been in NYC this is the only time we only got 6 pictures. Like wow. Six pictures for the biggest movie star in Hollywood. You would think there’d be more. That’s all I have to say on the matter. I have always and will always believe in Joshifer.