josh hutcherson dance


Josh Hutcherson talks about THAT dancing scene and his Cosby impression at the Future Man New York Comic Con panel

It’s National Dance Day! Because of this day, I felt it was necessary to make a post of our favorite guy showing off his dance moves.  Enjoy this post of Josh and his adorable, sexy and eclectic dance moves.


Shake those Hips

Football Victory Dance


Raise the Roof

Silly Dance

Single Ladies (1)

Single Ladies (2)

Pelvic Thrust


Sexy Tango

Tap Dance

This is for the Camera

Running Man

Slappa Da Base (please let someone know where this is from)

Entrance Dance

West Side Story (I love this)

Booty Pop

Drunk Dance

Clapton Dance

Vanessa’s take on his dancing.

Fist Pump (unf, the muscles)



Lettin’ It All Out


Partner Dancing


Basketball Victory Dance

Ragdoll (with lizhutcherswag)

Not Sure What This Is lol

He Knows He Can Twerk

And my personal favorite…

All of the gifs (except for one) are not mine