josh honey

seventeen as hosts

very flirtatious, pretty much flirts their way to get you to buy the most expensive item on the menu: s.coups, jun, mingyu

tables around the ones he is serving are hella jealous bc he’s so damn pretty: jeonghan, joshua, vernon

new guy with a “i’m in training” pin stuck onto him, struggling to hear the guests’ requests: the8, dino

the mentor shadowing the new guy, mentally face-palming: woozi, seungkwan

the super happy hosts that jokes around guests: hoshi, dk

mysterious hosts, no one can take their eyes off him and always wonder what he’s thinking about (but he’s just reciting in his head what to say to the guests bc he doesn’t want to stutter): wonwoo

  • tyler: i'm going to la
  • tyler:
  • tyler: you have a house in la right
  • josh: yeah
  • tyler: i need a place to stay
  • josh: there...are some really nice hotels in la
  • tyler: honey no
  • josh: honey yes

Warning: The following is not fitblr related

So I’m sure most of you have seen that the oldest Duggar boy (married with almost four children whose wife married him knowing he did all of this) is apparently a child molester. Except people around the internet seem pretty content with saying “well he was just a teenage boy with hormones running amok” or “he was just a child himself” or “god forgave him” and I think that shit is fucked up. It also brings attention to TLC’s business ethic. June Shannon, or “mama june” from here comes honey boo boo had her show cancelled because she associated with a child molester, who was never featured on the show. The SECOND tlc caught wind of this the show was pulled. 19 kids and counting features an actual child molester as one of the main characters, and TLC ran a marathon of it today. It really tells you something about how they run their channel. 

Update: I, who have never used my twitter at all ever, tweeted this to june and she responded o.o 

I’m not saying she deserves to keep her show either, there is no excuse for her to expose her children to a child molester, one that is said to have molested her own daughter, but the duggars have proven time and time again that they’re bigots, homophobic, racists, animal abusers, and now one is a child molester and the family seems to have known about it the whole time. That’s fucked up. 

Sibling Goals (ft. Pisces and Scorpio sisters)
  • Pisces: *sad sniffling*
  • Scorpio: not again
  • Pisces: *sniffing gets louder*
  • Scorpio: Alright alright what now Alice
  • Pisces: *shakes head whule crying* n-nothing im-m o-k-kay
  • Scorpio: it's Josh isnt it
  • Pisces: *shakes head even more*
  • Scorpio: that son of a
  • Pisces: he d-d-dumped m-me i think i d-d-did something wr-rongh-he got m-mad
  • Scorpio: honey josh is mad for dumping you and he's gonna have some shit coming for him *loads gun and prepares to execute entire revenge plan*
  • Scorpio: ive been waiting for this day for 12 years
"Thank you, honey."
  • "Thank you, honey."
  • Josh, Jen, and terms of endearment

Interviewer: Regarding franchise films, we often see how actors struggle afterwards to see success in their professional field. I’m just wondering, we haven’t seen that with you because you just keep filming and filming and [your] success is just blooming. Why do you think that is?

Jen: Um, well I’ve been incredibly fortunate–

Josh: She’s a damn good actress! [laughs]

Jen: Thank you, honey.