josh homme is god

  • low power: only exposure to qotsa being songs for the deaf
  • moderately powerful: listening to a few qotsa albums and liking it
  • powerful: knowing every song on every qotsa album and memorizing the lyrics
  • extremely powerful: not only avidly listening to qotsa but also them crooked vultures, eagles of death metal, desert sessions, and kyuss
  • arcane master: throwing something at josh homme at a concert
  • god: writing gUNT on your arm

Happy birthday to my musical idol, Mr Joshua Homme, the coolest, baddest, most creative mo'fo around. Everything he does gets turned into sonic gold and he is without even the slighest bit of doubt my number one inspirational and although this blog is for my electronic music my first and primary love will be for heavy, beautiful, intelligent heart wrenching music that mr homme so gorgeously crafts. My outlook on guitar playing and  music making in general has been meticulously studied from the holy book of Homme. The man is a god and wills surely go down as one of the modern eras, true legends.

happy birthday.