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can u write one from josh's pov where he is madly in love with y/n but she's already got a boyfriend and he can't help but feel heartbroken knowing that josh is just always going to be y/n's best friend

authors note: all i could think when reading this prompt was Jim and Pam, so that’s kind of what I loosely based this off from. This is a longerish fic, hopefully what you were looking for.  Enjoy!


“Square up, Y/L/N, you’re going down.”

Josh hovered over your shoulder like a bug that just wouldn’t go away, muttering discouraging words into your ear, trying to distract you from the task at hand.  You had to admit he was doing a good job, because all you wanted to do was turn around and smack him, but you had to stay focused.  A bag of chips was on the line here.

You took a deep breath and pulled your arm back, nothing but sheer determination in your vision, and you let your paper airplane sail.  You watched as it flew through the air, coasting past the copier and fax machine, past the cluster of desks, past Josh’s airplane resting on the floor, until it hit the door to the break room and finally landed.

“Yes!” you shrieked, throwing your hands up in victory.  “I beat you by like four feet!”

Josh stares, stunned at how you managed to sail your paper airplane all the way across the office, but nonetheless, hands you over a dollar to get your bag of chips from the vending machines.

“You really should stop betting on things with me, I always win—“ you gloat, as you both make your way into the break room.

Josh leans against the vending machine, watching you select your favorite bag from the top row.  “No way, you can’t get rid of me that easily.”  

You laugh, shaking your head at Josh’s remark before opening your bag of chips and heading back to your desk.  

Josh watches you go, that familiar sinking feeling becoming prevalent in his stomach, just like every other time you walk away.  He takes a deep breath, trying to regain his right state of mind.  He loved the friendship you two shared, but sometimes he needed a minute to contain all the thoughts running through his head, otherwise his undying love for you might just slip out one of these days.

The hardest part of Josh’s day was at five o’clock, when your boyfriend would meet you at the door and walk out to the parking lot with you.  Josh would smile and wave goodbye, pretending like it didn’t burn every fiber of his being watching you lace your fingers with his and smile into his side as you exited the building.  Then, he’d slowly gather his things and head to his own car, wishing you were at his side.  

You and Josh had been friends ever since you started working in Columbus two years ago.  Two entire years, and Josh still swears it was the minute you walked in on your first day, a spot of dried toothpaste on your chin, that he fell completely in love with you.  

He spent that entire first week getting to know you, and the next planning out ways he could ask you out.  He’d never been more sure that he’d finally met the person he was meant to be with.  His soulmate, if you will.  Josh had been waiting in his car for your gray SUV to pull in one morning.   He planned on exiting at the same time as you, playing it off as a harmless coincidence, and then walking with you up to the third floor.  It was a cold December morning when he saw Lucas for the first time.  Then of course he didn’t know his name.  He knew the man as someone driving you to work, with broad shoulders and a trimmed beard.  He leaned over the center console and planted a kiss right on your lips before making a U-turn and exiting the parking lot.  Josh had let his head drop and made a beeline for the door, trying his best to ignore you calling his name and the gut-wrenching dread he felt.  

That was two years ago, and Josh still hadn’t moved on.  How could he when you sat only feet away from him?  Spreading your infectious laugh and always there to make him smile?  No, Josh hadn’t moved on.  Instead, he’d just learned to live with it.  He swallowed his feelings and instead focused on the friendship that you two shared, no matter how much it killed him inside.  It was always about more than friendship, and he knew it from the start. Even though that is what he loved most about you. Falling in love was quick, easy, inevitable. You would talk and laugh and be happy. If life is a series of moments, then it was those innocent instances that defined Josh for the longest time.

But falling also hurt.  You were his everything. And you were his best friend. You told each other everything, but he had to keep his biggest secret hidden from you.  On that first day, even if she didn’t remember it, he could see a future. Your future together. And for that split second he wanted nothing more than to kiss you, to forget about the rest of the world and focus on you. But there were no messing this up. This was you, and it was really just complicated.

Josh sat in his car in the parking lot the next morning eating his breakfast and occasionally warming up his hands in front of the air vents. Just as he was finishing off his bagel, there was a soft knock on his window. It took him half a second to realize it was you; your coat was zipped up to your chin and your beige scarf covered most of your face. Josh quickly got out of his car and you both exchanged hellos in the still-dark parking lot.

“What are you doing here so early?” he asks, shivering a little in the cold winter air.

“Lucas and I kind of had another spat last night and I wanted to get out before he woke up…" you trail off. Josh’s jaw clenches at the mention of his name.  ”What about you?“

“One of my biggest clients is a morning person, if I don’t call him by 8am sharp, his account is as good as closed, so I wanted to get here early and go over his file.”

“So you got here before the sunrise?”

“It’s a big file,” Josh says with a smile.

You chuckle and then looked over to the far end of the parking lot, “Hey, come with me.”

It was one of those commands Josh didn’t have to hear twice. He followed you, his hand in his pockets and his nose buried in his own scarf. You both walked over to the edge of the lot, and you stepped up on the curb, standing on your tip-toes. Josh furrowed his eyebrows.

“Come on, Josh,” you say playfully.

He laughed nervously before following your actions. He faced the direction you were facing and saw that through the fence there was a perfect view of the distance hills on the east side of town. The sky was thick and dark blue and the hills looked outlined with gold. The sun began to peek over the horizon and the buildings of Columbus went from grays to a bright mixture of yellows and oranges.

Josh glanced over at you as you looked at the view, smiling wide, the sun hitting your eyes. Josh could never quite tell, your eyes always looked hazel and sadly dull in the florescent light of the office, but for the first time his saw their true color: a brilliant green with splashes of brown near the center.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” you asked.

“Yeah, really is,” Josh says, still looking straight at you.

“We should go inside,” you said quietly, noticing his insistent stare from your corner view.  “I’m freezing.”

Josh nods, eyes lingering on the view a moment longer before he trails behind you inside the building.  

It’s habit, more than anything else, that has Josh lingering in the break room when he sees the tired lines in your face three days later. It’s instinct, to ask you if you want to talk. To take a seat at the table before he has a chance to consider the implications of what he’s just offered.

Besides, first and foremost, he’s your friend.

More than anything, he wants you to be happy.  And if there’s something he can do to ease the tension in your shoulders, to watch the frustrated crease in your brow fade back into familiar calm, then he will. Of course he will.

Being the one to elicit a smile from you is worth the cost of his own discomfort.

Patiently, he listens to your perspective on the misunderstanding between yourself and Lucas, he tries to detach himself from the situation enough to give you the sort of sincere and thoughtful advice he’d extend to anyone in that position. But he doesn’t want your thanks — your gratitude that much worse because it’s genuine.  

Josh had served as the backboard for you since he met you.  He was always around to listen.  Maybe he was imagining it, but it seemed like you and Lucas had been fighting more and more lately.  He hated seeing you upset on a daily basis in the break room and he tried to ignore the sliver of hope he felt inside.  

Apparently last night had been bad.  Josh can tell the minute he sees your puffy eyes and quivering lip.  

“What happened?” he asks, concern evident in his voice.

You shrug, trying to be brave, but the tears fall anyway.  “He threw a glass at the wall next to me last night.  He was drunk… muttering about how he thought I was cheating on him.”

“Oh my god—“ Josh said, gut dropping as he imagined how scared you must have been in that moment.

“I don’t think he’d ever hurt me or anything.  But I was scared.”

“What’d you do?” he asks, taking the seat at the table across from you.

You curled your hands around your mug of coffee, “I left.  Went to my moms.  I think it’s over.  I mean, it has to be, right?”

Josh wants to blurt out a gigantic yes, but instead he empathetically furrows his brows and nods softly, “I definitely don’t like the idea of you being scared.” And without thinking, he reaches his hand across the table and touches yours softly.  

Your eyes shoot down to where your hands touch, all of a sudden you feel so nervous.  You pull back and drag your coffee mug to your chest.  

“I should get back to work.”

Josh has a hard time focusing the rest of the day.  It was over.  You said that.  It was over and maybe, just maybe, Josh had a chance here.  He’d be your friend first, of course.  Just like it’d always had been.  He wouldn’t rush you.  But now he had a chance to prove how much you truly meant to him.  He was elated.  Lighter and more hopeful than he’d felt in months.  

It all comes crashing down with the sound of the office door opening and closing. Josh’s fists clench at his side the minute he sees Lucas walk through the doors.  He’s ready to get up and ward him off if necessary; the idea of him yelling at you makes his blood boil.  But he watches from his desk instead, as Lucas makes his way to you, gently tapping your shoulder and whispering something in your ear.  

Your initial reaction is wide eyes, filled with what is that?  Fear?  It fades quickly, morphs into anger.  Then sympathy.  Josh watches as you grab your coat from the back of your chair and willingly follow him up to reception.  You mutter something to the secretary before continuing out the door without looking back.  

“He apologized, and he really was just so sincere.  I think he really meant it.”

Josh nods and takes another swig of coffee, which was lukewarm by now.  He cringes.  

“Sounds it,” he says dully.  Not even he can fake enhance the amount of enthusiasm in his voice.  

“What’s that?” you ask, offended by his dull tone.

He looks at you and raises an eyebrow.  Disappointment and anger and frustration all boiling under the surface of his skin after seeing you and Lucas kissing in the parking lot again this morning, so he decides for the first time in a long time; to be honest.

“No, it’s just I’ve heard all of this before.  It gets a bit old is all.”

“It gets a bit old?” you repeat, stunned by his response.

“Yeah you and Lucas.  He does something nasty, you break up or contemplate breaking up, then he apologizes with roses or chocolates or what was it this time?  Perfume?  Same story, different version.  Can’t blame me for getting bored with it.”

And then Josh walks straight out of the break room and back to his desk, where there’s a light flashing on his phone.  He presses the button and pulls up a chair to listen to the voicemail.

“Hey Josh, it’s Craig from Corporate.  Meant to catch you before lunch, but I wanted to talk to you about a job opening here in Detroit.  It’d be a promotion for you.  More pay, more duties, all that.  Give me a call back with the details if you’re interested.  Thanks.”

It ended in the parking lot, the blooming seed of happiness that lived deep in his chest was fading, right next to his heart.  It was his best friend, his sole support, the girl of his life who made everything just a little bit better. It was you standing there, your jaw dropping with surprise and Josh with his entire heart and soul on the line.

It was Josh that changed the game. This game of yours, the little dance of just barely something more than friends.  He had nothing left to lose, because he couldn’t do it anymore.  So he gave himself an ultimatum.  Tell her you love her.  Tell her and if she turns you down, you can accept the job.  Tell her you love her.  Tell her and if she loves you back, you can live happily ever after.  

The words hang thickly in the air.  “I love you, Y/N.  I’ve loved you since the day I met you.”

You stand still in your spot, eyes watering and eyebrows furrowed with confusion and surprise.  And for a quick second, Josh thinks you might say it back.  But then you drop your clenched fist to your side and you let out a loud, inconvenient sigh and it’s amazing how quick his gut picks up on the rejection.  It drops as you start muttering about how “you can’t” and  “you have a boyfriend.”

“Listen, Josh—“

But that’s all. Because Josh clearly doesn’t want to listen. His hands wrap around you and Lucas has never held you like you’re this precious.  It’s gentle  and firm, warm and large, pulling you softly towards him, gathering you, even as his mouth falls against yours, just as lightly, just a hint of pressure and you feel so small against him, against this unspoken message that he loves you. And it’s powerful.

“Josh—“ you say, finally pulling back.  

He freezes, jerks away, his hands still gentle, even as his eyes are screaming, those big brown eyes that love you. “You’re really going to be with him?”

Your ‘yes’ is locked into your throat and tears fill your eyes, but somehow you can’t look away as you destroys your best friend from the inside out. There are a million reasons to stay with Lucas and only one to leave him, because you maybe love Josh, but you maybe don’t love Josh, and it’s that thought that makes you nod.  


You can’t blame him when he walks away, when he holds on to your hands for as long as possible, even as he can’t look you in the eyes. You want him to look at you. You want him to fight for you, but you know that’s unfair to ask him. But you don’t want to lose him and you somehow know you’re going to and you need him to understand, but before you know it… he’s gone.

It’s not as if you’ve never seen his desk without him sitting there, because of course you have. He’s stayed home sick, made occasional use of his vacation days, gone on client calls — you know what the office looks like when the shape of him is missing, it’s the permanence of it that hurts.  

As you settle in that first day of Josh’s absence, you hang your coat up and take a seat, You let yourself miss him as a coworker and as a best friend and that’s it. Work will be work, with or without Josh Dun.

But that’s a lie, because of course it hurts like hell.

Each day it’s harder, when it starts to sink in that this doesn’t mean a handful of days out recovering from the flu or visiting his family, but that there is a new and permanent Josh-sized hole in the fabric of you. So you play sudoku to avoid noticing the absence of his voice and

you doodle in notebook margins during conference room meetings to ignore all the jokes he can’t whisper in your ear.  

As the day goes on, regret floods deeper within you.  You always knew Josh was your best friend.  But you probably always always knew he was more than that too.  You just wished you’d been brave enough to see that.

That night you break up with Lucas.  This time, there’s no yelling or screaming or wine glasses thrown against the wall.  It’s respectable and understood that they are just not meant to be.  You thought there’d be a Lucas-sized hole inside of you now too, but there’s not.  Instead, it just makes room for Josh’s hole to grow bigger.  

It’s twenty past five and you’ve got your coat on and bag in hand when the phone rings.

You debate for a moment about answering it — after all, technically you shouldn’t even still be here.

But, well, you are still there, so it’s equal parts obligation and impulse that has you reaching for the handset and saying, “Hello?” with a slightly tired edge in your tone.

“Uh, hey.”

And — oh, oh.

“Oh my god.”


“Um… Hi.”

Witty. Clever. Exactly the kind of thing you’d imagined herself saying to Josh when you finally reconnected after too-many-weeks of silence.

“Sorry, I needed a number from Mark.  It’s a co-client thing—”


“—and I was just gonna leave a voicemail, because I didn’t think anyone would be there.”

It’s hard not to wonder if Josh had been making an open effort to avoid you on purpose, if he’d waited to call until twenty past five because you were supposed to be gone and he’s supposed to get an machine instead.  

“Why are you still there?”

“I had to work late.” And then, because that sounds flimsy, goes on. “Well I didn’t have to, but there were just some open files I wanted to finish up.”

“Wow,” he says, the faint tone of amusement in his voice.  “Wow, they’ve really changed you Y/L/N.  Going above and beyond, that’s not you.”

And you’re smiling—because it’s Josh and you aren’t sure your face is capable of behaving any other way around him—but there’s something nervous and careful in the lines of your expression that isn’t usually there. You’ve missed him, but knows that a subtle shift occurred in their relationship that can’t be undone, that things might never be as easy as they once were.

“Everything else is pretty much the same here.” Except—god, no—of course it isn’t.


You change up your previous statement. “A little different.” Because you need him to understand that even though the routines of the office cycle on, no part of that environment could ever be the same to you without him there. Then you ask, “what time is it there?”

“…What time is it here?” He pauses, something uncertain and unsure in his tone. “Um, we’re in the same time zone.”

“Oh, yeah, right.”

“How far apart did you think we were?”

“I don’t know,” you mutter, embarrassed. “It feels really far.” And you can hear his thoughtful, quiet agreement that suggests it’s more than just the miles dividing Columbus and Detroit that’s currently between them.

It took you until the next morning to get your act together.  You were walking into the building, the sun rising across the lot, and you felt it.  A crumpled up piece of paper in your pocket.  You gripped it in your fist before pulling it out, unwrapping the paper and trying to make out the scrubbed words.

You can’t get rid of me that easy.” It was a note from Josh.  One from back before the airplane competition, where they’d bet on how many green M&M’s were in the jar resting on reception.  You’d beat him easily, leaving time to gloat on how he should just give up on betting against you, cause you always won, just like you did every other time you two bet on something.  Josh had left the note on your desk with the soda you’d won.  

You could feel the tears surfacing, blurring your vision as you turned in your spot and starting walking all the way back to your car.  You opened the note up again after you’d sat in the driver’s seat, unfolding the paper and running your hands over Josh’s scratchy scrawl and letting yourself feel what was long overdue.  It all floods in at once.  The despair, the guilt, the regret.  But also the love and admiration and memories of laughing, smiling, feeling lighter than ever around him.  

You didn’t think twice as you flicked your blinker on to turn onto the highway headed towards Detroit.

The city was so close down the road, you could see the outline of hazy buildings out of the window.  You stared diligently ahead, running through what you were going to exactly say to Josh when the time came.  But before you knew it, you were pulling into the parking lot of the Detroit branch, sliding into the spot beside Josh’s car as an automatic reflex, and you still had no idea what you were doing, what you would say. Yet your feet trudged up to the front door, almost like a little girl who knew that you had to admit to your mother that you’d smashed her favorite vase, because it had to be done, you just weren’t quite ready for the aftermath. There were no obstacles now.  No Lucas or unacknowledged feelings and you were sure that’s what scared you the most. What if, after all this time, Josh had just had enough?  What if you just weren’t meant to be?

You walked right up to reception, waiting until the woman hung up the phone before telling her you were here to see Josh.

“Y/N?” his familiar voice rings through the air and when you look over, you can see him taking off his headset and standing up from his desk.  “What are you doing here?” There’s a hint of curiosity and surprise and maybe even a little excitement in his voice.  

You couldn’t tell him here.  You had to go somewhere more private.  

“Could we um, talk?” you say quietly, offering him the slightest smile even amidst your nerves.

“Yeah,” he says, “let me just grab my coat—“ he motions back towards his desk with his thumb, where you see his familiar dark blue fabric hanging off from the back of his chair.  You wait patiently with your arms crossed across your chest, bouncing on the backs of your heels.

“All set?” he says, hand buried deep within his pockets.

You walk down to the parking lot in silence, still pondering what you were going to say to Josh in your head.  

“How’s Detroit?” you asked after thanking him for holding the door open for you.  You wanted to stall as long as possible.

Josh chuckles, “Common, Y/N.  You didn’t drive three and a half hours to Detroit to ask me how the city is.”

You blush, of course you didn’t.  But you still didn’t know what to say to him.  To Josh.  The man you loved, completely and wholly, with everything inside of you.

You could feel your cheeks growing hot as you thought about what you were about to admit.  You’d had so much courage built up inside of you before, but now, it was quickly draining.  You had to say it before you were completely empty.

“I miss you.”

Your heart’s still thumping like crazy, banging against your ribs, and you’re not entirely sure what you just said.

And Josh didn’t say anything back to you, but it wasn’t like you said all the stuff that you were thinking to him.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” you continue, your voice wavering.

Josh shakes his head. “I’m okay.“

You nod. There’s a silence, long enough that you worry you’re not going to be able to say it all and nothing will happen and you’ll go back to being scared and afraid. You want to be someone who says what they feel.

“It’s just— the office isn’t the same and… I miss you.  I miss you a lot, Josh. I miss my best friend.”

“It can’t be that way again, Y/N,” he says. “I wasn’t your best friend. I was in love with you.”

“We could be friends now. Just go back to the way things were—“ you weren’t sure why you were burying your feelings again, but it was instinctual.  

"No,” he says. He’s standing so still, arms at his sides.  ”What you miss – that wasn’t friends. That was us… that was me being something more. All the time. And I can’t do that anymore.  It hurt too much.”

You feel kind of sick, but a little voice in the back of your head says you should be grateful for whatever happened, because it was better than being endlessly, endlessly quiet.

“Then I’m really sorry,” you say at last. “Because I miss that.”

“What do you think that means?” he asks, and there’s a little heat in his voice. “What do you think you’re really missing?”

This morning you would have undoubtedly ducked your head and avoided the question, or flat-out lied. Now though, you had driven three and a half hours and you’re standing in front of Josh, far enough away that you have to speak up for him to hear.

“I know what it means,” you say quietly. “And you know.”

He shakes his head, “I don’t. You’ve made it clear you only wanted to be friends.”

“I don’t think I’ve made anything clear,” you say, and for the first time you have the urge to move closer, speak more softly, because this is the hard part, the thing you couldn’t say in front of everyone else. “I should have been honest a long time ago, and I know that, but I couldn’t until I knew what I wanted.”

“Do you?” he asks after a moment, his voice low. “Know?”

You take a big breath, letting the oxygen go to your head, willing back the feeling you had just before you ran up to the third floor. “I want to feel the way I did when I was with you, back before you moved to Detroit.  I don’t want to be lonely, and I want to redo the past two years except it made me figure out a lot of things about myself, so I don’t know. I want stuff to be easy, Josh, and it isn’t, and I thought that maybe if we could be friends again I could have one thing in my life that made me happy, even if it wasn’t what I really wanted.”

He’s quiet for a long time. The wind whips against you, making you shiver.

“Why can’t you say it?” he asks.

“Would anything change if I did?”

“I don’t know, everything changed when I said it.”

“Fuck it,” you say, the cold air filling your lungs, “I love you.  I have loved you but I was with Lucas and I was afraid and I didn’t know it.  And I’m still afraid, but I know it now.”

You stare and wait for his reaction, hoping with everything inside of you that you weren’t too late.  But the look on Josh’s face, the sad, almost pitiful stare, gave you reason to believe that you were.

And your courage drained for good.

“I’m sorry,” you said, wiping a tear falling down your cheek, “I shouldn’t have come.  I’m gonna get going.  It was nice to see you,” you mumble before turning away and heading towards your car.

When Josh saw you turn away, it was as if lightning struck him. All he could see was your back, stiff and tense, walking back towards your car, parked near his, and suddenly he didn’t know what he was doing. He didn’t know how it had come to this. The last several months had turned you both into people he didn’t even recognize anymore, and he blamed himself.

You were all he ever wanted. You were the one he saw in his dreams and imagined in his fantasies for years on end, and he had you. It was supposed to be forever, but all he seemed to do anymore was hurt you. The Josh from six weeks ago would absolutely kill him for that. The Josh from six weeks ago would feel about him like he used to feel about Lucas. Lucas took you for granted, and didn’t consider your feelings.

Like Josh was doing now.

He sprinted toward you, his long legs reaching yours in just a couple of long strides, and he grabbed your arm to turn you around. You had no idea what was happening, but he didn’t stop to explain. He simply wrapped his arms all the way around you, and held you close. You didn’t resist, but you didn’t reciprocate immediately. He pulled you closer. He buried his face in your hair, nuzzled into your neck, and tried to breathe you in. He remembered the electric shock of when you first met (for him, anyway), how it felt to love you and not be able to have you.  He couldn’t let himself let it slip away.

You finally wrapped your arms around him, and he felt a small shudder go through you. You pulled back and he could see your face crumple just before you took his face in both hands and kissed him. When you parted, you were both smiling as said, “I love you” in unison.  He hugged her so tightly he almost picked you up off from the ground.

season of giving


“what do you want for christmas, babe?” josh asked his boyfriend over the phone. tyler was on his way to visit josh at his house in columbus after he just got home from LA. 

“i just want you, josh. i want you naked and i want to do things to you.” tyler muttered in a breathy tone that certainly got josh riled up. 

“somehow knew you’d want that. have you been a good boy lately?” josh asked, laughing slightly at tyler’s hitched breaths. 

“no, i missed you. couldn’t stop thinking of you being over there with all those people while i’m alone. i resorted to getting off in a gas station bathroom because of that dirty text you sent, josh.” tyler admitted with a slight edge to his voice. josh got silent for a moment, thinking back to that spur of the moment text he sent, then to the late night picture tyler posted on instagram with the suggestive facial expression and caption let you in. he knew tyler fingered himself bent over that sink, working his cock until shot all in it. then posted the aftermath for everyone to see, after rinsing his sperm down the drain of course. so, so naughty of him. 

tyler opened the message to read it again, just to torment himself.
thinking of you makes me so hard, miss being inside you babyboy with a closeup of josh’s flushed cock, all wet and shiny at the head and a vein going up the shaft. the detail of it made tyler’s mouth water. 

josh felt a little guilty, and thought maybe he should really stop being such a tease after he’s had a couple drinks. but it was so fun. 

“wish i could’ve been there for you baby.” josh cooed.

“just be ready when i get there” tyler said.


josh had about 30 minutes to get himself the way tyler wanted. he wasted no time stripping completely naked. he grabbed the ‘naughty’ santa hat and stood in front of his full length mirror to adjust it, looking over his body and thinking of what else he could add just to surprise him. 

he got a red piece of ribbon and tied it neatly into a bow around his shaft. festive. he laid comfortably on his couch for maybe 10 minutes watching tv before hearing his doorbell. he hopped up, made his way over to the door and checked through the peephole to make sure it was tyler, even though he wasn’t expecting anyone else at almost 2 am. when he opened the door, he met tyler’s eyes and blushed when tyler’s jaw dropped as he took in the sight of josh standing naked with the santa hat and bow around his dick. he looked so pretty for him. 

“oh my god, josh, wow” tyler said, speechless. he came in, shutting the door quickly so josh wouldn’t freeze. tyler gave him a predatory stare and josh grinned, grabbing tyler’s hands and encouraging him to follow through with what he said on the phone.  

“i’m all yours baby” josh added. tyler leaned in to sensually kiss his neck, sucking a bruise into the warm skin as he ravaged his body. he teased josh’s nipples hard before running them down josh’s smooth chest and stomach, making him shiver in pleasure from his cold fingers. josh wrapped his arms around tyler, who was still wearing a coat and dressed in layers like a marshmallow. josh smirked against tyler’s pink lips at the thought, pushing his tongue into his hot, wet mouth and kissing him earnestly. 

they were both out of breath when josh pulled away and led him over to the couch in front of the christmas tree and fireplace. tyler was already warming up, so he slipped out of his coat and black skinny jeans, which left just his yellow hoodie and boxers. josh wanted those off too, but he allowed tyler to climb into his lap and continue kissing him and driving him crazy. tyler teased the base of josh’s cock where the ribbon was tied, stroking delicately and making josh whimper. tyler pulled on the string, successfully pulling it off and wrapping his fingers around josh’s cock. 

josh grabbed tyler’s hand and flipped him onto his back so he was laying against the arm rest, breathless and panting. josh rested between his legs, teasing tyler’s bulge through his thin briefs before running his his hands over his body and up his hoodie. tyler arched into it as josh paused to roll his nipples between his fingers roughly, giving him the same treatment tyler gave him earlier. 

“merry christmas baby boy. ‘m gonna fuck you good like you deserve.” josh said in a deep tone.  

“daddy” tyler whined, rolling his hips up to meet josh’s and spreading his legs. josh pulled tyler’s hoodie all the way off messing his hair up and continued grinding their hard cocks together while making out. the front of tyler’s briefs were already soaked from all the pre-cum, and the only sounds were their heavy breaths and crackling of the fireplace. they both started to break a sweat and they weren’t even fucking yet.

josh pulled back to basically rip tyler’s briefs from his body and took tyler in his hand, pulling on it dryly, forcing a sharp groan from tyler’s lips. josh was already drooling from the state tyler was in, so it wasn’t hard for him to spit a generous amount of lube onto tyler’s cock and start pumping the slickness. tyler rolled and thrusted into josh’s hand, moaning loudly as pleasure wracked his body and worked up his spine into his chest. his heart beat wildly as josh began working him open with a finger, holding tyler’s knees by his ears. 

josh moved down so that his face was between tyler’s legs. he sucked tyler’s left ball in his mouth, then the right while teasing another finger at his entrance. tyler sighed, raking his fingers through josh’s yellow strands under the santa hat, accidentally sliding the hat off. josh flattened his tongue and licked a long stripe right up the under side of tyler’s shaft, flicking his tongue along the frenulum and glans while staring into tyler’s eyes seductively. tyler sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, biting and let his head drop back as he moaned. this was a sign for josh to take him all the way to the back of his throat, sucking his cheeks in and bobbing his head up and down. he put his hand on tyler’s, encouraging him to guide his head and fuck his mouth. 

tyler got the hint, putting both hands on josh’s head and lifting his hips as he pulled josh’s head down on him. josh made sure to swirl and slide his tongue with every chance he got to drive tyler absolutely crazy, which seemed to be working. tyler let go of josh’s head to rub his fingers over his nipples and suck his fingers. josh could tell he was getting close, so he pulled off tyler’s swollen cock, but continued slowly pumping it in his hand.

“close, baby?” josh asked hoarsely, and tyler looked at josh’s red, wet, swollen lips and nodded yes he whispered. josh’s hair was equally as messy and they were both glistening with a sheen of sweat. josh wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and continued fingering and stretching tyler, adding a 3rd after he adjusted. 

“i’m ready josh, please, c’mon” tyler whined, wiggling his skinny hips so josh would get the message. josh smiled at his flushed, slutty boyfriend, totally aching to be fucked by him. 

“yes sir” josh joked, lifting tyler’s ass up and putting his legs over his shoulders. he grabbed the santa hat that got taken off during his blow job shenanigans and and put it back on before guiding the head of his cock to tyler’s prepared entrance. he nudged at it softly, taking his time to allow tyler to adjust. josh groaned, slowly pushing more in while squeezing tyler’s plump ass cheeks.

“baby, you feel so good, so warm and tight around me like this” josh grunted as his balls touched tyler’s ass. tyler was in a world of his own, tears of pleasure gathering at the corners of his eyes and cock dripping onto his stomach.

“f-fuck me, josh” tyler demanded, although weakly. josh kissed him on the nose and began rolling his hips, fucking into him slow and deep. tyler’s mouth fell open as josh’s thickness stretched him, and josh took advantage to taste him and suck on his tongue. tyler gripped josh’s shoulders, fingernails clenching as josh involuntarily thrusted faster and hit his prostate. the noise tyler made was inhuman, and would’ve been embarrassing if he wasn’t being filled with cock. josh tried to stay slow, but it was proving more difficult the closer he got to cumming. 

josh wrapped a firm hand around tyler’s cock and stroked in rhythm of his thrusts, moving faster, but still steady. when tyler moaned and his eyes rolled back, josh knew it wouldn’t be much longer. he kept rocking into him, stroking him, and calling him his sluttiest christmas gift. a few more strokes, and tyler cried out josh’s name, spilling over his fist and tightening obscenely on his cock. 

“oh fuck” josh grunted, looking down at the mess and spreading it over tyler’s sensitive, twitching cock. josh caught tyler licking his lips and josh immediately shot inside tyler, hips giving a few last weak thrusts and grinding it out. tyler gasped as he felt his ass being filled to the brim with josh’s hot cum. josh collapsed on top of tyler, not bothering to pull out of him, and tyler ran his hands down his strong back to his firm ass. 

“thank you santa” 


nothing like a little sin on the son of God’s birthday, see you in hell 


Angels Choking On Their Halos

Anon: hey i love your blog and i was wondering if you please could write a one shot where you are Tyler Joseph’s younger sister and you and Josh Dun are secretly dating and then you’re having dinner with Tyler and Jenna. Tyler says something like “wow Y/N slow down you foodmonster, or else you’re just gonna choke” and then Josh says “oh it’s okay, she dosent have a gag reflex” You can write it how you like from there. ~ I understand if you don’t want to. Thanks~


“(Y/N)!” Your brother calls from downstairs. You sigh, trying to quickly finish putting on makeup.  

It’s Sunday night and since last Sunday you all went over to Josh’s, this time dinner is at your house. This all seems fine since Tyler and Josh are best friends and you’re all good friends but for you, it was stressful. You and Josh have been dating for almost a month but you haven’t told Tyler. Josh is his best friend and you’re just scared about what he’ll think. On the contrary, Josh didn’t think it was a big deal and that Tyler would be completely okay with it but promised not to say anything until you were ready. You have to admit though, sneaking around was getting quite tiresome but you didn’t want to risk Tyler being upset.

You finish your eyeliner, dolling yourself up for Josh but not enough that Tyler would question it. After all it’s “just Josh”. You go downstairs to see what you can help out with. You see Tyler taking something out of the oven and Jenna trying to reach over him to stir something on the stove.

“Whaddaya need?” You ask.

“Can you set the table for me?” Jenna asks and you nod, grabbing the plates off the counter and going to set the table. No sooner than you began setting out the silverware, Josh comes through the front door.

“Hey!” He says, announcing his entrance. Tyler and Jenna look over from the kitchen and greet him, still scurrying around the kitchen.

“Sup!” Tyler yells, putting butter on the bread. Josh comes over to you and wraps his arms around your waist in a more-than-friendly hug.

“How ya doin, babe.” He whispers in your ear in a low husky voice.

You push him off you and wink before finishing setting the table. Soon enough, the food is brought out and everyone sits down at the table to eat.

You hadn’t eaten since breakfast so you were extremely hungry to say the least. You put bread on your plate and Jenna passes the spaghetti to you. You put a whole pile of it onto your plate and immediately begin to dig in. You’d finished half your plate of spaghetti while everyone was still eating bread.

“Woah, slow down there you little food monster. Jeez, you’re gonna choke.” Tyler chuckles. Your face goes red with embarrassment.

“Oh, don’t worry, she doesn’t have a gag reflex.” Josh smirks. You freeze, eyes wide. You drop your fork on your plate, the sound ringing in the silent moment. Before you can even begin to explain, Tyler stands and slams his fists on the table.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!?” He shouts, his chair nearly tipping over. Josh walks around the table to Tyler with his hands up in surrender.

“Woah, hey, calm down it was just a joke, Ty-” Tyler cuts him off angrily.

“Really? Because (Y/N)’s reaction sure didn’t seem like it!” You stand up with a hand over your mouth.

“LISTEN!” Josh sighs before continuing.

“I’m sorry okay, just- let’s talk it out, alright? But you need to calm down- ” Josh tries to reason with your brother but it was no use.

“No, I’m not gonna calm down because you’re FUCKING MY GOD DAMN SISTER!!” He shoves him back quite aggressively. Josh trips backwards, stumbling into a chair but not falling down. Jenna stands up, looking at the two worriedly but unsure of what to do.

“TYLER STOP IT! Leave him alone!” You scream at the top of your lungs. Tears stream down your face at the thought of the two of them getting into a physical fight. The yelling gets louder as they grab each other’s shirts, each of them trying to drag the other down.

“Guys! Cut it out! Please!” You yell but again, it proves to be pointless. You break down into tears on the stairs and Jenna comes over and wraps an around you, trying to calm you down. You shrug her off and run up to your room, slamming the door behind you and collapse on your bed. It’s all your fault they’re fighting. You’re the reason they’re not going to be friends anymore. And you’re not just breaking up a friendship, you’re breaking up a band. You eventually cry yourself to sleep, tears staining your pillow, as you think about what’s gonna happen you wake up.

It’s around 12:30 pm when you wake up the next morning. You rub your eyes with your sleeves and sigh, mustering up the courage to go confront your brother. You timidly knock on his door to which he responds with a soft “come in” completely contrasting how he’d been last night. You slowly push open the door to see Tyler lying on his back, staring at the ceiling and Jenna fast asleep next to him, facing towards the wall. He sits up as you walk in and sit next to him on his bed.

“Hey.” You simply say.

“Hey.” He replies. You both sit in silence for a few moments. You think about what you want to say to him but only find yourself becoming upset again. You sniffle and he looks over at you with sympathetic brown eyes.

“I’m sorry….” you whimper, trying not to have another full breakdown. Tyler silently wraps his arms around you, taking a deep breath and pulling your head into his chest. You immediately stop trying to contain your sobs and let yourself cry into his sweatshirt.

“I’m sorry….” you say again since it seems to be the only words your brain can form.

“It’s okay, (Y/N), it’s okay.” He rubs your back and rests his head on top of yours.

“I don’t want you and Josh to stop being friends. I don’t like when you guys fight. Please make up. I promise I won’t see him anymore just please stop being mad at each other. I’m sorry.” You cry.

“Me and Josh are fine, (Y/N). Don’t worry. We talked everything over last night for a couple hours. I’m not mad or anything. Everything is okay, calm down.” He soothes me. You immediately sigh in relief.

“I just wish you would’ve told me. I don’t want you to feel like there’s anything in the world that you can’t talk to me about, alright?” You look up at him and nod. He gives you a small smile which you return.

“Good. I hope you forgive me for getting angry, but you’re my baby sister. It was just my immediate reaction. I’m sorry for overreacting though.” You squeeze him tighter.

“It’s fine. I understand. In some bizarre way, I’m kinda glad you reacted the way you did. If you hadn’t I’d be a little offended. It’d almost be like you didn’t care….I don’t know. Older brothers are supposed to be overprotective.” You shrug and sit up. He smiles down at his lap and nods in agreement.

“Well, there’s a frantic young man downstairs who’s been going crazy because you wouldn’t come out of your room.” He pokes your shoulder and you giggle. It’s a miracle Jenna hasn’t woken up.

“Alright, I’ll go talk to him.” You say. You stand at the top of the stairs and see Josh look up at you with wide hopeful eyes. He stands when he sees you and you just smile without saying anything. He runs up the stairs to you and wraps his arms around you tightly, picking you up. You wrap your arms around his neck and place a kiss on his soft lips before he puts you down. You smile up at him contently.

“I love you so much (Y/N).” He says looking down at you in adoration.

“I love you too.” You grab his hand and lead him to your bed room, walking past Tyler’s open door. You see Jenna, snuggled into his chest as he strokes her blond hair. As soon as you set foot in your room, Tyler’s voice comes down the hall.

“Leave the door open, you two!”

Tell him // Josh Pieters

Word Count- 1214

Summary- You’re in love with a certain redhead giant, but you’re afraid to tell him, so the Maynard’s help you out.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; Wow i’m posting this is weird. I post more on my other sideblog these days because I have like 30 requests to write for it so I’m so sorry I’ll try to balance these better x

Requested; Yeah, by @trxatyoubvtter

req; Hey lovely 😊 How are you ? I would love if you could do a one shot with Josh, where the girl is friend with the boys and she loves Josh but she’s too shy and think he’s way out of her league, and all the other boys know but Josh don’t (it’s just an idea but you can change it if you think of something else) with the prompt : “are you stupid or stupid?” and «Do it. I dare you »


You paced nervously in front of the mirror. You’d dolled up for the boy you’d been in love with for 2 years, Josh Pieters. Sadly, he’d shown no signs of acknowledgement of your feelings, let alone any sign of reciprocation. So you hid your feelings. Or, you thought you did, anyways.

“You’re staring at him. Again.” Conor said, rolling his eyes. You peeled your eyes off Josh, who was chilling outside with a beer in hand and chatting happily to Jack, and moved your gaze to the boy next to you. “Huh?” You questioned, confused. Conor huffed, looking at you with an obvious expression. “You’ve been staring at Josh for a solid hour, Y/N.”

You turned bright red; you’d been caught. “I-I.. no..” you tried to cover for your actions, but Conor shook his head. “We all know you’re in love with Josh, Y/N. No point in trying to hide it.” Conor said, sending you a sad smile. You froze. They knew. “A-A-All of you?” You stuttered, nervously. “All of us, except him.” He clarified.

You sighed with relief. He didn’t know. “But, Y/N, I think you should tell him. That idiot is oblivious.” Conor told you, and you instantly shook your head. You glanced at him through the window before turning back to Conor. “Josh is way of my league. He’d never like me.” Oli walked by right at that moment, and scoffed. “Oh please, Y/N. Do it. I dare you. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.” He said, and walked off. “Your choice, but Oli’s right.” Conor said, patting your shoulder and grabbing a beer, before joining his brother and Josh outside.

Hence why you were so incredibly nervous right now. You’d told the two later on, after pondering their suggestions, to tell Josh while you were intoxicated. You were such a shy person, around him especially, that realistically, this was the only way you could confess without backing out. You weren’t the most confident person when you were drunk, but you didn’t process things the same and you had a carefree spirit. Honestly, you were surprised you hadn’t already accidentally told Josh.

You glanced nervously at your outfit. Usually when you went to clubs you only put on a casual outfit; skirt and top, or casual dress. Today, you’d gone full out. Makeup, hair styled, tight cocktail dress, heels and a matching purse. You were unsure now though, because you didn’t look like yourself. You didn’t have time to change though, so you were leaving with what you had on. Putting on a smile and flattening out the dress one final time, you left the bathroom, meeting Jack and Conor in the living room.

“Damn.” Jack said, eyes wide as he looked you up and down. You blushed, automatically embarrassed. They thought you looked terrible; you should’ve known. “If you weren’t so obviously in love with Josh, I would’ve asked you out.” Jack joked, winking at you. “Shut up, Jack.” You muttered, cheeks flushing even darker. (You didn’t think it was possible, but low and behold..) “Let’s just go, the Uber’s already here.” You said, and the boys nodded, agreeing.

You three arrived at the bar, waiting outside for the rest of the guys meeting you tonight; Joe, Caspar, Oli, Mikey, Byron, and of course, Josh. You were freezing, you’d forgotten a jacket in your state of panic over your dress. Not smart; you should’ve known it would be cold, it’s London, it’s always cold. Jack saw you shivering, and gently took off his jacket and put it over you. “Thanks.” You smiled, Jack nodded, smiling himself.

To someone afar, it may have looked like a romantic gesture. Some may think your relationship with Jack was romantic; but it wasn’t. He was a brother to you. Everyone who knew you, knew that. It didn’t cross Josh’s mind though, as he saw the action, and it made his blood boil. He didn’t know why. It made him angry for some reason, and he rolled his eyes as you and Jack smiled at each other.

The 6 of them walked over, meeting you, Jack and Conor at the doors. “Finally!It’s so cold, I’m sure my willy is three times smaller than when we got here!” Conor exclaimed, and you all looked at him like he was insane. “Uh, I had a few drinks while Y/N was getting ready. Don’t look at me like that, she takes a long time!” He said, putting his hands up in surrender. You all shook your head at him, and entered the bar.

The night passed quickly, drinks being downed and music blasting throughout the night. You had been avoiding josh purposely, since you’d promised Conor you would confess tonight, and you’d rather not. You hoped the alcohol would’ve helped, but it seems you were out of luck. You turned and saw Conor looking your way, most likely trying to get your attention. He motioned to his watch. You shook your head, and he sighed.

He turned and walked away, where, you didn’t know. Jack came up behind you coming from who the hell knows where, grabbing your hand and pulling you to the dance floor. Josh watched from afar as you and Jack danced together happily. “You should just ask her, you know.” A voice popped up behind Josh, making him jump. “My god, Conor.” He said, placing a hand on his racing heart.

“I’m serious, mate. She likes you.” Conor said, gesturing to you. Josh rolled his eyes. “I’m pretty sure she doesn’t. Look at how she’s acting with your brother.” He spat, glaring at the youngest Maynard. Conor laughed. “Seriously, Josh? Are you stupid, or stupid? You know Y/N is like a sister to us. Both of us.” Josh looked at you reluctantly. “Dude, honestly. I wouldn’t push you if I didn’t know she liked you.” Conor said, his tone changing from joking to serious.

With a deep breath, Josh began walking towards you and Jack. “Holy shit. I can’t believe that worked.” Conor whispered, laughing to himself, before going to get another drink. You felt a hand on your shoulder, and you turned to see Josh. “Hey, Josh!” You said, happily. Josh grabbed your shoulders and quickly pulled you into a kiss, afraid he’d change his mind if he didn’t do it right away. You kissed back immediately, arms wrapped around his shoulders. Jack slipped away, the action going unnoticed by the two of you.

You pulled away for air. “I like you, Y/N.” Josh said, nervously. “No shit, dumbass.” You said, laughing. He looked disappointed, so you smiled softly. “But it’s okay, because I like you too.” His face lit up, and you thought it was the cutest thing ever. Out of nowhere, both the Maynard brothers and Oli popped up. “TOLD YOU SO!” They screamed, and ran away, back to who-the-hell knows where.

You and Josh laughed, “For once, yeah, Conor was right about something.” You said, and you heard a “HEY!” in the background. How that boy heard you over the blasting music, you’d never know. You didn’t care at this moment. You and Josh danced together for the rest of the night, and you hoped you remembered this tomorrow.

josh imagine - hidden

“what if someone finds out about us?”

Breathy pants in the dark we stumbled, too intoxicated in eachother to separate for long enough to find a light. His hands explored over my body as we edged towards the back of the closet. The only noise audible was that of the occasional clash of a box behind my back as he shoved me lightly, hungrily. The danger, the sin, it was steaming, the temperature in the tiny room rising. As we heard the distant shout of a countdown I felt Josh freeze.

“Ready or not, here I come!”

He removed his lips from mine, his facial hair tickling my chin as he broke the contact.

“Y/n. This is bad.”

He stated the obvious. It was all we could say, really. I remained packed tightly against him, arms over his shoulders, his round my waist.

“I know, Josh.”

“So should we…”

Out of reluctance neither of us continued the sentence. We knew what we should do. We should stop. But I knew I didn’t want to, and I hoped; neither did he.

“I mean, we can stop?” I suggested somewhat reluctantly. His sigh was warm against my skin. In desperation I let my eyes fall to the floor, not wanting to continue eagerly watching his lips like a deprived school girl.

“I don’t want to…but it’s…” Searching for words, Josh bit his cheek. “Well, it’s wrong.”

“But why? No one has to know.”

“Y/n, I’m scared. What if someone finds out about us? What if he finds us now?”

“Josh, if I have enough of a relationship with him to be trusted setting up this event with you all, I doubt he’d care about what we’re doing.” I lied through my teeth. Mostly I was trying to convince myself. Reassuring him was simply a bonus. “Plus, Jide has a new girlfriend now. Why should he care?”

“You’re still his ex, Y/n. It’s a bro code thing.”

The underlying hint of frustration was somewhat clear in Josh’s voice. I felt my own irritation rise as I replied a small ‘sorry’. As if regretting his outlash, he placed a hand on my lower back, fingers tracing absent mindedly across my skin. My own hand trailed slowly down his chest in temptation.

His head fell back.

“Oh god Y/n. You’re killing me.”

“I’m not doing anything,” sweetly, I replied. He reguided his focus to me.

“Yes you are. You’re making it impossible to say no.”

Withdrawing all contact I shrugged.

“Josh, if you don’t want me, just say it. I’ll walk out and leave now. Its not the end of the world to me if I lose a game of hide or seek - in fact, that wasn’t really my motive for being in this cupboard, funnily enough.”

With a grunt of defeat Josh pulled me back into him.

“Fuck it. You’re trouble, Y/n.”

I did not reply before pressing my lips back to his, wrapping my legs round his waist and trying not to be aware of the sound of footsteps outside of the cupboard door.

Early Days/RAB Era masterlist

please let me know if you think i missed one! -Madi

In Clover by TheDyingSun (1/1 | 12242 | Mature)

Not everyone can afford to drop everything for a two-man band in it’s infancy. So for three weeks, across the belly of the country, Josh and Tyler are forced to tour alone. Just the two of them.

They do okay.

Perfect Symmetry by tjstar (1/1 | 2648 | Mature)

Josh likes his drums, but he also likes Tyler’s hips.

Sending Signals and Red Flags by marsakat (1/1 | 1077 | Teen and Up)

Tyler is really oblivious to things, especially when it comes to Josh. Though maybe he should’ve noticed something was up much earlier than he did.

Four Nights by edy (1/1 | 4947 | Explicit)

Josh told Tyler once before he didn’t mind they couldn’t shed clothing as much as they would like. “As long as I get to sleep next to you every night, I’m happy.” Moments like this, nights like tonight, Tyler wonders if Josh regrets saying such things.

Dreamers at Best by flightlessnerds (17/17 | 94946 | Mature)

Josh decided that he loved everything about this band. Well, no, that wasn’t quite true. He loved everything about it, except that he wasn’t part of it.

In which Josh goes to see twenty one pilots for the first time, and finds that he can’t seem to tear his eyes away from the lead singer.

Boy at the Rock Show by marsakat (1/1 | 2400 | Mature)

Josh and Jack have the same birthday wish–to finally see blink-182 in concert. And they really hit it off.

I Must Forewarn You by flightlessnerds (1/1 | 2160 | Teen and Up)

He wasn’t ready for this to be over yet - he couldn’t lose Josh, not when they had just begun, as a band, and as - whatever this was. He’d been here before, with girls, and he knew how it worked. The shirt came off, and that was the end of everything.

In which Tyler is nervous about Josh seeing his scars for the first time.

regional boys at their best (2011!joshler) by C0LUMBINE (2 works | 6452 | Explicit)

In A Chemical Moment by marsakat (1/1 | 904 | Mature)

Tyler doesn’t drink often, and neither does Josh, so their first time getting drunk together ends unexpectedly (or not).

Turn Back Time by lonelyasacloud (1/1 | 1848 | Not Rated)

Josh relishes their success and Tyler misses the good old times.

He honestly thinks he’ll need to invent a time machine pretty soon if his head doesn’t catch up to their present.

I Want! I Want! by voxious (1/1 | 1339 | Mature)

Josh thinks their tour van might be magic (don’t ask but he’s also really obsessed with Tyler’s mouth)

You Are Lovely by marsakat (1/1 | 2654 | Mature)

Tyler has a massive crush on the cute guy with gauges that comes to his show; luckily things work out.

Something New by embroidered (1/1 | 4329 | Explicit)

Tyler takes Josh out to a look-out point in a new town they were supposed to play in the next day. He figures if they were gonna end up messing around anyway, they might as well go all-out.

Two Happy Boys by MontyKarl (1/1 | 3623 | Mature)

Tyler finds himself in need of some extra cash, and Josh kind of knows a guy.

Frozen Still by flightlessnerds (1/1 | 1021 | Teen and Up)

Josh’s lips tasted like champagne and new beginnings.

Safe and Sound by drummers (1/1 | 1155 | Teen and Up)

A quick brush of hands as they trade a box of set material. Cables, stand pieces, and light-bulbs. Josh freezes for a moment, inwardly, and his brain goes on shutdown.

What Are You Made Of? by PastelMess (1/1 | 2020 | General)

“What are you afraid of?”

The two of them are pulled over somewhere in the Arizona desert, their backs against the windshield of the van.

safe from the world by airglowforest (1/1 | 604 | General)

its 2011 and tyler and josh are so in love

What Do You Dream Of? by strikeuptheband (1/1 | 1808 | Mature)

“I stood there, you saw me, my mouth was open and my eyes were a little too dark.” Josh turns to face Tyler, smiles a little bit and laughs with wet cheeks. Tyler doesn’t stop, “So I had to tell you. I ran right up to you, In one breath and I compared you to the lights in the room and the cracks in the sidewalk.”

“And I kissed you.”

“And You kissed me,” Tyler agrees.

wendigo!josh for a beautiful anon

fun fact (not really): while I was writing this, I heard a snap in my kitchen. I checked under my sink and we caught a mouse in a trap my dad set. I flipped my shit. Poor little mousey :’( I took a break from writing just to give it a little funeral. 

Wendigo!Josh tries to save you from another wendigo but scares you causing you to shoot him. You see it in your heart to take care of him.

She had been the last of her friends to survive the wendigo attacks. With a backpack of random items she felt was necessary as she searched for safety and a small pistol in her freezing hand she trudged up a small snow mountain in hopes of finding help.

As she let out a huge breath of air she quickly sucked it back up as she heard a snap. Freezing in her position she knew better than too ask who was there or make a run for it. Slowly turning her head she could sense an uneasy presence behind her. Hearing the disgusting grunts of a wendigo as they were chewing what was probably the remains of their last human meal.

A meters away however was josh snacking on a human head. Upon hearing the soft breaths of the human girl, the disfigured boy hopped into a hunched over stance to take a look at his probable next prey. But when he had look at the scene of a wendigo behind a beautiful human girl he stopped. Feeling his tampered heart beat faster as he looked at the girl he recognized as his long time crush he felt dizzy.

He watched the view before him unfold. (Y/N) knew she had to act quick or she would end up being rotting flesh for this beast. With fast speed she turned to aim the gun in front of the wendigo releasing 3 bullets. One landing in it’s stomach, leg and neck. The wendigo began to halt becoming weaker. Josh felt a strange urge to attack the human girl and consume her flesh but an even bigger urge to save her from her death.  

Finally shooting the hideous creature in the head (Y/N) sighed in relief. Suddenly she heard heavy footsteps behind her. Without thinking, she shot a bullet towards the area without even looking. Wiping sweat from her face she finally got a look at the figure behind her.

“J-Josh?” she stuttered taking a step closer. Josh growled in pain as he was laying with his back to the ground. 

(Y/N) took in Josh’s new look, he still had one beautiful blue/green eye on his left but now had one bigger grey eye. His hair was tousled his face covered in blood, not to mention huge fangs with bits of flesh.

“Josh?” she repeated softly. She took steps closer afraid of what would happen. As she reached him josh growled and waved his arms in anger. She screamed jumping back getting ready to book it.

“(Y/n)…” Josh muttered barley pronouncing her name.

She took a deep breath and knelt by him.

“Josh it’s me, your friend, oh God I was so scared, I-I thought you were dead!” she felt tears sting in the cold wind.

Josh looked up at her and had to control himself from jumping on her, whether it was from lust or hunger.

“S-save you…” he grumbled. “Save.” he raised him arm to slightly gesture to the dead wendigo by them.

Barely understanding what josh was trying to say (Y/n) just nodded to make him happy.

“Y-yes, thank you?” she said unsure.

Their loud breaths were mixed with the howling wind and snow. Their eyes melted into each others feeling as if time had froze. Josh raised his hand out to (Y/N). “Pretty.”

(y/n) was still so confused by Josh’s dialect she just stood there staring.

His hand rose closer to her face. “Friend.” he was now throwing random words and feelings to try to communicate with her.

“Love-” his word was cut off when his hand finally reached her cheek, his sharp claws coming into her field of vision. She jumped back in fright.

Josh reached out for her onto his bad arm that he had not even realized was bleeding around a bullet wound.

“(y/n).. stay!” he shouted in a growl of pain when he felt she was going to leave him.

(Y/N) froze as she heard josh whimpering like a puppy. seeing him grasp his arm.

“Oh josh.. I’m so sorry, I-” Setting her gun behind her away from Josh, crawling back over to him.

She reached down to touch just below his wound. “I thought you were a wendigo-” she cut herself off once again.

“Well you are a wendigo, but I thought you were a wendigo that would try to eat me.” Her mind flashed to the way she remembered Josh. Human Josh would have made a dirty remark about how he would be eating her later. Josh would always make flirty comments but she never tried to look to much into it because she had thought he liked Sam.

She hesitantly reached out to smooth some of his hair off his forehead not caring if she touched dry blood or sweat. “Oh Josh, I’ve missed you so much.” She felt a tear slip down her cheek.

“Stay.” Josh whimpered.

She nodded trying to get a hold of herself. She reached behind her to grab her backpack. Once opening it up she searched for something to numb the pain. Flashlight. Candy bar. A condom? Some clothes. This will have to do. She pulled out a loose t-shirt and pulled as hard as she could to rip the fabric. After a few tried she was successful.

She looked again at Josh to find him already looking at her in a daze. She gave a small smile as she heard Josh making strange noises that could be related to a happy animal.

Grabbing the fabric she slowly lifted it towards Josh’s arm. Josh flinched in fright. “I’m not going to hurt you.” (y/n) said sweetly as she rested her palm on his chest rubbing his skin under his shirt to sooth him.

He nodded roughly.

She wrapped the fabric around his wound making sure it was tight enough to hold together. Josh growled and grunted a few times in pain, slashing his other hand into the snow.

“That will have to do for now.” She finished.

She looked at Josh once again to see him smiling at her. She smiled back and grabbed his hand to show him comfort. The strange feeling of cold claws scared her but she put it behind her.

For some reason, looking at Josh’s half human face made (y/n) feel safe. Even though he was practically a wendigo, he was still Josh.

Realizing josh was barely wearing any warm clothes she gasped.

“Oh my gosh you must be freezing!” Josh didn’t answer he only smiled at her.

“Unless… Wendigo’s don’t get cold?” He still didn’t answer, he just squeezed her hand tightly.

She got closer and leaned over him to rub his arm up and down creating some heat. “I hope that helps a little.” She laughed.

When she sat back down Josh pulled her by her hand to stay put.

“(y/n)… stay.” He voiced once again.

“Yes Josh, (y/n) stay, I’m not going anywhere.

Hope you like it!

Fights (TylerxReader)

Plot: Tyler and Reader get into a heated fight. Reader than goes out to clear her mind.

“You could have done something about it! Instead you just sat there flirting? Wow.. how low can you get in a Matter of 10 minutes?” I yelled. Tears threatening to spill. I refuse to cry. I blink it back I was brave.

“Wow, I was flirting? What were you doing, just getting ‘Friendly’ with that other guy Y/N? I don’t think so!” He yelled trying to overpower my voice from being heard.

“Listen to me Tyler I was not flirting, I was trying to get him off me for your Information. I have nothing to prove to you because I did nothing wrong. What’s your excuse? Did undressing each other with your eyes not work?” I just wanted to run right now.

•♡•♡• Flash Back to the bar •♡•♡•

The man clearly wanted to go home with you. I didn’t want that. I tried pushing him off of me. He wouldn’t stop. I looked at(Okay this is not a thing Tyler would do but go with it) Tyler who was clearly getting comfortable with a blonde haired girl.

They were so close to each other that the only thing separating them was their clothes. I kicked the guy where the sun don’t shine and walked towards Tyler and the blonde. As I got closer I could tell he had Lust in his eyes. I was so pissed off that when I was next to the blonde I grabbed the girls drink and dumped it on her head.

“Welp looks like you can have him now since he’s single.” I stated. I looked at Tyler his eyes showed anger. Was he really going to walk out of the bar without me and with a different girl?

I walked out and held up my middle finger towards Tyler and smiled. I went to an alley just in case Tyler ran out to find you he wouldn’t see you. I called Josh to pick you up.

“Josh could you pick me up please?“ My voice was weak due to you are holding back tears.

“Yea, sure. What happened?” He asked truly sounding concerned.

“I’ll tell you later I don’t think I could talk.” I said as a single tear fell from your beautiful (Eye color) eyes, that we’re now clouded with tears. I hung up the phone after telling Josh where you were. I looked around expecting to find Tyler looking for me.

I found nothing. Not a soul in sight. The sun set was dark. Not as colorful as it usally was. Clouds forming and surrounding the sky blocking out the fading sun. As if on cue a rain drop fell from the sky.

Mixing my tears with the rain. Not more than two minutes later it was almost a storm. The rain was falling so hard it almost made me jump. It was cold the wind was blowing up my shirt making I shiver. I heard an engine roar. His car. You thought.

“Wow, not only did he do me dirty he left me in the rain.” I frowned.

Josh pulled up by the curve a few moments later. I was freezing. Josh jumped out of the car ruining his gorgeous brown hair. He ran towards you with a blanket.

“Y/n I am so sorry.” Josh didn’t know what happened and still was there for you. He was your best friend. I could depend on him to catch me if I were falling. He would always be there. If it took you a million years for you fall he wouldn’t move an inch.

“Josh…H-he almost took someone else home.” I looked deep into his puppy eyes. They looked sad at the words that just came out of my mouth. He looked at me with the same amount of sadness and just kept hugging you. He kissed my forehead and rested his chin on top of my head whilst keeping his arms secure around my waist.

~{♡-♡}~ End of Flash back~{♡-♡}~

“Yea, whatever you say!” He said sarcasm dripping from his words. “Y/n sure this was all a misunderstanding, right? I don’t think so.”

“Tyler, I really don’t care if you believe me right now. I just want you to understand that I did nothing wrong and you tried to take matters into your own hand and tried to get back at me for something I didn’t even do. That hurts. That hurts like hell.” I said letting rears fall freely from your eyes.

“Why are you such a pain in the ass Y/n?” He asked “That’s what I hate about you, you over exaggerate things that are so little.

Than you try and accuse me of flirty whilst you were sluting around with some other dude.” I knew he didn’t mean it but it hurt like hell to hear those words from the one you loved. I looked at him. Not believing what you just heard.

“Y/n I didn’t mean that!” He yelled as I ran out the door and jumping in the car. My tears were once again coming out for the second time tonight.

“Please, I love you Y/n” was the last thing I heard before driving off into the foggy night. I just needed time to cool off. I wanted this to work but I just didn’t know anymore. He’s been so distant lately and going to the bar was your idea. All I wanted is the Tyler that told you he loved me every night and morning.

He would always cuddle you like it was the last thing he’d do. He’d kiss me on my lips than my forehead and lastly on top of my head before saying I love you and going to sleep. He would wake me by showering you with kisses. Until I would wake up and have a laughing fit.

Then he would pull me into a hug and say “Good morning princess.” He didn’t do that anymore. He would barley even stay in the same room as me.

I turned into the motel. I was a couple of cities away. I knew he would tried to find me. Hopefully. If not Josh. I knew that I was taking a risk. I didn’t care because my number one priority right now was to get away from Tyler. I wanted to work things out but I was having second thoughts. Was this relationship really worth saving? Am I going to fight for him? Or simply sit there and wait for it to pass?

I love Tyler, no doubt about it but does he return the feeling? I hated the night. That’s when I are most alone. There could be hundreds of people in the same room and I would still feel alone because of the thoughts that flooded my mind. Some people were a daydreamer,

I wasn’t. I was a night thinker. Yes, I had a history with running away because I couldn’t handle certain things but things felt different. Out of place even. As soon as I floped into the cheep motel bed I turned around to the sound of a door opening.

There stood Josh. His eyes fading from bright to dark..

“So what brings you to my humble abode.” I smiled. “Y/n why are you here and not with us?” He asked.“I followed you and drove here and you didn’t lock the door.”

“Well you see me a Tyler got into a fight and I wanted to be left alone and stay on the low for a while but you ruined that so plan B.” You stated.

“What’s “Plan B?” “Nothing you need to know about.”

“Oh well then.” Josh looked like he was pissed off by my carelessness and was ready to go.

“Hey, at lest there still a shoot for Joshler.” I winked. He rolled his eyes officially done with my crap and pick me up and put me in the car along with my stuff. Next thing I knew I was back at the house. Great. I sighed.

Not wanting to deal with anyone I started walking to my room.

To my luck Tyler came in the room with a glass of water and red sore eyes and looked at me. As soon as he recognized me he dropped his glass leaving it on the ground in a million shattered glass pieces. He grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I could tell there was tears spilling from those beautiful eyes.

“Please, for the life of me don’t you ever leave again.” Tyler pleaded.

I looked at Tyler carefully making sure to look at every last detail of his face. His gorgeous eyes now seemed dark and red.

His face seemed tired as if fighting for consciousness. His hair was in every direction. He looked like he hadn’t slept for days. I didn’t care. He was still Tyler and I loved him to death. Even if he hadn’t returned the favor you would still love him no matter what.

(Okay confession. I cheated. This was one of my old Supernatural writings I just changed the names. But I did 100% write this)

Drawing - Josh Washington x Reader

Originally posted by natchioselektra

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Until Dawn 

Character- Josh Washington {Also includes other Until Dawn characters} 

Word Counter- 1848 Words

Persona- Female 

Warnings- Spoilers kinda. Mentions of depression and trauma. Language. 

A/N- I love Josh sooo much and I wanted to write something cute for Josh to make up for all the sadness that surrounds him :3 

This has been in the drafts for ages, so I thought I’d get it finished xD 

One Year Earlier 

You were rushing downstairs, only in a towel to find Beth and Josh. Sam had run in and told you the others plan to pull a horrible prank on Hannah. You were a great friend of Beth’s and Sam was Hannah’s best friend. You dashed down the stairs to the kitchen but Beth was already gone. 

“Josh!” You say, shaking his arms, but he was drunk out of his mind. 

“Chris!” You scream, rushing round the counter to shake Josh’s best friend. 

You saw a flash of lights outside and you ran out to the living area and to the front door. 

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