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“We should have fire in the Heavydirtysoul music video,” Tyler suggested randomly.

Earlier that day, Josh had told Tyler he had Pyrokinesis, the ability to control fire with his mind. Josh wasn’t surprised when Tyler jumped up and down like a child and talked about his own mutation, and Joshs.

You had always known. You two had met in the ER after you had troubles with controlling your mutation, resulting in burns and cuts all over yourself, which was odd, considering you could control minds and objects. Josh had accidentally burned his hand, a gentle reminder that stoves, unless they were gas, were not fire. You’d soothed his thoughts, and later exchanged numbers.

Since then, you were thick as thieves.

And 3 months after meeting, he asked you out. He set up a fire pit and pulled you close, asking it so quietly you almost didn’t hear.

“I don’t know about that, Ty. Mutants really don’t have a good rep, how would they feel about knowing I was… yknow… me,” Josh said. You placed a hand on his shoulder and he looked toward you.

“We’re all mutants, baby,” you started, “you and Ty are probably the only ‘all mutant’ band in the world.”

“They don’t have to know if you don’t want them to,” Tyler said, “we’d play it off as us just lighting a fire next to your drums.”

Josh looked over at you and visibly deflated, “I guess,” he sighed, running his hand through his yellow hair, “but (y/n) needs to be there. For support.”

“Obviously, baby,” you said, kissing his cheek and resting your head on his shoulder.


“You’re gonna have to be in full control as you drum, do you think you can do it?” The producer asked. Today was the big day, Josh was going to control the fire surrounding his drumset. It was decided they weren’t going to tell fans that they were mutants, for everyone’s sake.

“Yes he can,” you answered, the producer nodded and continued to help Tyler with the car scene. You pulled him aside and tugged him in for a hug. “I need you to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths,” you said.

“How is this-”

“Just do it,” you said, he nodded and closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and you could feel his thoughts racing through his head, “you have to make your mind blank, I can’t take them when they’re racing around like this,” he nodded, taking a few more. You took his thoughts and morphed them from nervous energy to adrenaline. Hopefully he could use it instead of being so nervous he’d mess up.

“You ready to do your thing?” Tyler asked.



You watched closely as Joshs fire burned bright, and he pounded the shit of his drums. When they finally wrapped recording he ran over to you, adrenaline still obviously running through his veins. He picked you up and spun you around in his arms. He smashed his lips to yours, and almost as soon as he did so, fire sprung up around you.

As cliche as it was, rocks were floating and fire was heating the chilled air around you. The adrenaline rubbing off on you. A constant downside to your ability, your emotions were easily influenced by people’s emotions.

When you finally pulled apart, the fire simmered out and the rocks hit the ground with a thump.

You heard Tyler clapping and jumping up and down excitedly. You and Josh shared a look, mentally preparing for the excited fangirling that would ensue.

Gaston’s redemption...a gafou fanfiction (From Gaston’s POV)

 Chapter 2…newfound romance

It’s been three days since I moved into the castle.  I was getting ready for dinner, nervous and shaking a bit.  God I wasn’t used to these feelings. Feelings of uncertainty, feelings of panic.  It was new for me.  I was getting ready, looking into the only mirror in my room to make sure I looked put together. I was also thinking of LeFou.  God I’ve hurt him so much.  There must be something I could do for him.  I know he’s always wanted to learn to read, maybe I could ask Belle if she could give him lessons.  Yes, I’m going to ask Belle to do this.  As I was getting ready, I heard a knock on the door. I go to answer the door and let in a woman who is kind of my height.  She looked kind and pleasant to be around.  She introduced herself.

“Hello, my name is Mrs. Potts, I’m just here to see if you’re getting yourself settled.”  she says.  

“I am finding it easy to, it’s nice to meet you.  My name is Gaston” I replied.  “Um, how is your day going?”

“It’s going good but I do have something to say to you” she replies.  “Did you not see how much LeFou cared for you, just for you to turn on him and leave him under the maestro! You hurt him so so much.  He was so broken when he came here.  You, you better not hurt him again.”  she says.

She had a point.  He was so devoted to me and I made him lie for me, I left him for dead.  God why was I such a prick.  How could I do that!  In the war they say “No one gets left behind.”  How could a war captain turn on him.  I have felt like I left him behind.  

“I know, god I’ve hurt him, I’ve hurt him so so much.  Why I did those things…I don’t know.  I don’t have an excuse”  I paused “but the enchantress has given me a second chance, not to prove to her I can do this, not even to myself,  but to everyone who I’ve wronged”  I paused again.  “I’m ashamed of myself as well, you’re right about me, I’m selfish and vain, I i can’t believe what I’ve done”  

“I know a man who was once like you, our king.”  she said matter of factly.  “He was cruel, vain, greedy…cared only for looks.  But one day, he just started to change.  I believe that if a man who was greedy and vain as him can change, then so can you.  It’s all about the environment.  So that’s why I believe that if you believe, anything is possible, Now I do believe that Lefou will be coming in soon to bring you to dinner but it may be nice if you brought him.”  she said.  

“That’s a great idea, now I must be off,  I need to go see him”  I said feeling a bit different about him than before.

I didn’t know this feeling.  It made me feel a bit nauseous.  It was like my heart was a bit jumpy.  I walked into LeFou’s room,  waited for him and admired him from afar.  Right as I was looking at him,  I knocked on the door.  

“LeFou, are, are you ready yet?” I asked patiently not knowing what the hell was going on in my head.

“Ye, yeah, I thought I was bringing you”  he replied.

“I thought it’d be nice if I could come and get you” I said.  “Now, if you’re ready“ I said putting my arm around his neck and getting the door for him.  As we were entering the dining hall, I was amazed by the beauty of the room.  “LeFou, this room is gorgeous.”  I said.

“It is, it really is, um would you like to help me get the plates?” He asked.  

I agreed and he led me to the cabinets,  the room was empty.  As we were going towards the cabinets to, he began to trip.  I caught up to him to catch him in my arms.  Right as I caught him, I looked into his eyes, feeling my heart skip a beat.  I couldn’t help myself.  I kissed him…passionately may I add.  Right as our kiss ended, he looked up at me a bit confused.

“Ga, Gaston!”  he exclaimed.  “Wh, wha_”  right as he was about to ask again, I kissed him again, I couldn’t help myself.  I put him on the counter and gave him a long passionate kiss. God what have I been missing out on.  RIght as I was about to end the kiss, he pulled me towards him again.  We were kissing and making out for a long time. We didn’t even realize someone walked in.  It was Belle.  Her mouth was hanging open.

“This is new, Gaston I thought you were straight” she asked me.

“Let’s be honest, I’ve always swung both ways, and I think everyone in the village expected me to be this macho guy.  Well you can be athletically inclined as this man says I am and be bisexual or gay.  You can be feminine and be straight.  And I think I’ve suppressed some of these feelings and the last two days, I’ve had these strange feelings for LaFou.”  I said.  

“Ga, Gaston? You like me?” he asked shocked.  

“Well yeah, is that so hard to believe?”  I wondered.  As Belle chimed in.  

“Well I’m gonna leave you two to yourselves, um I’ll make sure you two are seated together and um Gaston? Is it true, you’ll be working for my father? Like being his assistant?”  

“It is true, as I apologized to him, he told me that I could work for him and be there to help him to prove that I am sorry”  I said in reply.

“Well Gaston, I’m impressed,  it seems you’re genuine about this”  he chimed in,  “Well, I must be off now, you two enjoy!”  she winked at LeFou who at this moment was blushing, and looking up at me.  

I began kissing him again, before I led him into the dinner room.  I pulled out his chair for him, loving the way he smiled at me.  I’d do anything to see him happy.  As we were sitting at dinner, he introduced me formerly to a few people.  He introduced me to Lumiere, Madame Garderobe,  Plumette, Maestro Cadenza,  and this little boy named Chip. It was the first point in my life where I knew these people had an idea of me,  but were willing to take me in anyway.  It was really accepting.  I held hands with my new found love.  Loving the way he was conversing with everyone.  I was probably staring at him for way too long.  I saw a look Mrs. Potts gave me.  She looked pleased.  I got up to go talk to Belle.  

“Um Belle, may I have a word with you?”  I asked gaining a bit of confidence back.  But not the vain kind of confidence but rather the appropriate amount of it that I knew everyone still needs.  

“Of course, what is it?”  she asked.  

“I know that LeFou has wanted to learn how to read for a long time now…would you be willing to give him some lessons?”  I replied back.  Almost immediately she responded back.

“I would be willing to, does he know about this?” she wondered.  

“He doesn’t, I was planning on telling him all about it tonight.”  I said.  

“That’s really sweet of you to set this up for him,  you must genuinely care for him”  he said matter of factly.  

“I really do, I just hope he sees that.  His opinion of me is the one that I value the most.”  I said before heading back to my seat. Right as I was about to,  she stopped me

She said “you better not hurt him”  

“I promise I’ll never do anything that makes him not trust me.  I promise to be the perfect boyfriend to him, he deserves it.”  

She smiled back to me and came towards me and hugged me.  “It’s good to see a softer and more gentle you.”  she said.  I headed back to my seat.  Just sitting there, talking to everyone, getting to know everyone.  It turns out, I’m not the only one who enjoys hunting.  It turns out, Lumiere and Cogsworth enjoy it too.  We decided that we would go out hunting with each other twice a week.  I felt so welcomed.  It was then that LeFou planted a long, tender kiss on my lips.  Everyone looked at us, happily.  

“Aha! LaFou, you finally got the man” Lumiere said in a thick french accent.

“Yep, oh boy! I’m so so happy” He said getting all giddy.  God that was good to see.  

*time interval.  Dinner is over and everyone is back in their rooms, falling asleep.  Gaston moved his stuff into LeFou’s room, per his request. It seemed like everything was going well in the castle.*

okay so that’s chapter 2…of course tell me what’s you think? next chapter, mature content? and do you want it from LeFou’s POV?

Portrait, Chapter Five.
This is a fictional story. The original characters are my own so as the psychological features from those who are real. Any similarity with another story or a real person is purely coincidental.
Words: 2,682
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language.


                           Mia 📸 to Gabs 🌹
                             Today 2:34 AM
                                                             Mia 📸
                    "Hey, it's late and I'm showering a drunk Zooey.
                                                  Sorry, I luv u 💝"

                             Today 5:58 AM
Gabs 🌹
"I'm here all alone and MISSING YOU and
you're having fun AND showering other drunk gurls?
That I don't even know???"
"Quite a best friend you are. Wow, okay? WOW!"

Mia chuckles quietly as she reads Gabs messages at 6:22 AM. The girls are still sleeping, mainly Zooey, who’s snoring quietly. Careful to not make noise, she gets up and goes to the bathroom, taking a clean set of clothing and gets a shower. She does a simple makeup and picks a camera before leaving the room.

The hallway is equally silent and the redhead presumes the crew and band are going to sleep a little bit more due to last night’s commemoration. She gets into an empty elevator and the hotel lobby is as quiet as the hallway of the crew’s rooms.

Mia takes off to explore the city, enjoying the free time she has before everybody wakes up to arrange things and leave. Rosemont is an interesting, beautiful city for the photographer’s curious eyes and she captures as much as she can. While walking around it, the redhead finds herself in a Starbucks shop.

She takes her order and decides to head back to the hotel when she realizes it’s been two hours out. While Mia sits in the back seat of the cab, she goes through the photos she has taken, sipping her macchiato. The redhead pays the driver when the cab comes to a stop in front of the hotel and she gets out, walking towards the elevators.

Now the place seems more alive, with people walking around, but the hallways it’s still silent, saved for a hairdryer in one of the rooms. Mia walks towards the one she’s sharing with the girls and unlocks it quickly, getting in. Emily is wearing black skinny jeans and a bra, in front of the bathroom mirror, applying mascara to her eyelashes and Zooey is still in the same place she put her a few hours ago: in the bed.

“C'mon Zooey, if you don’t get up, we’re gonna be late,” Emily calls again and looks at Mia. “Hey, Mia’s here,”

“No,” Zooey mumbles from underneath the sheets. “I’m hungover,”

“Well, I’m not the one to judge, but,” Mia starts, putting her coffee cup beside her suitcase. “If you haven’t drank that much,” She says, putting away the camera without its SD card.

Emily chuckles at Zooey’s groan. “What time did you got up?” She asks, dressing a shirt.

“At six-thirty,” Mia says, taking her laptop.

“Why did you woke up this early?” Zooey mumbles. “You put me to bed at what? Three in the morning?”

“Something like that,” She smiles even though the brunette couldn’t see.

“Where were you?” Emily asks, curious.

Mia looks at her with a mischievous smile. “Exploring,”

“Really?” She chuckles. “Where did you get this energy from? I thought you were drinking last night, too,” Emily pulls Zooey’s sheet, revealing her naked form, curled into a ball.

“She was,” Zooey replies, closing her eyes shut as hard as she could.

“Get up!” The older brunette repeats, tossing the sheet on the floor. “Or I’ll get Michael here,” Emily threatens.

“Michael can fuck off,” She replies and Mia chuckles.

“So can your job,” And Emily retorts.

It takes a few more minutes for Zooey get up and she claims a headache, as predicted. Mia packs her things, leaving everything ready for the time to go. About a half hour later, the three women leave the room to get breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant.

Zooey has a huge sunglasses in her face in an attempt to block as much light as possible. While Emily fills her plate, Zooey doesn’t eat much, afraid to put everything later. Mia only takes a fresh cup of coffee and a sandwich. They take a table and the redhead opens her laptop again, uploading the photos from this morning.

It doesn’t take longer for other crew members start to show up.

“Good morning, ladies,” Shap greets, sitting next to Mia. “How are you feeling, Zooey? I’ve heard you enjoyed last night a lot,” He asks, looking at her with a grin.

Just like Emily, Shap skipped the night out. “Awesome,” Zooey replies sarcastically, making they laugh.

“I also heard that you, milady,” He turn to Mia. “Got into a drinking contest with Jordan,”

The redhead shrugs. “Yup, he lost,” She smiles.

Shap laughs at her and Mia starts to tell about the night’s events after Emily ask for it. Zooey keeps quiet the whole time, trying to make her headache stop, but not the greatest amount of aspirins are gonna make this miracle happen.

Tyler and Jenna are the next ones to get down to breakfast and they sit at the table next to them. Other guests come into the restaurant too and occasionally glare at the group curiously. Slowly, more people in the crew comes down.

“Morning, morning,” Another group of people comes in. “I see sleepy faces here,” Michael smiles.

“Yeah,” Dan agrees with. “Just woke up Mia? Hungover?”

The redhead chuckles looking at them as Josh silently makes his way to Tyler’s table, sitting next to her. “Me? I woke up at six-thirty and already went out for a walk,” She says, stretching up a little.

“What for?” Mark asks, sitting by Josh’s side.

“Explore,” Mia answers, turning her laptop for him to see the photos she’s currently editing.

“Really? When did you go to bed?” Jenna asks, amazed.

The redhead makes a face. “Around two-thirty, three…” She shrugs. “Right before showering Zooey and putting her to sleep,” Mia adds and people look at the brunette.

“Do not say it!” She warns, raising a finger.

“Jesus, Zooey!” Mark says anyway. “Mia is only four days with us. What an amazing first impression!”

She raises her middle finger at him but turns to Mia. “Who’s Gabs, by the way?” Zooey inquires, looking at her.

Mia raises both eyebrows. “And you remember that?”

“I remember everything from the moment you undressed me,” She remarks and Mia chuckles.

“She’s my best friend since middle school, already my sister,” Mia answers.

As the conversation carry on, Josh stares blankly at Mia’s laptop screen while eating his breakfast. She’s currently editing a photograph of a woman with a red rose, in front of what it seems to be a flower shop, and she’s taking a picture of it. Jordan is the last one to get down for breakfast and he walks into the restaurant quietly, trying to go unnoticed.

“Hi Jordan,” Mia smiles, drawing attention to him. “Would you like another shot? It’s on me!” She provokes playfully.

The others laugh at Jordan’s face. “No, God needs to punish people who invented the vodka,” He grumbles.

“It was the Russians! Здравствуйте!” She beams.

“What’s that?” Tyler asks with a chuckle.

“It’s Russian, it means hello,” Mia explains.

“You speak Russian?” Shap asks.

She shakes her head. “Only hello,”

“Girl, you have one million little quirks, haven’t you?” Emily smiles at her.

“You have no idea,” Mia chuckles.

Breakfast only lasts for a few more minutes and they have to pack things to go. When everybody gathers on the lobby waiting for the vans, Emily points out the fact that Mia stands out from the rest of the crew for wearing a light gray coat and scarf, among all the black clothing. And her fire hair doesn’t help her be a little discrete either.

While the majority of the crew are gonna take the bus for an eight-hour travel to Toronto, the band, and a few selected crew members will fly over. Josh and Tyler will be doing press while the whole equipment doesn’t arrive. And Mia is one of the selected crew members, along with Mark and Dan.

Someone thought it would be rational to take the photographer along with the band and this is reasonable. Mia’s only concern is about this looking like some kind of favoritism for the other crew members. For her, it would be totally fine to take the eight-hour ride.

Anyway, when the vans arrive, the crew part ways. Jenna seems a little too excited to have a girl to talk too during the flight, but Mia let her down by falling asleep as soon as the plane takes off. All the sleep she didn’t get at night, she gets during the whole flight. Even accidentally using Josh’s shoulder as a pillow at some point (which Jenna takes a lot of photos of, taking advantage of the fact that Josh is sleeping too) and waking up only when the flight attendant is asking the passengers to put the seats upright for landing.

                                                         * * *

TWO DAYS LATER: Somewhere in between Cleveland, OH, and Columbia, MD.

The bus is quiet save the sound of the engine and the low volume of the TV. Everyone is sleeping, except the driver and Mia, who’s working. Careful to not wake up anyone, she opens the bunk room door and walks quietly towards her bunk. With her phone charger in hands, she returns to the lounge and closes the door behind her again.

What she doesn’t know is that Josh is awake too, on his phone to kill time while he has trouble in getting asleep. He hears her steps and locks his phone, making his bunk get pitch black. A moment ago, Josh thought he was the only one awake too. Quietly, he pulls the curtain open and slips out his bunk, going after Mia who’s already gone.

The amazing smell of coffee hits Josh’s nostrils as he reaches the door and it opens quietly. Mia has her back turned to him and doesn’t notice he coming out the room. A strap of her shirt is off of her shoulder and it falls loosely on her arm, making the shirt show a bit more of skin.

The three lines of Mia’s tattoo is exposed, making Josh aware that she’s not wearing a bra because it would cover at least the last one. Mia is also wearing a cardigan, but it’s off of her shoulder too. She’s too focused in pouring coffee in a mug for her that she hasn’t noticed Josh just yet.

The phone charger slips from her hands and Mia takes a step back, bending down to picking it up. “Can I have some too?” Josh makes his presence known and this startles Mia.

In a swift move, the redhead stands and turns to look at him, leading a hand to her heart. “Oh fuck,” She whispers, closing her eyes and trying to get a normal heart rate.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,” Josh says with a chuckle and Mia opens her eyes. “Can I have some coffee too? It smells amazing,” He repeats.

Mia surveys him quickly; nearly naked wearing only a very small short that would be probably confused with an underwear. But she doesn’t fail to notice his broad shoulders, big biceps and an amazing set of abs.

“Sure,” She nods, turning her back to him again. “Just don’t do that anymore,”

“I really didn’t mean to scare you,” Josh shakes his head as Mia fills another mug of coffee. “I thought I was the only one awake,”

The redhead takes the mug and turns to Josh, giving it to him after taking hers and walking back to the lounge. “Me too,”

“What are you doing up anyway?” He asks, following her. “You had a bad dream?”

Mia glances at him with a funny expression. “No, Josh, I haven’t even gotten to bed yet,” She answers, sitting on the floor where her laptop is. “I’m working,”

Josh plops down on the sofa at her right, watching her stretch out to plug her phone. “And why are you on the floor?”

“I get bored easily,” Mia answers with a sigh, pulling the laptop to her lap. “And I’m very unquiet, I can’t stay in one place, so I move around a lot,”

She looks at him and gives him a smile, returning to her work quickly. Josh observes her doing just that for a while, before turning to the movie on the TV. But he glances at the quiet beauty from time to time, engrossed in her work.

As days passes by, the drummer pays more attention to her. Observing every new little quirk she shows every day, the way she does her work and how she’s passionate about it. From “cute”, the word he used to describe her before the tour started, Mia is starting to look gorgeous and more to Josh as he spends more time with her or around her.

Mia is editing some additional photos and fixing her website. Since she started working with Twenty One Pilots, all wedding photos were taken down and she was just waiting for having a lot of photos to replace it all. Now she has all the material needed.

The redhead has a folder with her selected favorites from all the photos so far and she’s putting it all on the website. She creates a Tumblr blog to not overload the website and there Mia intends in posting the additional photos and random things she photographs, like the ones around cities. With that, it’s more work for the night as she has to select a satisfying layout.

Before starting to do that, Mia notices the mug empty and puts the laptop in the sofa on her left, standing up. Josh is now spread all over the sofa, a hand stroking his own hair as he pays attention to the movie.

“Want more coffee?” Mia asks, reaching out her hand to take his mug that’s on the floor.

Josh looks up at her, his mocha colored eyes meeting her emerald ones. “Uh… No, thanks,” He replies, taking the mug and giving it to her.

Mia only nods, walking towards the kitchenette. She places Josh’s mug into the sink and fills hers again, returning to work. Josh watches as she switches places; the floor for the sofa. The redhead lies on her stomach, glancing up at the TV and placing the mug on the floor after a gulp.

The drummer can’t fail to notice how good her ass looks in those leggings as Mia crosses her ankles in the air. Until that point, the shirt and cardigan were covering it, but the movement of lying on her stomach made it ride up. Mia’s low chuckle makes Josh looks back at her face, realizing she’s paying attention to the movie now.

But it doesn’t hold her interest for too long. Mia returns to her work and the last thing Josh remembers of the night is glancing at Mia biting her lip in concentration. The redhead only notices that he has fallen asleep an hour later when she decides to fill her mug again.

She watches him for a second and she thinks he looks so peaceful in his sleep, it makes her want to snuggle into those big arms and take a nap with him. As quick as the thought came into her mind, Mia shakes it off, standing up.

It’s probably the long time alone speaking, there’s no way a relationship to happen between them, Josh is her boss for Christ’s sake! And it’s just a silly attraction, Mia can’t deny how hot the drummer is.

Instead of waking him up to send him to bed, Mia leaves her mug on the counter and walks into the bunk room once again. She thinks in taking Josh’s blanket but she also thinks it’s invasive to go through his stuff. So she takes hers.

In the lounge, the redhead covers the nearly naked and asleep drummer with her blanket and go back to fill her mug. Back to work as Josh snores softly, unconsciously pulling Mia’s blanket closer to his face and taking a deep breath, inhaling her sweet scent.

When you want to drag your frens to the skeleton clique

dont ๐Ÿ‘ say ๐Ÿ‘ youre ๐Ÿ‘ a ๐Ÿ‘ twenty ๐Ÿ‘ one ๐Ÿ‘ pilots ๐Ÿ‘ fan ๐Ÿ‘ if ๐Ÿ‘ sundays ๐Ÿ‘ arent ๐Ÿ‘ your ๐Ÿ‘ suicide ๐Ÿ‘ days ๐Ÿ‘
Welcome Home - Josh Washington x Reader (Until Dawn)

There were many things that Josh wish he could have done differently, that if he had the time to sit down and list them all, it would take years to finish naming them all. But as he was tugging the scarf that coved his face despite already wearing a mask, he decided to list some of them.

He would have been a better brother for his sisters. He would have stayed sober that night that his sisters ran into the forest. He wouldn’t have stopped taken his meds that sent his mind into a spiral. He wouldn’t have played the prank that nearly got all his friends, if he could still call them that. He wouldn’t have restored to eating human meat down in the mines, because it wasn’t too long later than they found him, but the wendigo curse was already upon him.

He wasn’t sure what happened in the months after the wendigo curse took over, all he remembered was being dragged down to the mines by the monster that used to be his sister, Hannah, the hunger that he felt in the mines. He wasn’t sure how many days he spent there. The last thing he could officially remember was finally giving into the hunger that took over his sister, and then that’s when things got fuzzy. He had visions of seeing the Cree natives chanting, a pain deep coursing throughout his body that felt like lava coursing his veins; being locked up in a steel room, flashes of hearing people calling him a monster.

Then he remembered hearing his mother and father whispering his name, and that was that. According to his doctors and the Cree natives, he was free of the wendigo curse, or at least most of it. Josh hard time believing that because when he looks at his reflection, all he sees is the monster that his friends called him over and over. The scar on his left cheek running up to nearly his ear, his eyes were gladly back to normal, but they still had a slight scar on his right eye. His teeth even though he had them filed down, they still remained sharp since there was only so much he could file before they became too painful for him to bear.

Josh was at the local park, wanting to look down a phone, but at the same time he didn’t.

He felt nervous because of the one person that was going to meet. (Y/N), the love of his life since before he knew what love was as kids. You were always there for him, and valued him as a person and not because of his name and status as son of a famous film director, much like his friend Chris, but they bond you had with him was different.  You hadn’t been part of the prank, because you weren’t there since you were with your own family that cold dark weekend, but when you heard the news of his sisters, you were there for him like no other.

You would help him with his nightmares, even if it meant staying up all night with Josh on the phone or in person. You would hold his hand as he drove to his therapy sessions. You were his light when the world around him was dark and grey. But even the brightest of lights couldn’t shine in the darkest parts of his mind. Despite you being with him through his troubles, even you weren’t enough to shake him from his thoughts of revenge. He wanted them to pay, he wanted them to feel the same heart racing, anxiety, fear that his sisters felt.

So when he invited his so called friends back to Blackwood Mountain, he said that it would be best if you didn’t go. You had insisted on going, wanting to be there for him on the anniversary of his sisters’ disappearance, because you knew that his mood could drastically change from one moment to another. But he said that it would be better to stay, since you being there would make them feel odd since you weren’t there when it happened, saying it was more of a way to mend what happened that night between them.  

You sighed and trusted him, leaning up to kiss his lips just asking him to come back to you, and he promised he would. He really did want to bring you along but he knew the best way of keeping you safe would be to keep you as far away from the lodge as possible, because with your kind nature, he knew that you would be caught up in his prank. But he wasn’t able to keep his promise.

But as he stood under the lamppost, he reached for a small photograph that he had kept in his pocket since he could remember, even in the dark of the mines; he knew that he held onto it. He stared down at it, the photo of you and him. You and him when you visited in the summer at his lodge. You were caught kissing in the forest, and Beth and Hannah thought that it was too good of a moment to not capture.

This photo helped him when he was recovering after those few months after his ritual, since you reminded him of what it meant to be human, and not like the monster he felt like he still is. Josh felt like he didn’t deserve you after everything that’s he’s done, but Chris insisted that he met up with you. In fact it was Chris that called you to meet him.

Josh was scared that at the mere mention of your name, that you would have nothing to do with him, especially after everything that the gang would have told you of what he put them through, but to his surprise you agreed.

He finally looked down at his phone, only five more minutes till six, and the time you and Chris arranged, Josh had honestly been here since five not knowing what else to do with his time, and giving him enough time to calm his nerves. But so far each minute that past just sent his nerves on a growing slope. He looked down at the photo, seeing how happy you were as you kissed him, and thought of the other photos of you that he had kept throughout your relationship, each of them filled with happiness that was because of him. frames and albums filled of your pictures from when you were friends in elementary to when you were dating in your second year of high school, he would always notice the small details of your face, that if someone were to hand him a photo of you he could pretty much tell how old you were, that’s how well he paid attention to detail.

But one thing that never changed was the smile that you reserved just for him, and right now that’s what worried him. Josh worried that you would never smile for him again, that instead of giving him the smile he loves, you would frown in anger and fear, especially once you would see the changes his face has gone through. He was scared that he wouldn’t your Josh, the man that you would whisper sweet nothings to as he held you till you both fell asleep, the guy that you said you would always love, but instead be the Josh the monster, the wendigo, the sick murder, that the voices in his head chanted over and over when he was growing a tolerance to his medication.

One more minute…his stomach clenched, he felt nauseous like he was going to throw up, never had he felt so sick in stomach, not even when he ate the very thing that made him a wendigo. He looked down at the photo, hoping it would calm him like it always does, but it didn’t, in fact it made him feel worse.

It would be his fault if things turn out bad, it would be his fault if he alone, and it would be his fault if you walked out of him. His fault, all of it, his fault. The voice in his head, now becoming voices, chanting that it was his fault, all of it, he deserved to be alone.


And just like that the voices were silent. Josh didn’t want to look up, he was afraid that the voice that he heard was just part of his imagination, like the way he heard it in the mines over and over again but just teasing him of what he lost and reminding him that you wouldn’t be there to save him like you normally would.

Josh was paralyzed with doubt.

“Josh, is that you?” hearing the voice closer than before.

Josh knew that he had to look up, the urge to see her burning deep in his veins.  Josh’s green eyes looked up, seeing there the one person he thought that he would never see again. The girl that still owns his heart to this day and pretty sure always will. (h/c) flowed down your shoulders, different then he last saw it but still beautiful as he remembered, the features of your face that made him want to shower you kisses as he mapped out your face and body with gentle kisses and soft touches. But what stood out to him the most were your eyes, a beautiful shade of (e/c) one that he could get lost him. Green met (e/c) but the moment that he felt a smile coming through his mask, he saw your eyes begin to water.

His heart was breaking…he had barely even said a word and you were already crying. He couldn’t handle this, it was too much for him, and he needed to leave…now! He quickly shoved the picture in his jacket and stood up, and to walk away, not wanting to hear you say that you were scared of him. He had only taken two steps when he felt two arms wrap around his torso. He knew that he could easily break free of your hold, wouldn’t be that hard, but he couldn’t, in fact he wanted to stay in your arms forever, because to him it was one of the few hugs he received since he was ‘cured’.

“Please don’t leave me, not again,” did all you could whisper to him, not want to let him go.

Your words struck a chord in him, you still cared…about him. He wanted to say something, but he wasn’t sure how to respond, his deformities now bearing all the weight, because he wasn’t the same Josh that left to Blackwood Mountain nearly a year ago, he was different both physically and mentally.

“(Y/N),” your name rolling off so smoothly from his mouth, one of the few times he said it without crying, since recovering his humanity.

The hold on Josh tightened the moment he whispered your name. He pried your hand off, letting him turn to face your tear streaked face. He looked down at his hands, double checking that they looked normal, like a human because right now he felt more like a monster compared to you, he placed his hands on your cheeks. The warm skin beneath his fingers, making this feel real to him, you were here…with him, you weren’t a figment of his imagination like in the mines.

You leaned in towards his touch, your reddened lips pressing a small kiss against his palm, tasting the saltiness of your tears. “You’re actually here, you’re alive,” you whimpered, “I missed you so much Josh.”

It was funny; those were Josh’s same exact thoughts.

“(Y/N),” at this point he wondered if that was all he could say, “I’m sorry for everything, all of it, I should’ve…”

“Joshua Washington you have nothing to be sorry for, none of it was your fault,” your voice coming out a bit harsh, but you needed him to know that you don’t blame him for anything that happened that night.

“But if it wasn’t because of me, no one would’ve gotten hurt, not Sam, Chris, Jessica, none of them. And it was my fault that I ate…” not wanting to continue those last few words.

“Josh it wasn’t your fault, you had no control over what happened that night, no one did. and what happened down there in the mines, you had to do what you needed to survive, I don’t blame you for anything, I’m just so glad you’re here, you have no idea how much I missed you” leaning in to hug him.

“If it’s anything like the way I missed you…then I think I have an idea,” he said wrapping his arms around you.

Your warmth seeped into him and his onto you. This was something that he missed, the feeling of being cared for. Josh didn’t even know that he was crying till he felt his vision blur, but he did silently, glad that despite going to hell and back, you were still the same as always, beautiful and kind inside and out. But he knew that as much as he wanted to bask in your light, he didn’t deserve it, none of it at all, it was the only way that he felt that he could pay for what he’s done, for the monster he considers himself. Because in his mind monsters and demons don’t get the happy ending, they don’t fall in love with angels, and especially don’t get to be loved by them.

But the selfish part of him wanted to keep you, but he needed to unselfish for once, as he pushed away.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I can’t do this, I thought I could but I can’t,” his voice wavering as part of his heart wanted to take it all back.

“Josh, don’t push me away again,” wanting to hug him again, but his strength keeping you at a distance.

“(Y/N), I’m doing this for your own good, you can’t be with me, I’m not good for you, I wish I was”, he said feeling his own heart break at seeing how broken you were becoming, you weren’t meant to have a frown on your face, your smile was beautiful yet he hated that the reason you weren’t smiling was because of him, “but I’m not (Y/N), I don’t think I ever was.”

“Josh, I love you, I don’t care what happened in the mountains, wasn’t your fault, if anything I feel bad that I couldn’t notice that you were hurting that bad, I’m sorry Josh,” you said wanting to fall into his arms again.

Salty tears were trailing down your face, making Josh feel guiltier but he knew that this was the better option, he couldn’t hurt you again and he knew that if you stayed with him, he could hurt you, since at times he wasn’t sure that he was fully cured from the wendigo spirit. His heart was clenching, it was in his instinct to always be there for you, to make you smile, and this was going against that nature, but he had to follow through…it was the only way he knew that he could keep you safe…from him.

“I’m a monster (Y/N), they don’t deserve happiness, I don’t deserve you at all, its best if you leave me,” his jaw clenching underneath his mask and scarf.

“You don’t know what’s best for me Josh, because if you did…you would know that you’re what’s best for me. You’re my best friend Josh, and you’ve been with me through everything, my highs and my lows. You know me best, you’re patient with me, and you love me. No one else is going to love me like the way you do Josh,” your hand reaching out for his face, wanting to caress his cheek like the way you normally did, but he immediately pulled his face back, almost as if your touch would burn him, making you pull back your hand with an even more broken heart.

“that’s not true, there are people who will love you more than I can, and are better for you than me…millions out there that are better than a monster like me,” his voice becoming a bit deeper as he wanted to keep himself calm but deep down his heart was breaking as much as yours.

“Stop calling yourself a monster! You are not a monster, and I don’t want any of them…I want you!” Feeling you come undone with each passing moment.

“Yes I am!” losing his calm slowly, he wished that you would listen to him, but he knew that it was because you loved him that you didn’t want to leave.

“No you aren’t!” more tears steaking down your face.

Finally knowing that there was only one way to make you see the monster that he is, he pulled off his mask and scarf, letting you see his face the scars that ran up to his cheek, marred skin near his lips, and the fang like teeth, letting you see what he was trying to make you understand, “I am a monster, this is what a monster looks like.” He looked down not wanting to see how you were most likely scared of his appearance, not wanting to see those rejecting eyes that were sure to come.

He expected you to scream or run, but instead there was a long silence. He felt like his heart was breaking all over again, were you scared of him that you couldn’t move. He couldn’t do anything but wait till you left. He wanted to cry, but he would do that when he gets home, he didn’t deserve to cry in front of you, not when this was what he thought he wanted.

Finally he heard steps, he shut his eyes, and you were leaving him. He wanted to keep you, but this was for the best. A warm touch landed on his cheeks, gently ghosting over the scars on his face, almost like a feather.

Your eyes were puffy and red, from crying, but held a look of wonder on them, as they took in his new appearance. The pads of your fingers gently applying gentle pressure that made him lean into your touch like how he always does, making your palm feel his new fang like teeth, he momentarily felt you tense, but quickly ease into it. His eyes were analyzing you, wanting to see a fraction of fear but nothing it was just wonder that was laced across your face.

“you’re still beautiful to me,” you whispered your eyes finally locking with his giving him a smile, which he returned with a small one of his own, “you’re still not a monster to me,” you finished as you leaned up to place a gentle kiss against his scarred skin, going in slowly in case he pulls back but he didn’t.

Your lips against his skin was another thing he missed; but he didn’t think he would miss it as much as he did right now. It still ensured him of how much you cared for him, as he relaxed in your kiss, he badly wanted to kiss you, but didn’t want to startle you. “I still love you Josh, this doesn’t change anything” you said as you leaned against his shoulder, feeling your own cheeks burn as being so close to him again, taking him all in scent since the sweaters that you kept no longer smelled like him, which always something you loved. “but I understand if you don’t love me anymore, I’ll stay away if you want me to, just promise me that you won’t call yourself a monster” you said expecting the worse.

You felt his chest vibrate as a laugh escaped his mouth, “I’m always going to love you (Y/N), but I’m dangerous, I mean look at me,” he said with a broken smile.

“Josh do you want to hurt me?” you whispered.

“No, that’s the last thing I ever wanted to do,” he immediately answered.

“Then you aren’t dangerous to me Josh, I told you, this doesn’t make a difference to me, you’re still the Josh I know, the Josh I love, my Josh,” you said with a smile.

Something inside him snapped, pulling you into his arms. He finally let the tears out, as he buried his face in the crook of your neck, letting take in your scent, and just like you…it reminded him of home, a home that he thought he that he lost a long time ago when he awoke in those mines. Your neck was becoming wet with his tears, but you were sure that you were making a wet spot on his shirt was well, with your own tears. You hugged him close, loving the feel of being in his arms.

Warmth was what Josh felt, like the warmth of coming home from a snowstorm was what this reminded him of. Everything about you still felt like home, he couldn’t push you away, not anymore, not when you wanted him, and when it came to you…he couldn’t deny you anything for too long. And the selfish part of him craved your attention that you were so willing to give him, maybe because you really did remind him what it was to be human, a human in love.

“I missed you so much,” he whispered against your neck, wanting to kiss your neck but was afraid of hurting you. “I thought I would never see you again.”

“I missed you too.”

There was so much pain that needed to be mended between the two of you. It was felt, your tears proof of that. You both had unvoiced pain that you wondered how long it would be till everything was as it used to, so full of love and admiration, that you wondered if you ever go back to that, but you would still want to try. You pulled back slightly just too look at his face, really trying to take in his new appearance.

“Can I kiss you?” he whispered, almost reminding you of the first time he kissed you, so shy and nervous.

You nodded, leaning up a bit for him. Josh took in a breath of air, still amazed that you would still want him, especially like this. His hand cupped your face, leaning your face up towards him. He looked at your face, into your eyes wanting to make sure that this was ok. Seeing no hesitance, he leaned in and closed the space between your lips. He was careful of his teeth, not wanting to hurt you, but he missed this, missed kissing you all the time, when he would see you in the morning, or when he would drop you off, or at night when you stayed the night at his place, reminding him of the home that you provided for him. He relished the feeling of your lips against his, how soft they were against the scarred corner of his lips. He wished things were different, but not at the expense if it would change how he felt right now. You wanted more, wanting to feel more of Josh after not having him for so long. He wanted more too, slowly opening up the kiss more, nearly making you moan as you felt his teeth brush against your bottom lip, which encouraged him to actually nibble your lips, this time making you moan as your grip on shirt tightened, which made Josh smirk against your lip.

He was hungry, not for flesh, but for you. He wanted to quench his thirst of you, but that would have to wait when he felt more control of himself. He wanted more, feeling his body burn with you, pulling you closer wanting and needing to feel your love again. Josh broke the kiss, loving the look on your face, your eyes lulled over with a lust like haze, your lips reddened from his kiss and bites, the quick breaths that made your chest rise, which wanted him to mark it all with his bites, especially with how your skin glowed under the light of the lamp post.

“You have no idea how much I missed you (Y/N),”pressing a kiss on your forehead

“Welcome home Josh,” you said with a smile as you pulled him to a hug again.

He still thinks that he’s not completely human, yes the curse is lifted, but he still didn’t feel like he is fully. But maybe with you, you could really teach him what it meant to be human, starting with the love that you would give him, and he would give you. but since that fateful night when he landed in the mines, almost a year ago…he finally did feel like he was home, because to him, home was where you were, not his room, not the hospital, not the lodge, but here with you in his arms, because that’s where his heart was, in your hands.

Josh was finally home, “it’s good to be home (Y/N)” pulling you closer under the light of the lamppost, “I promise I won’t leave you again,” and this time he meant it.


never thought i would write something this long, but couldnt stop writing once i started, and felt that it would be to odd to cut it to two pieces.

the idea of josh being cured is actually called exor!josh which can be found on  Danji-Doodle’s Tumblr

image, which is also their own concept that I obtained permission to use. so image credit goes to her, and you really should read her work

i do not own until dawn, credit to rightful owners.

this was greatly inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Photograph

yea hopefully you like it let me know what you think

  • Older brother: I'm listening to this band called twenty one pilots, they are very good honestly
  • Me: look like you might be one of us

no offence but if i were a new twenty one pilots fan and didnt understand their dynamic/stage preformance id call the fucking medics if i saw tyler drop like that in the middle of heavydirtysoul

*droolz* uhm ok…how about a little masturbation voyeurism? mirror play? role play? all dat kinky shit, idk tyler n josh doin it 


Tyler and Josh were sharing a hotel room and Tyler was taking a shower. Josh must not have heard the water shut off or something, but when Tyler opened the door, he seen Josh sprawled out on their bed. His underwear pushed down to his knees, head back against his pillow, eyes closed and mouth open. His expression seemed so angelic, despite the sinful things his hand was doing to his cock and the filthy way his muscles responded. Tyler stood there, stunned for a moment out of curiosity and something more. His gaze mainly focused on Josh’s lower half, as this was his first time seeing his best friend like this. Hand working his cock and hips bucking up, as if he’d done this a million times. Tyler could easily hear Josh’s breathless moans from where he stood, seeming to be pretty deep into his session and Ty didn’t want to rudely interrupt. Tyler felt something stiffen under the towel he had wrapped around his hips as he wondered what Josh thought about. As time slowed, it felt like the world had briefly stopped as Tyler was experiencing this majestic moment, but it was only a mere few seconds before Josh locked eyes with him, realizing there was a light coming from the bathroom that wasn’t there before. Josh gasped and stopped with a jolting motion as he tried to pull his underwear up to conceal himself, but it was far too late. 

“…sorry.” was all Tyler could say before backtracking and shutting the door, allowing Josh some privacy and time to get re-situated. Tyler felt a stir of mixed feelings. Curiosity, being the most prevalent. But also amusement, guilt, and a general sense of excitement. Those were his emotions though, his body had different ideas, judging from his erection jutting through the towel. He leaned against the sink on his hands, looking at his face in the mirror and mouthing the words “holy fuck”. He had no idea what to do. If he didn’t get rid of his erection, Josh would know. But if he stayed in the bathroom too long after he was obviously done showering, Josh would know. 

Tyler turned on the water and got ready to brush his teeth. He thought of everything in the book to get rid of his hard on, but nothing seemed to work, the image refusing to leave his mind. After brushing his teeth, he sighed and unwrapped the towel from his hips and leaned against the sink, wrapping his hand around his cock and giving an experimental tug. He bit his lip to keep from moaning and swiped at the pre-cum at his tip, sighing as he twisted and pulled the only way he knew how. He reached down with his other hand to gently tug on his balls. It felt right, touching himself like this while his friend was just on the other side of the door doing the same thing minutes before. He wondered if Josh was taking this time alone to finish what he was doing, or if he was too embarrassed. That’s where the guilt came in, because he really didn’t want him to feel bad about it. 

“Um…Tyler? Are you okay in there?” Josh asked after a moment. His voice was deep and clear, it was obvious he was right up to the door. Tyler’s breath hitched, and he slowed down, trying to stabilize his breathing so he’d sound normal. 

“Y..eah, just a minute!” Tyler managed, cringing at the obvious arousal and nervousness dripping from his voice. He considered taking his hand off his cock, stopping altogether out of shame, but it just felt so damn good. And he was so close. Josh’s voice on the other end wasn’t helping, in fact, it was adding an element of taboo and excitement. His mouth dropped open and head fell helplessly back as his hand carried out the motions on his slick cock. 

On the other side, Josh was grinning wide. He knew exactly what was going on. He could feel Tyler’s presence before he met his gaze, but dragged it on just a little bit longer to put on a show. When Tyler was in the shower, Josh couldn’t keep his mind off his friend just feet away. All tan and naked with water cascading down his tight little frame. He’s seen him naked before, and that image is how his hand ended up in his underwear, and how they ended up around his knees. His little experiment worked, and he knew what Tyler was feeling now. 

“Can I help?” Josh simply asked. Tyler shivered at his suggestive tone. 

“Wh…what?” Tyler asked, still in denial at what was happening. 

“C’mon Ty, let me in. It’s okay, we’re friends.” Josh said, his voice soothing. That was his best friend outside the door, how was he not to trust him. 

“Ok.” Was all Tyler said in a small, unsure voice before unlocking and opening the door to Josh, who immediately stepped in and wrapped Tyler in his arms. Tyler’s eyes widened at the physical contact as he was still stark naked and hard. In fact, there was no way Josh couldn’t feel the way Tyler’s cock was obscenely pressed into his hip, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. Tyler blushed as Josh finally pulled away to face him and look down. All he felt was love and acceptance. 

“Is it ok if I….” Josh began to ask, looking back up at Tyler’s face in hopes he’d understand without having to finish the sentence. Tyler nodded, staring into his eyes and feeling an overwhelming urgency mixed with a little fear, his heart pounded faster.  

“Please.” Tyler whispered, nodding before realizing it. All fear and uncertainty melted away as his cock was enveloped in the strong, warm embrace of Josh’s hand. Josh looked to Tyler’s face for approval before continuing to expertly work him the way he just was on himself earlier. Tyler nodded, muttering “yes yes, more Josh, please.” In the heat of passion, Josh attacked his neck, kissing him like he’s wanted to for so long. Delicious moans and exhales fell from Tyler’s lips in a steady stream as Josh drank him in, licking and sucking at his warm skin. Tyler leaned his head back, allowing him easier access. He pulled back up, staring at Josh’s lips with lust as Josh met him in what he’d describe as years of pent up affection. All awkward tongues fighting for dominance, eventually subsiding into the most elegant dance that was trance-inducing. Josh’s hand slowed down considerably by the distraction, until Tyler started rutting in search of friction. 

“Fuck me.” Tyler breathed absentmindedly, primal urges taking over. Josh looked at him in a mix of confusion and shock. Tyler wasn’t one to cuss, but now he was saying to fuck him? He was seeing a side to Tyler that he never knew existed, and it was so hot. 

“Turn around.” Josh growled. Tyler whimpered at the order and obeyed naturally, turning towards the sink and baring his ass to Josh, who immediately took to cupping it like he always wanted to. He took a moment to just play with him, squeezing, lightly smacking and spreading his cheeks. Tyler groaned at the new stimulation he was receiving, wanting to shrink away and receive more at the same time. It was a new, confusing feeling for him, being this exposed and vulnerable. He felt submissive, leaning forward further towards the mirror in a metaphorical attempt to say “take me”. He could see Josh behind him in the mirror, shirtless and looking really turned on with his bottom lip between his teeth.  

Josh got on his knees and kissed each cheek, causing Tyler to giggle because it tickled kind of. Josh smirked when his giggling turned to moaning as he opened him up and licked into his hole for the first time. Josh was the one to laugh this time, kneading Tyler’s cheeks and tongue-fucking him until his legs were trembling and he was being held up by him. Josh inserted a pointer finger once he was sure Tyler was slick and ready. Tyler jolted, as it was a little less forgiving than Josh’s tongue, but he eventually relaxed enough for Josh to add one, even two more. Tyler was putty in his hands, a squirming and moaning mess as Josh thrusted, twisted, and wriggled his fingers inside Tyler. 

“So gorgeous. Knew you were a bottom, baby boy.” Josh muttered. Tyler moaned in response, blushing and easily slipping into his role. Josh had him so whipped. 

“Yes daddy, just for you. Fuck me, please.” Tyler begged, shocking himself. Josh held onto Tyler’s hip, kissing up Tyler’s spine as he slowly stood up. Tyler fucked himself back on the three fingers, gasping when Josh pulled out to wrap his arms around Tyler’s small body. He grinned at Tyler’s reflection in the mirror, kissing up his neck. 

“Hm. Since you asked nicely.” Josh faked nonchalance, pulling his briefs off and leaning over Tyler’s back while guiding his cock to his hole. Tyler felt himself being pushed forward by the stronger man’s body as Josh began to sink into his entrance. It burned, but once Josh was fully inside him with both hands braced on the sink, he was given a moment to adjust. Josh rested inside him like that, leaning further down to lick and bite at the skin he could reach on his back. 

“Touch yourself.” Josh spoke, as if reading his mind. Josh waited until he seen Tyler wrap a hand around himself and began moving it up and down before pulling his hips back. He pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in, hissing at how unbelievably warm and tight he was. Tyler cried out in response, never feeling this full as he’s only ever used his fingers. Josh continued thrusting, starting out slow and deep then working up to a faster rhythm.

Tyler closed his eyes, holding himself up the best he could as Josh literally pounded his ass, hips slapping against skin. Nothing but moans filled the bathroom as he focused on the feeling, Josh’s cock hitting all the right spots inside him. He opened his eyes for a split second and caught a glimpse of Josh’s face in the mirror, all focused and looking down, licking his lips and making the most ungodly sex faces. 

“Ohh my god Josh I’m gonna cum.” Tyler warned, speeding up his hand on his cock. Josh continued grinding into his ass more deliberately and grabbed Tyler’s hips, pulling them back to meet him. 

“Spill for me, Ty, I wanna see. I’m so close.” Josh cooed, squeezing his hips encouragingly. He was breathless, switching between studying Tyler’s face in the mirror and his body as he shook and slowly fell apart. When his moans got louder, Josh sped up his thrusts to try and match his orgasm. His eyes rolled back as he tried to hold it in, almost failing. 

As soon as Tyler let out a convincing moan and tightened around him, Josh immediately let go with a grunt. 

“Oh…fuck…” He cursed, digging fingers into Tyler’s hips with the intensity of the orgasm coursing through him making his knees go weak. Tyler shuddered as he felt Josh cum inside him right as he was finishing, extra sensitive and sore. He squeezed the rest of his cum out, letting it drip into a pool on the floor. 

Josh smoothed his hand down Tyler’s chest and stomach before pulling out, causing him to whimper. Josh’s cum seeped out with it, adding more to the mess. 

“Jeez man, we should probably take another shower and clean this up.” Josh suggested.  

“Yeah.” Tyler laughed awkwardly, touching his hip and remembering why it felt bruised. He tried not to notice how hot Josh looked post-coitus, with his chest all flushed and sweaty hair sticking to his forehead. Josh noticed Tyler was just as sexy, with glazed eyes and a satisfied smile playing on his lips. The way they both looked after fucking wasn’t too different after playing a show together. 

“Maybe we should do that again.” Josh suggested again, trying to not sound desperate, but Tyler seemed completely approving of the idea. He wrapped his arms around Josh’s neck in a hug and Josh held him for a moment, pulling back only to place a firm kiss on his lips. 


i’ll just stop it there. thanks for descending into sin with me

we’re all going to hell

dating Joe Sugg would include

Anon:  I loved your “dating Jack Maynard would include” could you please do one of joe?

A/N: I know you requested it quite a while ago, but I didn’t really know what to do then. Hope you like it anyway. Lmk what you think yeah :)

·       He’d wake up early and get shit done but still come back in a few hours to snuggle with you and get you up

·       He’d wake you up with breakfast as often as he can

·       “I can do this (Y/N)! I can, just you wait and see” followed by him messing it up, and you having to help him

·       Funny snapchats when he’s at a meeting

·       Zoe sending you snapchats from his phone

·       He’d get lowkey jealous when Caspar snapchats you

·       Getting caught in the middle of their prank wars

·       Waking up next to him vlogging

·       “Sorry love, did I wake you?” followed by kisses all over

·       Dance off battles at 2am

·       Joe would blush and get really shy every time you compliment him

·       Joe running after animals in the park, and you running after him

·       Constantly interrupting Joe in the middle of his vlogs “Really (Y/N)?”

·       He would be such a tease oh god let’s think about this for a second !!


·       “(Y/N)! Watch me!”

·       He’ll always try to show off to you

·       Lowkey jealous of and Jack and Caspar

·       He would get cold super easily but would gladly sacrifice his jacket for you any day

·       Fighting with Caspar over who’s turn it is to hang out with Joe

·       Spending a lot of time with Caspar because you can’t figure it out and Joe leaves you both alone

·       Lot of spooning

·       He’ll only hug you when you’re alone

·       He’d get really shy and awkward if you show him affection in front of anyone else

A/N: I know this isn’t the best, but I’ve been absolutely shit at posting lately. This is me saying I’m really sorry, and even though I just haven’t been inspired as of late, I will definitely get around to it when I can. Thanks for sticking around, I love you guys so much, really!!

[…] Josh isn’t sure why he continues to stick around; maybe it’s because Tyler gives him an adrenaline rush he didn’t know he needed, the feeling almost akin to lightning running through his veins, but even so, when Tyler’s lips move and his tongue runs along his lower lip, he knows that he’s going to be entranced for far longer than he’d like to be by the boy he’s so helplessly clutching onto. - L U R K

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sure josh tops. but blurry would absolutely wreck josh

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“are you sure, josh? i’m not sure what will happen once i let him out. i don’t want him to hurt you” tyler warns, brows furrowed and eyes pleading.

“haha, that’s funny tyler. you can’t hurt me, i have way more muscle.” josh responded with a cocky smirk. he leaned in and pecked tyler softly on his lips, hands resting on his waist, and tyler sighed.

“you’re stronger than me, but this is my demon, josh. you or i don’t know what he’s capable of.” tyler said, sounding more worried. 

“come on, ty. i’m really curious.” josh begged. he’s been at it all week. tyler didn’t understand why, but he has had enough. josh said it was something about wanting to know all sides of tyler and if he could handle it.  

“okay. but don’t say i didn’t warn you.” tyler conceded. 

famous last words. tyler closed his eyes, and the room went eerily quiet, so much so that josh heard a ringing sound in his ears. he didn’t move, just watched tyler with concern. within 10 minutes, a gust of wind blew in moving the curtains. the windows weren’t open a second ago. josh took a step back, biting his bottom lip in anxiousness and feeling a sense of doom. tyler was still standing in front of him with his eyes closed, looking peaceful and angelic, despite everything going on around them. pictures on the walls shook, windows opened and shut repeatedly, and furniture shifted violently against the floors. tyler’s mouth fell open and he let out an inhumane sound, twitching for a moment before tilting his head up from its previously slumped position. his eyes opened, and what josh saw nearly made him piss himself. 

it was not tyler’s eyes he was looking into anymore. blurry was staring blankly at him for a few long seconds, red eyes burrowing into josh’s soul and unnerving him. josh was frozen. suddenly, tyler’s lips twitched into a smirk, then spread into the widest grin baring what josh swore were sharper, more crooked teeth. 

“hello, josh…” blurry spoke in a disturbingly deep, distorted tone. it sounded like multiple voices from hell were speaking at once, and josh backed himself against the bed, knees buckling and causing him to clumsily fall onto the mattress, bouncing slightly. ‘freaked out’ was an understatement. 

“holy shit” josh choked, causing blurry to let out a deep chuckle. 

“your fear turns me on” blurry said, tongue sliding out and dragging slowly across his upper lip. tyler’s tongue looked noticeably longer too, causing josh’s cock to swell without his consent. tyler did say one of his greatest sins was lust.

“um…t-tyler?” josh stuttered, sounding like a nervous child. blurry laughed once again, but louder. 

“tyler’s not here. i’m blurryface, is that a problem?” blurry asked rhetorically. josh sat there staring at him with a confused expression and swallowed dryly. he was starting to perspire, adrenaline racing in his veins, and blurry could smell that josh was thinking about running. blurry’s dick pulsed with every pulse of josh’s heart. josh shivered, partly at the way blurry’s glowing red eyes stared him up and down, and partly because of the cold breeze blowing through the curtains. 

suddenly the breeze stopped, and josh heard the door lock on its own. he went to roll off the bed and run, but blurry was on top of him. he yelped out of shock, pushing against blurry’s chest, but he was no doubt stronger. tyler’s demon gave him an inhuman strength and aggression. 

“please…please don’t hurt me, blurry, i’ll do anything.” josh whimpered, but blurry was just straddling josh’s hips with his face buried in josh’s neck, hot breath tickling josh’s sensitive skin and sending chills of arousal throughout his body. blurry chuckled again and licked the soft, tender skin he was just running his lips over. his hands were all over josh’s body, running up his shirt and pulling it off. his hands were icy cold on josh’s hot skin, but surprisingly gentle. 

“you love tyler?” blurry asked, confusing josh slightly. he felt a twinge of guilt. it felt like tyler because it was his body, but it wasn’t really him. at least not the tyler he knew. 

“yes, i love him, please don’t hurt him” josh pleaded, twisting away from blurry’s fingers which were teasing his nipples and making them harder. josh let out a moan and blurry smiled. 

“shh, it’s okay. i won’t hurt him and i won’t hurt you” blurry said, pinching harder and making him pant and scream. 

“okay maybe a little, but not bad” blurry added with another sinister smile and a love bite to his neck. blurry kissed a salty tear away at the corner of josh’s eye. he was still scared, helpless, confused, yet his body was undeniably aroused. blurry moved down his body and settled in between his thighs, leaning to press wet kisses across josh’s lower abdomen and hips. josh didn’t dare move or stop him. blurry knew this was a sensitive spot for josh because it was so close to where his hard-on strained inside his jeans. josh moaned long and deep, pushing his hips up toward’s blurry’s face and smoothing his hands over his chest. he was desperate and needy, just the way blurry wanted him. 

“you want me to suck you?” blurry asked, nimble fingers beginning to unbutton josh’s jeans. josh was conflicted, but was already nodding his head before he could think. blurry dragged his zipper down, then pressed another kiss through the thinner layer of his underwear. josh was biting his lip, suppressing whines from how unbelievably hot he was. he did not expect blurry to seduce him like this. josh was in his own world, head swimming in anticipation of the insurmountable pleasure blurry was basically promising him. blurry hooked his fingers into the two layers and pulled them down, allowing josh’s hard cock the freedom to thud against his abs, leaving a little pool of pre-cum below his belly button. once blurry dropped them on the floor, he immediately got to work running his hands up josh’s heated thighs and spreading them. josh breathed deeply, trying not to tell blurry to move faster. the last thing he wanted was to piss off blurry, because he obviously had the power to destroy him if he wanted. he didn’t want to test that. 

“i’ll suck you, but i want you to do something for me first. and for tyler. open yourself up for me, josh.” blurry said. for tyler, too? but tyler was the bottom. had he secretly been wanting to top josh?

“w-what?” josh said, shaking his head slightly and furrowing his brows. he thought maybe he misunderstood. 

“you can either make this hard or easy. from the looks of the state you’re in, i’d suggest you take the easy route. i’ll let you use lube, but i want you to open up your sweet, tight hole for us, joshie.” blurry spelled out. tyler was never this verbal, always too shy to say exactly what he wanted. josh was usually the one to call the shots and to pull tyler’s kinks from him. josh nodded, shaking like a leaf from nervousness. tyler had never asked him to bottom, and josh had always been the top, it’s just what he was used to. 

blurry hopped off the bed to fetch the lube from one of tyler’s bags. josh was no longer surprised that blurry knew where it was, since he seemed to follow tyler everywhere and know the inside of his mind, including his memories and deepest desires. 

“give me your hand.” blurry demanded. when josh obeyed, blurry pumped a few too many squirts of lube onto josh’s fingers and then waited expectantly with a stern look. josh felt a bit shy as he’d never had to do this in front of someone, and it was rare that he fingered himself. unwilling to piss blurry off, he brought his hand between his thighs and found his hole with his fingers, experimentally circling and pressing into it. blurry’s eyes lingered on josh’s fingers, and the way josh breathed little short quick breaths with his eyes closed and head tilted back. it felt better than what josh had anticipated and his toes curled as he worked himself open. 

“look me in the eyes while you finger yourself” another surprising demand coming from tyler’s mouth. josh opened his eyes and held eye contact with tyler’s demon, mouth falling open as he pushed his fingers in deeper and moaned. it felt undeniably slutty and hot. 

“deeper, josh. add another one and find your prostate.” blurry added darkly. josh pushed three fingers in as deep as he could, curling his fingers and gasping when he found his prostate. more pre-cum oozed from his dick landing in the pool of it on his lower stomach, but he didn’t dare touch himself until blurry said. blurry groaned, pressing his hand to his own erection as he watched the show josh was putting on.

“you can touch your dick, use your pre-cum” blurry gave permission. josh moaned at that, excitedly scooping up the pre-cum from his stomach and spreading it down his shaft. blurry leaned down, sucking one of josh’s balls into his mouth, then the other. he licked around josh’s fingers where they were inside himself, slipping his long pink tongue in along side them. josh was whimpering and panting, desperate for that little bit extra. blurry sensed this and attacked the head of josh’s cock with his lips and tongue. josh cried out loudly as blurry took josh’s hands away from himself in favor of fingering and sucking josh roughly. 

“you taste so good” blurry praised, making josh squirm and make the most ungodly sex noises. josh was already so close, hips bucking up into the hot wetness of tyler’s mouth as his slick fingers slid in and out of his hole. 

“oh fuck..i’m gonna cum tyler” josh babbled incoherently from blurry’s fingers and mouth working him relentlessly closer. blurry was tempted to cut him off, but it was too good seeing him like this. blurry moaned affirmatively around josh’s cock, and josh’s balls tightened up, sending spasms throughout the muscles of his lower regions. josh’s vision blurred as mind-numbing pleasure coursed it’s way through his body, causing him to involuntarily grip blurry’s hair and yell obscenities. blurry swallowed almost all of josh’s cum, only a little sliding past his lips and back down josh’s sloppy, spent cock. when blurry pulled off, josh was stunned by how beautiful his face was, lips all puffy and red to match his eyes. his hair was also messed up from where josh ran his fingers through it. 

“my turn.” blurry simply said, and josh’s heart dropped to his stomach. blurry shoved josh’s legs back to where his ankles were behind his ears and forced his cock inside him deep. josh whined from the oversensitivity of being fucked after just cumming. but he was grateful that he was prepared and even got to cum in the first place, which is pretty generous coming from tyler’s demon. of course blurry wasn’t exactly sensitive to josh’s needs while fucking him, driving in and out at a ruthless pace, but he didn’t dare complain. only whimper and sob quietly, which only turned blurry on more and make him go faster. the mattress squeaked and bounced as josh was rhythmically pounded into it, and blurry let out the most animalistic grunts and growls that slightly terrified him. 

“such a good bottom, ty’s loving this so much” blurry whispered gruffly into josh’s ear. josh wasn’t sure whether he was telling the truth, but the thought made him hot and flush all down his neck and chest. blurry could read josh’s thoughts and grinned, knowing he could get him off again if he wanted to. besides lust, blurry also ran off the sin greed. blurry stopped fucking and pulled out, causing josh to whine from the loss. he was surprised at himself for actually wanting it to continue, but that’s the best he’d been fucked ever. this is not what he had planned or asked for. 

“turn over” blurry ordered, and josh did, rolling onto his stomach. 

“good boy” blurry added, landing a loud smack to josh’s ass to prove his ownership. josh whimpered quietly into the sheets, upset at his cock for getting hard again. giving blurry another chance to ruin him. 

“you’re loving this, aren’t you. your baby boy fucking you so rough like this.” blurry taunted, knowing it’d get a rise out of him. 

“you feel good but…you’re not him” josh said, fighting his body’s desires. 

“oh, but i am him. i’m the side that he’s never shown you, but this is all tyler, baby. don’t ever forget it” blurry said, tracing his fingers down josh’s spine. josh didn’t think he trusted him, he was a demon and could easily be deceiving him. 

with that, blurry mounted josh and entered him again. josh moaned as tyler’s hips slapped repeatedly against his ass every time he bottomed out. the pressure of his leaking cock being pressed into the mattress with tyler’s cock filling him, and the weight of tyler’s warm body on him, forced josh dangerously close to cumming again. he muffled his growls into the mattress as blurry rode him, getting faster as he got closer. 

“are you gonna cum for me again, josh? don’t fight it. let tyler know what a slut you are for his cock.” blurry said. josh was getting more overwhelmed by the second, until it finally bubbled over as more spurts of cum drizzled from his cock. he was not ready and mumbled more incoherent words as an orgasm shook his senses yet again. blurry’s hips stuttered to a halt and he circled them against josh’s ass as he emptied his balls into him. he kissed josh’s shoulder blades before slipping out. josh was spent after cumming twice, and blurry’s resolve was weakened, his sexual force no longer as strong. he rolled off of josh and laid next to him, breaths calming and his eyes slipped shut. after a moment, josh took the opportunity to persuade blurry into letting tyler come back. 

josh tentatively threw an arm over blurry’s chest and cuddled up to him. when blurry stayed docile, josh kissed him on the cheek and then lips. 

“is tyler willing to make an appearance?” josh asked. blurry simply nodded his head, breaths remaining deep and slow. josh kept kissing tyler’s face and whispering how wonderful he was, running his fingers up and down his chest and stomach. eventually, tyler’s eyes opened and they were brown again. he was no longer overtaken blurryface, but he seemed a bit confused. 

“oh god. did i just fuck you as blurryface?” tyler asked, vaguely remembering what happened. 

“yes, tyler. i had no idea you had that in you.” josh said, stroking his lover’s face and kissing him again. 

“i tried to warn you. i didn’t think you wanted to see that side of me, josh, he could get pretty dark” tyler explained, slightly ashamed. josh shook his head and pulled him closer. 

“it’s alright, he was rough but definitely didn’t hurt me. you’re still my little angel.” josh said, smiling. tyler blushed and looked down coyly. 

Grammys: Josh Dun imagine

Y/N: Sorry this one’s kinda short, I just did a little drabble (but it’s longer than a series chapter) let me know if you want a part two maybe and I’ll whip something up ok love you guys!!! And btw some of these requests I’ve been getting lately are super amazing I love em I love you xoxo

Anonymous said:
Hi! Can I request a josh dun x reader where they’re at the Grammys and Josh goes with her and he is very happy to show her girlfriend to the world? Please 😁

*female reader

Staring at yourself in the mirror, you examined your dress, your makeup, your hair, everything about you. You had to look perfect. There would be millions of people watching you, eyes fixed on you, giving you the title of the girlfriend belonging to the one and only Joshua William Dun of Twenty One Pilots. And completely honest, you were not ready at all. Josh was handsome and hot and talented and famous and you were, well, you. Your smile faded away as you looked at yourself in the mirror, trying to take a deep breath and search for that lost self-confidence, closing your eyes and beginning to tell yourself you looked just fine when you felt two arms wrap around you, pressing a soft kiss to the back of your neck before resting on your shoulder and whispering in your ear. “You look absolutely gorgeous, y/n,” Josh murmured quietly before placing a quick kiss on your cheek. “Damn I don’t think I’m going to let you leave the house looking like that.”

“Whatever,” you giggled, turning around and looking up at him, both of you sharing a rather passionate kiss. When you pulled away, you stared into your eyes. “Really? I look okay?”

“Okay?” he raised his eyebrows. “You look absolutely stunning.”

“You sure?” you insisted.

“I swear,” he chuckled. “Gosh, I have to give it to Jenna, you do look really amazing in yellow.” It had been Tyler’s idea for the two of you to wear bright yellow dresses to match Josh’s new hair. While you seemed a little skeptical at first, Jenna insisted, saying it complimented your eyes, and even dragged you out to a shop for the day to go searching for the perfect one for you.

“The dress looks like Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast,” you nodded, twirling around in it once, the fabric flowing around your legs and Josh’s smile grew even wider.

“Exactly,” he grinned. “You’re a princess.”

“More like the beast,” you teased.

“Oh shut up,” he rolled his eyes, pulling you into a huge hug. “I’m not lying when I say you look like the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“You’re too kind,” you smirked. “Now come on. Let’s hurry over there and kick butt! I bet you’re going to win more than one!”

“We’re lucky if we win one,” he laughed. “But I agree, we should head over.”

When you were both driving to the venue, you could feel something was off. Josh kept biting his lower lip, knuckles turning white because he was clenching the steering wheel too hard, or constantly darting his eyes around nervously. “You okay, babe?” you raised an eyebrow, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Huh?” he whipped his head around to look at you when he reached a stop light. “I’m okay.”

“You look nervous as hell,” you softened your eyes.

“I am,” he admitted. “I’m scared to death.”

“Don’t worry,” you soothed. “You look amazing, your music sounds amazing, and you guys are amazing. I know you’ll win.”

“Yeah, but everyone will be staring at me,” he mumbled. “A million eyes all watching me if I go up on that stage. Even if I don’t. I have this bright yellow hair and these gages and-”

“And they’re all tiny reasons that add up to why I love you,” you reminded.

“I feel like I’m going to look like a fool,” Josh whispered. “I mean, I already do in this tuxedo and bowtie.”

“Don’t say that,” you argued. “You look like Prince Charming. Perfect for a princess like me, right?”

“Right,” he smiled. “I just don’t want to mess up.”

“Sometimes I wish I could just punch your anxiety in the face,” you frowned.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “Me too.”

“Look sweetie, you’re going to do absolutely amazing,” you reassured. “And besides, I’ll be right there beside you. Got it?”

“Definitely,” he nodded, turning into a parking spot. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. Gosh, I can’t even believe we got this far.”

“I’m so proud of you guys,” you beamed.

“We’re just two guys from Columbus, Ohio. We were literally just playing in front of handfuls of people in a basement and now we’re selling out Madison Square Garden, being televised nationally, and now we have a chance at winning a Grammy. That’s absolutely insane,” he sighed, parking the car and staring at you. “I don’t even know how it happened.”

“I’m so happy for you,” you kissed him on the lips. “Ready to add another accomplishment to that long list?”

“You bet,” he agreed.

When you arrived, there was already plenty of people there. Luckily, you hadn’t spotted anyone else wearing such a bold shade of yellow, and it made you excited and happy. It wasn’t long before a teenage boy was running up to Josh, huge smile plastered on his face. “Hey, uh, I was wondering if maybe I could get an autograph, please?” he wondered, grinning up at Josh. “I’ve been listening to your music for years. I’m a huge fan.”

“Absolutely,” Josh nodded, receiving the marker and piece of paper he handed him.

“So who’s this lucky lady?” the boy asked.

“Oh, y/n?” Josh laughed, tugging you right at his side and wrapping an arm around your waist. “This is my lovely girlfriend.”

“Sweet,” the boy grinned. “She’s very pretty.”

“Isn’t she?” Josh beamed. “You know, before we came here she was being all flustered acting like she didn’t look good in this dress. Can you believe that?”

“Josh,” you turned red, stifling a chuckle.

“You guys are the perfect couple,” the boy laughed. “Thanks so much for the autograph, Josh.”

“No problem,” he reassured. He ran away happily and you slapped Josh on the arm.

“Why’d you say that?” you joked.

“What? Say that you’re beautiful?” he raised an eyebrow. “Because you are.”

“Flirt,” you smirked. “Come on, let’s go look for Jenna and Tyler.”

“Wait! Joshua Dun!” an interviewer raced up to the two of you, microphone in hand, a camera crew following close behind. “My name is Stacey. I’m a reporter here tonight, I was wondering if you would be open to sharing about the lovely lady you brought with you tonight possibly? She isn’t a familiar face, but she definitely will be remembered after tonight. That’s a lovely dress dear.”

“Thanks,” you blushed.

“This is y/n, she’s my girlfriend,” Josh presented you and thrust out his hands, waving them up and down as if he was selling a product or showing a prize on a gameshow. “She’s the only award I need tonight.”

“How sweet,” Stacey gushed. She shook Josh and your hand and then grinned back at the camera. “Look at these two love birds.”

“Love birds indeed,” he chuckled, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “But I think it’s time for us to fly away now.”

“Oh yes, you two run along. I think Tyler and Jenna are over by the red carpet,” she informed. “Good luck tonight!”

“Thanks so much,” Josh responded, linking his arm with yours and plastering on a smile. “Come on my little chickadee, we’ve got a lot more stuff to do before we win that Grammy.”

“Chickadee?” you giggled. “You’re awfully cheerful now.”

“I’ve got good vibes,” he shrugged. “Oh look! There’s Tyler and Jenna!”

“Where?” your eyes instantly darted around in search of the matching bright yellow, and when you saw her, your face lit up. “Goddammit she looks like a Queen.”

“You look better,” he whispered in your ear with a sly smile as you approached them both. You were about to protest but Josh was already unlinking his arm from yours, engulfing Tyler in a huge hug, and Jenna approached you with a huge grin.

“Oh my goodness gracious, y/n!” Jenna exclaimed. “You look like you just stepped out of a fairy tale, sweetheart.”

“Me?” you laughed. “Look at you!”

“She looks smoking,” you could hear Tyler whisper to Josh. “I could barely breathe when she walked out of the bedroom.”

“I know, same here,” Josh agreed in a low murmur. “She didn’t even notice me staring at her from the doorway. Dude, I was floored.”

“I don’t know but I think we should start doing more of these Grammy things if they’re going to look as hot as this,” Tyler teased.

“Hey!” Jenna snapped, giving him a playful tug on the ear. “You boys should work on your whispering skills. We can hear everything.”

“Then that just means you’ll know how much we think you look so freaking sexy tonight,” Tyler smirked, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her closer. “Right, babe?”

“Sure,” she rolled her eyes, planting her lips on his for a kiss. A couple flashes went off and Josh chuckled.

“Come on guys,” he laughed. “Let’s keep the PDA to a minimum.”

“Shut up,” Tyler narrowed his eyes when he pulled away from the kiss, squeezing Jenna’s hand before letting go. “I bet you guys are going to be all over each other by the time we sit down.”

“It’s the Grammys,” Josh argued. “We have to be well behaved.”

“Well behaved,” Tyler scoffed. “Like that’s something we know how to do.”

“You’re being so silly,” Jenna sighed.

“Just wait until we take our pants off,” Tyler winked. “Then it will get real.”

“What?” you and Jenna both exclaimed at the same time.

“Nothing,” Tyler reassured. “Just a joke.”

“It better be,” Jenna warned.

“Sure…” Josh smirked, leaving both of you curious of what the hell that meant.