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Favorite Introductions of Characters | Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson)

His name is Peter Bishop. He’s a high school dropout. IQ of 190, just 50 points north of genius. Misfit. Nomad. Hasn’t kept a job longer than two months. He’s been a wildland fireman, cargo pilot, and briefly a college chemistry professor, he falsified a degree from MIT. He even managed to get a few papers published before he was found out. He sounds like a massive pain in the ass.” - Olivia Dunham (Fringe 1x01)

When TLC found out about Josh Duggar - a child who was never educated in sex and puberty due to religion - lifting up the shirt of two of his sisters as they slept and being sent away to reform school for 9+ months, over two decades ago, the entire family’s television show 19 Kids & Counting got pulled from air despite Jill and Jessa - the two sisters in question - defending their brother’s actions after all this time.

Lena Dunham wrote a book openly glamorising how up until the convenient age of 17, she routinely “opened” her infant sister’s vagina, forced her to perform sexual acts on her in exchange for watching her favourite television show, and bribed her with sweets and candy to make out with her and watch her masturbate, but is still to this day on a PSA advert for victims of sexual abuse. Let’s talk about double standards.

The real reason I need feminism is because this is the problem with our society:  

Josh Duggar (who is from an extremely conservative Christian family) is exposed to have molested girls at the age of 14. He is publicly humiliated (as he should be), the family is criticized for going behind the law in disciplining their child and not coming clean about the ordeal, and the show is pulled. Great. Things are going great. People are uniting in a just cause against injustice. 

Lena Dunham (who happens to not believe in any religion at all and is quite liberal) confesses to molesting her sister in a CURRENTLY marketed and published book, is known (along with her book) as a feminist and activist icon, is praised and supported especially by women everywhere, and currently is basking in the highs of her “career”.



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PSA: No Feminist In Their Right Mind Would Support Lena Dunham

Lena shouldn’t get away with this because she’s a female and a “feminist icon”. She’s a child molester.

I love Taylor Swift ( @taylorswift ), but she better realise who she’s supporting.

Please stop associating feminists with her. We do not support these kinds of actions. #Drag Dunham


I can picture mama Meryl Streep’s reaction on Jennifer Lawrence’s Essay Slamming Gender Wage Gap!

And the response to little whiners online : “DEAL WITH IT”


Josh duggar molests 5 girls and is told that it was just a teenage mistake

lena dunham can molest her sister, brag about it in a book and describe herself as a sexual predator, yet it is told that her was child like curiosity.

do you guys not see how messed up that is?

The only thing I’m going to say about this Duggar family controversy is this: the people who are (rightfully) grossed out and angered about Josh Duggar’s actions better have felt the same way about Lena Dunham (whose sexual abuse of her sister continued until she was 17, unlike Josh.) Furthermore, Josh Duggar came forward and admitted to his actions. Lena Dunham threw a fit about “those darn republicans” when she got called out on her own book.

If you’re going to defend Lena Dunham, don’t talk to me about how terrible the Duggar family is. CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE IS NOT EXCUSABLE FOR ANY REASON.

P.S. - Lena still has her show… But that’s none of my business.