Interviewer: So how did you guys meet?

Josh: I was working at an alligator farm. I was just something that I uh, was interested in since I was a kid, so I just cleaned up after the alligators, I wasn’t really allowed near them or anything- they didn’t trust me- but um, he came in with his family once, they were on vacation, and this was like, we were kids, and uh, he tripped and fell and it was kind of near one of the cages, like severe danger. But actually one of the alligators was out that day, it was just out and kind of like roaming ‘cause it had just been fed, and so it starts to approach Tyler and as I went to go try and save him I fell in and then he got up and he saved me. And at that point we were just like hey, what’s your digit and your information so we can keep in touch because that was a very bonding moment.

Tyler: The alligator was named pilots. And we were like there seems to be a lot of them in here, about twenty one.