josh deaton


This is ridiculous! Why does everything have to turn into a “ship” war? This episode of “Teen Wolf” was about friends and enemies banding together to SAVE others. Scott/Liam/Parrish/Meredith worked together to locate Lydia’s whereabouts, Theo/Stiles worked together to locate Lydia in the tunnels, Malia/Josh worked together to save a dying Kira and Corey, Hayden/Mason worked together to restore power and reverse Eichen House’s lockdown, Lydia’s mom was the one that temporarily wounded Tracey, so that everyone could escape, PARRISH was the one that shielded Lydia’s scream, so that she wouldn’t kill herself and everyone else, and Deaton was the one that covered the hole in Lydia’s head. This was a huge episode for EVERYONE! However, here is everyone complaining about ships once again. Also, Stiles needed to hear that he saved Lydia to finally clear his heart of all of the guilt that he felt for killing Donovan. Like his father said, “maybe you need to save a life.” Ugh, and instead of discussing this we are pissed or either rejoicing. I wish I could find some sensible people in this fandom, because ugh! 💆🏾