josh darr

Archived Fly Session: Other Lives, Schubas Tavern, July 22, 2011

     An isolated astronaut shuttles himself through space and into a foreign unsettled land. The accompanying music creates a backdrop reminiscent of a mix between an epic film and a spaghetti western from the sixties. Tabish’s eerie howl and words mold this sense of a personal journey and constant search for a bigger meaning. Incidentally when Other Lives came through Chicago last it was in a very similar fashion as presented in their most recent video for “Tamer Animals”. The Oklahoman quintet had been on the road nonstop and were nearing a mini break before resuming their global trek seemingly lasting through the year and into the next. They arrived during this brief calm before a torrential storm that also rolled through town that same evening ultimately flooding the venue’s basement,green room and nearly prohibiting the band to continue on their travels. As the sky fell outside, the band took refuge inside resting up, having their hair styled and of course transporting the crowd through a wistful aural nirvana.