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url giveaway 🌻

i have a  t o n  of urls that i don’t wanna use anymore! find one that piques ur interest!!

  • lesteroses
  • takeitslcw
  • lightsomelester
  • djhowellll
  • ohmissbellver
  • wowtoospoopydaniel
  • twnetyonepilates
  • dodead-clark
  • doddleclarkle
  • hurtwhilstyoucan
  • illstillbeaskingwhen
  • hello-intemet (iconic)
  • ukesnotnuke-s

if you want one of these, feel free to send an ask! (no anons preferably!! just so i can send the blog to u w/o the whole 24/hr thing ^-^)


Kol angsting over Davina’s picture

I have kind of a pudgy smile, but so does Dan Howell so its okay.

I have a hunch when I walk but so does Tyler Joseph so its okay.

I avoid eye contact when I talk but so does Josh Dun so its okay.

I’ve got really long fingers but so does Phil Lester so its okay.

I’ve got a little bit of pudge on my waist but so does Dan so its okay.

I’m not perfect, but neither are the people I look up to, and that makes me feel so much better.


I haven’t been on tumblr in a while, and I deleted my old acc bc I got bored with it, so

reblog if you like




-shane dawson

-dan and phil

-dodie clarke

- twenty one pilots

-fall out boy

-my chemical romance


-panic! at the disco

-the brobecks

-the young veins 

-frank iero andthe patience 


-jon bellion

-all time low

-lana del rey


-melanie martinez


-arctic monkeys

-green day

-mindless self indulgence


-cage the elephant

-neon trees

-vinyl theatre


I’m not looking for follows, I just want more blogs to follow, but if you want to follow me, I’d love to make new friends!