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I do not know why people say that Josh Dallas is a bad actor. He can not be better than Ginny, Lana, Colin, Bobby and JMO. But he has given sufficient evidence that he is a good actor playing James, the fear of Charming, Evil Charming and we can see the differences between Charming and David Nolan. Just because he plays the good guy does not mean he is bad actor.

Personally, I think he is one of the best actors on the show and holds own easily with Ginny or Lana or the others, but that is just me.

I think he has gotten pretty popular in the show–if there are people that are saying he is not a good actor that is, in the end, their opinion.

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I've always said that Josh is the most underrated actor on the show. I think he has gotten a lot more popularity over the years but people still hate on him which is their opinion and not mine at all. In my opinion him Ginny and Jennifer are the best actors on the show. That's why for me this family is the best part of this show. They all bring something so special to their characters. Josh is a very subtle actor and I love that. What I mean by that is that he knows how to make every moment pop.


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People who think that Josh Dallas is a bad actor are crazy. He has always been a favorite and has been able to capture scenes with the way he presents himself. In my opinion, he's in the top 5 of best on the show. He does subtle things as an actor that you catch sometimes and realize how much thought went into one line/movement. Like the way he always hugs Emma but holding her head as if she is still a baby, he though about that. And I love it.

^^^^ Agreed.