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some cute things i noticed about the pittsburgh penguins

so as many of you know, i went to the pit v njd game on april 6th, and it was my first hockey game so i legit wrote down the things i noticed them doing that i thought were cute.

under a read more because i have way too many feelings.

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arthurian music

A list of arthurian music! Please add anything that I might have forgotten!

The Arthurian albums list

Age of Avalon (Arthurian Shield)
Arthur the King (Maddy Prior)
Avalon - A Celtic Legend (Enaid)
The Book of Taliesin (Deep Purple)
Camelot in Smithereens (Deliverance)
Celtic Heart: The Story of Tristan and Iseult (Simon Cooper)
Dreams of Avalon (Mike Simmons)
Excalibur (Grave Digger)
The Final Experiment (Ayreon)
Galahad’s Suite (Anton Johansson)
Graal (Catherine Lara)
The Green Knight (Heather Dale)
High Noon Over Camelot (The Mechanisms)
Land of Merlin (Jon Mark)
May the Blood of Many a Valiant Knight Be Avenged (The Soil Bleeds Black)
May Queen (Heather Dale)
The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Rick Wakeman)
The Trial of Lancelot (Heather Dale)
The Once and Future King I (Gary Hughes, and different artists for each character)
The Once and Future King II (Gary Hughes and different artists)
Queen of Camelot (Karliene)
Queens of Camelot (Heather Dale & S. J. Tucker)

The Arthurian Songs list

All King’s Horses (Blind Guardian)
Am Bròn Binn (Dòchas)
Arthur (The Kinks)
Avalon (Professor Green)
Avalon (Blackmore’s Night)
Bright Eyes (Blind Guardian) suggested by anon
Excalibur (Blaspheme)
Fata Morgana (Fates Warning)
Galahad (Josh Ritter)
Guinevere (Crosby, Stills, and Nash)
Grails Mysteries (Amorphis)
Haunted Shores (Cradle of Filth)
If I Die Young (The Band Perry)
King Arthur’s servants (The Waterson)
Knights of the Round Table (Commander)
The Lady of Shalott (Loreena McKennit)
The Maiden and the Ministrel Knight (Blind Guardian) suggested by anon
Merlin (Kayak)
Merlin am I (Dahm the Bard) suggested by @effulgentpoet
Mordred’s Song (Blind Guardian)
Morgan le Fay (Heate) suggested by @queen-le-fay
Morte d'Arthur (Miriam Stockley)
A Past and Future Secret (Blind Guardian)
Pour l’amour de la Reine (Tri Yann) suggested by @argillia
Return of the King (Bruce Dickinson)
Shadow of Uther (Kamelot)
Shalott (Emilie Autumn)
Shores of Avalon (Tina Malia)
Sir Galahad (Susan Court)
Sweet Sir Galahad (Joan Baez)
Sword in the Stone (Benji Cossa)

(I did not add movies’ sountracks albums or musicals)


This week Amanda falls to injury a la Murray seconds before show time and so we are joined by our other starter the Fabulous Anna Webb. This week we play player word association, we pit Price against Holtby in our new segment Who Deserves Better, we are graced once again by Sidney Crosby awkward hands n pockets picture gold and we present you with our top 5 list for who could do Bettman’s job better than Gary Bettman.  Disclosure: All good ideas for this episode brought to you by queer-pocalypse (on tumblr).

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• I could write about this every week but it’s worth mentioning. The time and effort Crosby puts in to reach out to children — especially those who are dealing with health ailments — is pretty special.

In almost every road city, there is a sick child who wishes to meet hockey’s greatest player. Crosby never, ever fails to accommodate them. I saw it in Montreal following Wednesday’s game. Crosby almost always speaks with reporters following games, but given that he didn’t have much of an impact in this game, he bowed out. So, did he hit the showers early? Did he get an early start to a fun night in Montreal?

Nah. He was talking, at length, with a boy in his wheelchair and the boy’s family. He had already presented them with gifts from the team. Long after the locker room had cleared out, he was still talking with the boy and his family. I see it in every city and it never gets old. The best hockey player in the world is an even better human being. In this age where athletes sometimes act in peculiar ways and have a horrible habit of drawing attention to themselves, Crosby quietly goes about his business of treating people well without demanding any fanfare.

—  Josh Yohe
I think the beauty of Sid is that he is such a normal person, so laid back, so down to earth. He doesn’t carry himself like he’s a star. Other athletes who play on other teams in Pittsburgh can’t have this said about them. But Sid is really something simply because of his personality and the way he treats others. So, does he have an aura? I mean, I guess it sounds like the sexy thing to say yes, but I’ve never felt that way. He’s such of an every day person. He’ll sit in his locker after games and talk to you whether you’re a teammate, someone like me who’s covered him for almost a decade, or if you’re someone he doesn’t even know.

Josh Yohe


Row, Row, Row: Have You Tried Indo-Row?

Sometimes desperation can lead to inspiration. That’s what happened to former world champion rower Josh Crosby, who a few years ago found himself shoveling snow, house-sitting, and cleaning out garages while struggling to make the transition to coaching. “I made no money rowing, so I had to do what I could,” he says. It was after taking his first few Spin classes and seeing how enthusiastically people practiced an outdoor sport inside a studio that Josh realized an audience for indoor rowing existed.

Crosby has since watched his Indo-Row class grow from its 2004 launch at Santa Monica’s Revolution Fitness to being offered at 75 international locations. Designed to “bring the benefits of rowing to the masses,” Crosby’s advocacy of the physical and mental health benefits of rowing has turned this challenging water sport into a low-impact, strength-building class that also promotes teamwork, something often absent in group fitness classes. “If you’re doing a rowing workout at home alone, it can be great for many reasons,” Crosby says. “However, if you can get involved in a group setting such as in an Indo-Row class, the community spirit can be a huge motivational booster. It is almost as it would be in an actual boat training and racing together. Every class ends with a race, and those ‘races’ tend to end with actual cheering.”

The classes aren’t just for adrenaline junkies, though: Featuring a patented WaterFlyWheel, the Indo-Row experience is meant to mimic exactly what it feels like to skim across the water, down to the calming sound of rushing water as your “oars” cut through it. “The Indo-Row machines actually use 17 liters of water to give you the resistance similar to being on a boat,” while still being lightweight and portable, says Josh. Three machines take up the same space as one indoor cycling bike.

Josh’s attempt to coin the term “rower’s high” is only one indication of his love for the sport. Thrown into the boat for the first time at 8 years old by his rowing father and grandfather, he eventually turned to triathlons after winning several world championships with the U.S. National Team. Rowing is literally in his genes: At the age of 93 his grandfather won the Indoor World Championship.  

If classes are not offered in your area, never fear: a home version is available for $895, while the sturdier studio model, with a heavy-duty seat, costs $1,195. 

Have you ever tried IndoRow? Has it helped you in your cross-training?

—Derek Beres, Women’s Health Reporter

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Stiles

Sidney Crosby isn’t having surgery.

Although Crosby has been plagued by wrist pain this summer, the Penguins’ captain will not have a surgical procedure to repair the injury.

According to the Penguins, Crosby will continue to undergo treatment for his injury.

In a statement on Twitter, the team said Crosby sought “additional medical advice” and that it was determined the injury did not require surgery, despite reports in other media outlets that an operation already was planned.

The Tribune-Review reported last week that no decision had been made regarding a possible operation for Crosby. Sources told the Tribune-Review last week that the injury took place during a game in late March, when Crosby’s hand absorbed the brunt of a hit into the boards.

—  Josh Yohe