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One Of The Boys || Jack Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Summary: You meet the boys after a few months of dating Jack and end up getting along like a house on fire. 

Word Count: 971

Dedicated To: One of my absolute favourite buttercream authors @suggxmaynard​ , thank you for inspiring me to start this blog love♡

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Because everyone needs a sugg on their time line! Im honestly so proud of this big goofball! ❤❤❤

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You get hurt//Sidemen

Requested? Nope.

Warnings? Blood? Pain? Idk? You’re hurt and there’s swearing??

Other? Ouch. I also lowkey dont like this, it was really rushed and bad. May redo it another day. :P

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Awesome game for an amazing cause 🙌🏽

Shame some kids ruined it and made everyone upset/angry at the end 🙁🖕🏽

So proud of the guys though 😘❤️

I don't like to share Jack Maynard Imagine.

Requested: Yes

prompts 25 and 31 “You`re mine. I don`t share" & “ Stop biting that fucking lip ”

Requests are open.

Whoever requested this didn’t say which person they wanted it with so I’ve gone for jack.

Summary: Y/n doesn’t want to share jack.

Warnings: Swearing and smut

You and Jack had been together for just over a year and half now and it was lovely. However he had been spending more time with the rest of the buttercream squad which is fine but you hadn’t had any just the two of you time for a while now and it was taking its toll on you.

Jack had been at home most of today just chilling out and doing a few bits while you had been at work all day, you was hoping that when you get home you could have dinner curl up in your boyfriends arms and just relax for the evening. But when you got home jack was just putting on his coat and about to leave the flat.

“Oh hi babe, I’m going over to Mikey’s be back later” jack said while leaning in and placing a kiss on to your cheek before grabbing the door handle and pulling it back open. 

“Oh okay, bye” you said sadly and walked further into the flat.

You could hear footsteps behind you, you turned around to come face to face with a confused looking Jack.

“You okay y/n?” jack asked.

You puffed out your cheeks, were you being silly and selfish? The boys meant everything to Jack but you wanted to spend time with your boyfriend too.

“Look Jack, I wanted to spend the evening with you. Just me and you all you have done over the last couple of weeks is spend time with the boys and I’ve hardly seen you apart from quickly in the morning before work and that’s only if you`re awake before I leave and just before bed if you aren’t out filming or out with the boys.” You felt guilty for being like this but you just wanted him to yourself for a bit too.

“What? where`s this coming from, you’ve seen me everyday this week and we had dinner together last night.” jack looked annoyed that I had brought this up.

“Really Jack you were on Fifa the whole night and Conor was here too for dinner it wasn’t just us too.” You retorted back. You could feel yourself getting worked up and very quickly.

“Look this is silly y/n, I’m not arguing with you about who I spend my free time with”  Jack snorted.

“Well look You`re mine. I don’t share” you smirked, if you knew one way to get jack to stay at home with you it was to get him in your bedroom. You bit your lip and gave him a small smile while walking towards him, you slipped your hands up his chest and looped your arms around his neck.

“ Will you stop biting that fucking lip” he whispered, as he brought your lips together.

You deepened the kiss and pushed Jacks coat to the floor, you pulled apart and took Jacks hand leading him to the bedroom.

Jack pushed you onto the bed, hovering over you he left sloppy kisses from your neck down to your collarbone, you arched your back and moaned. Jack ripped your blouse off of you, buttons went flying around the bedroom.

“Woow” you smirked and reached up and grabbed Jack by the neck and lowered him to your lips so you could kiss him again. Jack smirked into the kiss and began you rub you over your trousers and panties.

“Jack, I need more friction” You ,moaned breathlessly into his ear.

Jack undid the button on your trousers and reached in and began rubbing your clit with his fingers, he started off slow and picked up his pace bringing you close to your orgasm.

“Jack, Jack my god please don’t stop” you moaned.

Jack moved his fingers from your clit and inserted one into your pussy and began using the same pace he had used on your clit, and soon speeding up and using another finger. It wasn’t long before you could feel the knot in your stomach begin to  tighten and at a rapid pace.

“ JACK, I’m going to cum” you shouted, this just egged Jack on and he sped up even more and you released all over his fingers in a panting mess.

“Wooow, thanks babe” you said between breaths trying to catch your breath back.

“ My pleasure” he winked.


I love when they smile or laugh, i know it sounds chessy and im acting like a major fangirl, but i really do love it, because when they do, i feel happy because the people i love and look up to are happy and thats what happiness is all about for me. Im not happy untill the people around me or people i look up to are. Also i would love to say that i really am pround of all these boys, been here since day one and they have come so far and im just really proud of them! ❤❤❤

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Jack Maynard nightmare

Warnings: fluff nightmares

Requests always open

I have been best friends with the Maynard brothers since I was born so I obviously was friends with the buttercream squad. I lived in a big flat with Conor, Jack, Josh and Casper sometimes stays the night.

My room is next to Jacks down the same hallway and we share a bathroom that connects to our rooms. Conor is in the other hallway across the living room and kitchen with Josh but their bedrooms are across from each with the bathroom on the other side of Conor’s bedroom.

I usually wake up way before the boys at around 6:30 but lately I’ve noticed Jack is up a lot more before me. I’m getting really worried about him so I go talk to Conor.  

“Hey Conor” I say as I knock on the door. “It’s open” I walk in and he’s laying on his bed playing on his phone. “Hey Con I was wondering if you know what’s going on with Jack I’m worried about him. He is almost always up before I am now and his eyes are always red and getting dark circles under them. He looks like he hasn’t slept in days and he is being weirdly clingy always coming with me whenever I go out and walking very close to me not that I mind I’m just beginning to worry."  "I’m sure he’s gonna be fine y/n you just need to talk to him he really likes you and will respond better if you talk to him.” “Ok thanks.”

I left Conor’s room and since it was almost midnight I changed into one of Jacks old t-shirts and went to bed around the middle of the night I heard my door open and close a few seconds later. I looked to see it was nearly four am. I crept into the hall to see Jacks door open. “Jack” I whispered. “Oh shit I’m sorry I knew that would wake you up I’m sorry I just came to check on you” he said.

I sat next to him on the bed and grabbed his hands and looked at him. “Jack I want you to tell me what’s wrong I know you aren’t getting any sleep and that you are not letting me out of your sight I need you to tell me what’s wrong so I can help you.” I looked at him expectantly and he sighed and told me what was going on. “I’ve been having really bad nightmares about you disappearing and it’s all my fault and I can’t find you while you’re screaming my name for help, when I wake up I just can’t breath.” Jack said between sobs and his voice cracked at the end.
“Oh Jack Love you should have just come in. Nightmares don’t make you weak it just goes to show your caring side darling no one is going to judge you. I’m right here for you when you have nightmares you just crawl right into my bed and we’ll cuddle. And if you feel like you’re going to have a nightmare or don’t feel like sleeping alone just come into my room and so you can hold me and keep me safe, ok?” I told him.

“How did I get so lucky to have someone like you in my life you just know how to make anyone feel better about everything.” He hesitated and shifted where he was sitting before he spoke again. “Will you stay? Please for me?” He practically begged in a quiet voice while nervously looking at me. 

“Of course Jack anytime don’t worry about asking just tell me I’m sleeping I here or your sleeping with me anytime.” I turned on my side and crawled under the blankets with him as I pulled him over and held home close to me with our legs tangled together.

I never went to sleep after that I just layed there and looked at him. When he started to fidget or whimper I ran my fingers through his hair and rubbed circles on his bare back to calm him down.


“WE’RE GOING DOWN DOWN!” You shouted/singed along to Patrick. You jumped around the kitchen in the abondonded house. “SUGAR WERE GOING DOWN! SWINGING!” Just then the door opened and in came Joe, Caspar, Jack, Conor, Josh, Oli and Mikey unknown to you. You continued to sing along to Fall Out Boy and then Conor got the bright idea to start a live on instagram. You carried on as he filmed. Messages came in straight away and in no time millions were watching. When you stopped you turned and saw them all smiling at you. “Oh jesus Christ,” then you saw Conors phone on you. “Turn it off if you want to live.” He did then everyone burst out laughing while you face burnt like the sun. The next day: You were scrolling through twitter when a notification came up. You pressed onto it: @PatrickStump: Lovely singing Y/N! Hope we can collab sometime?! Your heart stopped. You favorite artist just tweeted you. “JOE!” He came running down. “LOOK AT THIS!” You said shoving your phone in front of his face. “Oh my god” He said. “I KNOW!” You were both embarrassed and exilarated at the same time.

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Date Night + 7

Date Night + 7

Previous Imagine: Big Brother Trouble!

“Jack?! Why are they here I thought we were having a quiet night out, with just the two of us,” Joe asked as he stared at the Buttercreams at a table across from them, Caspar and Josh were waving at them while Conor was sending flirty looks, and Mikey was making inappropriate hand motions.

“I may have told them that we had a date here tonight, but I didn’t think they would crash it, Oh god Oli’s coming over here, should we act like we don’t know him?” Jack asked staring at the man that was making his way over to them.

“No that would just make everything awkward,” Joe put on a fake smile, as Oil finally made it to their table. “Hello Oliver.”

“Hey guys, sorry they drug me here I thought we were going clubbing, I would’ve declined if I knew that I was going to spend the whole night staring at you two,” Oli seemed really apologetic, so Joe and Jack easily forgave him, but the other 4 were dead to them. With that Oil headed back to his table, looking very annoyed at the fact that his night was wasted.

“So should we leave?” Joe chuckled and just shook his head no.

“If they want to be here so badly we’re just going to have to ignore them and continue on with our night, maybe do some things to make them uncomfortable,” Jack eyes quirked up with interest.

“Like what?”

“Like this maybe,” Joe took some his pasta from his fork and fed it to Jack, who ate it with a blush evident on his cheeks. Groans could be heard from the boys, and Mikey’s voice telling Jack to “Get in there.”

“Never mind that’s never going to work, let’s just carry on… So um how was your day?” Joe felt like he was on their first date all over again, nervous and frigid.

“It was good, until I saw those idiots walk in, but if it means I get to spend the night with you then I say it’s worth it,” Jack smiled so widely because he knew how cheesy it may sound but it was genuinely how he felt, which is why Joe couldn’t keep the blush or smile from forming in his face.

“I think we should leave, want to maybe go for a walk?” Jack was one step ahead of him already calling the waiter over for their ticket.

“Oi! Where are they going?” Caspar loud and confused voice could be heard over all the boys chatting about war Jack and Joe were doing.

“They’re leaving Caspar, and we just ordered too,” Conor pouts looking exactly like the little kid he was on the inside.

After paying for their meal Joe and Jack head out, hoping they could get the boys off their trails. “Where do you want to go, Love?” Jack asked while wrapping his arms around Joe’s waist and pulling him close.

“I really just want to take a walk around bask in the sun for awhile, then grab a taxi and go home, how does that sound?” Joe asked while lacing his arm around Jacks.

“Sounds perfect,” The two boys huddle together as they walked farther away from the restaurant where the other 5 boys were leaving.

“We’ll never get to them fast enough, I say we just go home,” Oli didn’t really care for stalking Joe and Jack, they were cute and all but he just wanted to sleep.

“Hush Oli! We can’t let them get away,” Mikey declared while leading the group in the direction that the two men when. “I believe I saw them take a right.”

“Why are we taking directions from Mikey? He gets lost in a grocery store,” Caspar complained, earning a few laughs from the other guy.

“He claims he knows what he’s doing if it really comes down to it, I can track Jack’s phone we share an iCloud,” Conor whipped out his phone shaking it around.

“I say we do that first but whatever,” Josh huffed as they continued to follow not the brightest boy in the group.

The Buttercreams have been following Jack and Joe for a while now, Joe seemed to have noticed some time back, but Jack is still oblivious to the gang. “I think Anna’s going to come over this weekend to stay with us, I could make her go stay with Conor, but he’s busy is that okay?”

“It’s fine, I love your sister. I can tell how happy it makes her to spend time with her older brother too, it’s kind of like Zoe and I.” Joe loved Zoe so much, she was his best friend growing up. People say your siblings can’t be your best friend, but Zoe was all Joe needed to get through his school life.

“Maybe we can go watch the new Beauty and The Beast movie, she’s been begging you to take her, I’ve read the messages.”

Before Jack could reply a loud bang followed by some cuss words could be h are from a voice that sounded a lot like Josh. The two men turned around to be met with the sight of The Buttercreams, but Josh was on the ground and a trashcan was next to him.

“What the fuck? Have they been following us this entire time?” Jack asked while looking back at the men clearly aggravated.

“Yeah, I figured if I just ignored them you wouldn’t notice and actually enjoy our date,” Joe sighed heavily, Jack made a move to go talk to the men but Joe was quick to grab him and pull him back. “Let’s just go home they can’t follow us there.”

Jack rolled eyes and reluctantly kept walking wanting to give the boys a piece of his mind. “Alright, but I’m calling a taxi.”

Joe unfortunately was wrong, as soon as they made it into their flat, settled down, and turned on a movie, a knock at the door ruined it all. Jack, with a heavy head, opened the door to be met with the sight of the Buttercreams.

“Jack, hey buddy! Can we come in?” Caspar asked overly excited, Jack just sighed and moved over so they could enter there was no point in stopping them now. “Thanks buddy!”

They all piled in situating themselves on the couch. “Why are you here?” Joe whined while burying his face into the couch.

“We miss you guys, and we want to hang out,” Conor answers while scooting over so Jack can sit next to Joe.

“We went out clubbing 3 days ago!” Jack protested, as he pushed play.

“Key word 3 days ago,” Mikey dug his hand into the bowl of popcorn, soon followed by Josh’s hands. At this point Jack and Joe gave up on the subject, just cuddled up together, and be happy they get to spend time together, even if the others are here too.

Josh Pieters Jealous

Warnings: smut getting tipsy

Requests open

Being best friends with the guys in the buttercream squad can really wear a person out especially all the parties.

Right now I’m at a night club with the them. Everyone is getting a little drunk. After years with these guys I have a high tolerance for alcohol so I order a another shot of tequila. Some random guys comes and sits beside me.

He is really attractive and I’m a little tipsy so I thought I could have some fun with him. “Hey you here alone?” I ask in a flirty voice. “Ya my girlfriend just broke up with me so I’m kinda on the rebound what about a pretty lady such as yourself?” He replies.

I’m starting to feel bad about flirting with him because I actually have a really big crush on Josh that only Casper knows about. He tries to tell me I have a chance but right now I’m just going to forget about him and have some fun. So I reply back with “I’m here with some friends. What kinda girl is dumb enough to dump a handsome man such as yourself?”

“A bitch that’s who. You wanna dance?” He queried “Sure” I giggled back. He grabs my hand and leads me to the dance floor. I we started dancing really close to each other and getting very touchy. I swear I can feel eyes burning into my soul but I can’t find who it is.


I was watching y/n with that stupid jackass with his hands all over her. I HATED it. I know she’s not mine but I want her to be and all the boys tease me about it. All I can think about right now is him touching and and I’m shaking with rage.

Casper suddenly pops up out of nowhere. “Man you got to calm down just go over there and get her she’s drank a lot more tonight then usual she’s just looking for someone cause you won’t make a move. I promise she really likes you man she’s just trying to forget cause she thinks she can’t have you. Now go get her.”

Still pissed and a little buzzed I thank Casper for the pep talk and walk over to her and Jackass.


The alcohol was really starting to get in my system when someone came up behind me a said in an angry voice “Hey dude get lost she’s drunk and you shouldn’t take advantage of her like that.” I immediately recognized that voice as Josh. The guy looked ready to tell him off until he looked up to see how tall and mad Josh was so he said bye and ran off.

I turn around to see Josh with a very angry look on his face as he scolds me and pulls me really close until the guy was on the other side of the bar. I may have been kinda drunk but I swear he looked jealous. When he finally let me go I spoke up “was Joshua jealous?” “I was not I just didn’t like him with his hands touching you and trying to pull you closer” “josh that’s jealous” i deadpanned.

“Come on I’m taking you back to my place I don’t want you driving home this drunk.” He said. I didn’t say anything back I just followed him, he told Conor we were going back to the flat and picked me up. I didn’t say anything about it Josh does this a lot especially when he’s buzzed or drunk because he gets REALLY touchy.

When we got back to the flat I had a headache forming josh gave me a t shirt and a pair of drawstring sweatpants for me to wear and went to make some tea for us to help with my headache. I got changed and took off my bra cause I didn’t want to sleep in it and figured Josh wouldn’t care. I threw my clothes in the wash and sat down on a stool at the island in their flat.

Josh handed me some tea to sober us up, and sat next to me. I leaned into his side and he put his arm around me. I got an idea and decided to go with it before I lost all my drunkenness and got to scared I leaned up and whispered in his ear “I’m so glad you got jealous and possessive and scared that guy away.” I leaned back so I could see his face and bit my lip suggestingly and added “it was really hot”

Josh turned away and blushed before he answered with “God you really must be drunk.” “ Josh I want you to look at me I’m not drunk I really have liked you for a long time and seeing you get possessive really turned me on.”
His eyes widened and I thought he didn’t feel the same way. I was about to turn around and walk away when he pushed me up against the wall.

“Y/n I have loved you for so long and have waited for this day but I couldn’t stand his hands all over you because your mine.” Josh said in a really deep voice with his eyes almost black. He kissed me very suddenly and roughly but it was also passionate like I always dreamed it would be.

He whispered “jump” so I obeyed and wrapped my legs around his waist with him hands on my bum. He took me away from the wall and started to walk towards his bedroom while I kissed his neck and nibbled on the sweet spot behind his ear lobe as he moaned. I tried my best to move my hips to create some friction as he tried to open his door he moaned again and I felt him getting harder by the minute.

He finally opened the door and ran to the bed and dropped me while he crawled on very quickly after and attached my neck sucking and nibbling on my sweet spots as he growled in my ear “mine.”

I have never seen him so possessive I don’t know what’s gotten into him but I like it he is usually sweet and kind but he is acting very possessive and rough. I buck my hips and moan some more.  Moaning his name he starts kissing down my body until he reaches the hem of my (his) shirt and rips it off of me.

He realizes I don’t have a bra on pretty quick and I blush but soon he just attacks them with kisses and swirls his tongue around one nipple and nibbles it as he massages the other one then switches. The whole time I moan his name in pain and pleasure from his roughness.

I tug his shirt over his head and he undoes his belt and takes off his pants. Leaving me in his sweatpants and him in his boxers. Without skipping a beat he pulls my (again his) pants down and slides them off my legs. He kissed in between my thighs and spreads my legs apart. He very slowly pulls off my underwear with his teeth and then his tongue finds my clit. I moan and he says “who makes you feel like this y/n who”

Barely able to think straight be cause of the pleasure he was giving me I managed to say “only you josh” “That’s right baby your mine and only mine” he growls as he eats me out.

He comes up and leans down and takes off his boxers. His large member flies up and I lowly gasp as he smirks and within seconds he plunges into me and I feel so much pain I bite shoulder and scratch his back. But it quickly turns to pleasure as he thrusts hard and deep into me each time. I starts to scream his name and he starts giving me hickeys all over my body and I scratch his back, sure to leave marks in the morning.

I can feel my orgasm coming and I say “J-josh I-I-I’m gonna” and he says “Cum with me baby and that’s sends me over the edge and he spills with me. He lays there in me and resting on me with his forearms on either side of my head to not put all his weight on me for a few moments until he pulls out and rolls over wiping the sweat off of both our faces.

I whimper at the loss of contact and he pulls me on top of him and I quit. “Y/n I love you and have loved you for a very long time so when that guy started talking to you it made me mad and I got jealous I know you probably feel like this is just a one night stand but I was wondering if you’d be my girlfriend.”

I was astonished he’d asked me “Yes of course Josh I would never just want a one night stand with you I love you and would love to be together.” That night i fell asleep on top of Josh. When i woke up I was super SUPER sore. I rolled off of Josh and groaned really loudly.

This woke up Josh and within a matter of seconds he hovered over me “are you okay” he asked worriedly. “Ya I’m just kinda sore from last night.” “I’m so sorry you should have told me to stop or go easier” he said as he looked at all the bruises and hickeys he left all over you.

He got up and grabbed a pair of boxers and slipped them on. I told him “It’s alrighty baby I had so much fun last night and I don’t regret a thing you shouldn’t either.” He smiled and replied “I don’t deserve you.” And handed me his shirt as I reassured him he does deserve me and I’m the lucky one.

I tried to get up but very quickly fell back down in pain. Josh caught me and apologized again I wish he wouldn’t do that if I was having a bad time I would have told him it was my decision too. 

Josh picked me up and carried me to the kitchen and made me breakfast, when Conor and Jack came in.

“Really getting at it last night weren’t you guys.” Conor said and I blushed and hid my face with my hands. Then Jack added “OH JOSH OH JOSH OM MY GAAAAAAAAA JOSH” I’m a really high voice. Josh walked over to me and handed me toast and I thanked him and kissed him.

All the sudden Jack looked at Josh’s back and called Conor over and they gasped and touched his back and he flinched and hissed. I immediately turned him around to see what was wrong and there were deep scratches and dark red marks. “Wow y/n has hickeys and bruises all over her and can’t walk and Josh has got scratches and bite marks on him I didn’t know you guys were so rough.” Conor said

I hid my face in Josh’s neck and apologized profusely. “Baby it’s alright it’s not that bad you can’t even walk!” Josh told me. “Wait really she can’t walk!!?” Jack said surprised and Josh nodded them they highfived to which I just hid my face in Josh’s chest. He carried me to the couch and we lazier around and watched movies all day.

Accidents happen

Words: 3355
Joe Sugg x reader
warning: SMUT 

“That was such a good night” Caspar grins. 
“shall we keep it going for a while?” I ask holding two bottles of vodka, the boys grin. The boys being the buttercream squad- Joe, Casper, Oli, Josh, Conor, Jack and Mikey. I hung out with them a lot and tonight was no difference, we had been to a club. I think they only kept me around for when they wanted to escape a girl they’d signal me and I’d pretend to be their girlfriend and vice versa, it was a good deal. Nobody had brought a girl home tonight, a few kisses in the club but that’s all. 

“what’re you thinking?” Conor says wrapping his arm around my shoulder. 
“Never have I ever” I grin and they all smirk already making their way to the living room, we had all ended up back at the Maynard’s/Pieters. We all sit-down and I grab 8 shot glasses. I join them, sitting in between Mikey and Josh. “who’s first?” I ask, filling all the shot glasses and handing them out. Oli holds up his hand and we all wait for his question. 

“Never have I ever… had sex in a public place” he says. Jack, Joe and Conor take their shot. 
“wait, define ‘public’” I say
“where somebody could have seen you” I nod and then sheepishly take the shot making the boys all ‘ooh’ 

“okay, never have I ever done anal” Josh says taking his shot followed by Mikey, Jack and Caspar. They look at me and I shake my head. 

“never have I ever had a threesome” I say looking at the boys. Jack and Conor each take a shot and we all smirk. 
“it wasn’t with each other” Conor says, disgusted by our insinuation.

“never have I ever fucked against a washing machine” Jack says smirking at me. I blush as we both take a shot. They boys eyes widen and look at us waiting for us to tell them. 
“it was when we first met, we were drunk, fucked against his washing machine and we’ve never spoke about it since” I glare at Jack and they boys all holler patting Jack on the back who smirks and nudges my foot. 

“never have I ever fell in love” Caspar says circling the rim of his shot glass. Conor takes a shot and I think for a moment, taking a glance at Joe for a second before downing my shot. They all furrow their eyebrows at me, for the time I’ve hung out with them I haven’t had a steady boyfriend. 

“can we play truth or dare?” Oli whines. We all nod, thinking its a good idea, most of us completely drunk. “okay I’ll start, Caspar truth or dare?” 
“truth” he says starting off slow. 
“how many people have you slept with?” he says and Caspar’s face pales. 
“I actually don’t know” he mumbles and we cheer. 
“y/n, truth or dare” he huffs deflecting the attention. 
“truth” I say and they all get really sad. 
“who out of us, in this room, would you most like to fuck?” he smirks and they all lean closer, I blush and look around at them all then turning my attention to my skirt. 
“Joe” I mutter and they all scream and pat Joe. I blush harder and turn away. Mikey, sensing I don’t want to talk, takes over asking Joe a question. 
“joe, truth or dare” he asks louder over the boys laughter. 
“dare” he challenges. 
“I dare you to give let y/n give you a lap dance” he laughs clearly intoxicated. Joe looks at me for a second and I huff and nod standing up. Joe sits back on the couch and the boys look on with wide eyes. I go to straddle Joe but can’t. 
“I have a tight skirt on, I can’t” I sigh. 
“then take it off” Josh says and my eyes widen but after a quick shot of vodka I’m game, I remove the skirt leaving me in a very revealing crop top and my lacy knickers that barely leave anything to the imagination. Conor turns on a sexy song and I straddle Joe who bites his lip in anticipation. I grab his neck and start grinding on him, moving my hips to the beat. He gulps when I get off of him and turn around. He grabs my waist as I move my ass against him, I wink at the others who are gawping at the sight. I can feel Joe start to get quite hard underneath me and come to a halt when the song stops. Joe’s breathing is heavy and he rests his head against my shoulder as I continue straddling him. 

“wow” Jack sighs, the first to speak. I just giggle in response and climb off Joe, his hands dragging down my body. 
“I think that puts an end to the night” Josh smirks looking at Joe who hasn’t taken his eyes off of me. I blush and reach for my skirt but I’m picked up by Joe, my legs around his waist. He starts carrying me towards the guest bedroom and I squeal. 
“at least someones getting laid tonight” I hear Conor huff. Joe shuts the door with his foot and collapses on the bed on top of me. He makes quick work of removing our clothes and guiding himself into me. I moan.

“fuck Joe” I whimper. He grunts as he pounds into me, the sounds of our sweaty skin slapping together only turning me on more. 
“oh my god” I screech. “Joe Fuuuuck” I yell.
“come on baby, let the boys know you’re mine” he growls. I moan louder. 
“fuck Joe, fuck me. You’re so big, harder - oh fuuuuuuck” I scream as I cum. He cums too and drops to the side of me. He’s breathing heavily and pulls me closer. We get our breathing in tact and stay cuddling as our breathing starts to even out. I think Joe is asleep so I start talking. 

“i hope you don’t regret this in the morning, because in the game, it’s you who I’m in love with. I wish I could tell you when we’re awake and sober but I’d fuck everything up” I sigh tracing Joe’s abs. “night Joe” I whisper snuggling closer to his body and eventually falling asleep. 

I wake up in the morning to an empty bed and frown. I hear the boys laughing and joking in the kitchen, the faint smell of pancakes and I grin. I stand up but immediately fall to the floor. I squeal and hear footsteps running towards the room. 
“y/n, you okay?” I hear someone shout. 
“Jack?” I ask. 
“yeah” he shouts back. 
“are you alone?” I shout a little quieter. 
“yeah” he confirms. 
“come in and close the door” I say gathering the blanket from the bed to wrap around myself. He slips through the door and closes the door. 
“why are you on the floor?” he asks confused. I blush furiously. 
“I can’t walk” I grit and he bursts out laughing. I huff and cross my arms. “help me” I cry. He stops laughing and crouches down next to me grabbing my waist. He helps to redress me and hands me a pair of joggers as I’d left my skirt out in the living room. 

“can you carry me to the kitchen please?” I pout and he snorts turning around so I can jump on his back. 
“Joe really gave you a run for your money huh? was it that good when I fucked you?” he asks. I peck his cheek. 
“of course it was” I tease. 
“hey I could leave you right here and make you crawl, letting the boys know you’re practically paralyzed” he stops walking and in response I wrap my legs tighter around him. He rolls his eyes and takes me to the kitchen, setting me on a chair. I eat in silence while the boys laugh and joke about the events of last night.  

“you were a nice surprise y/n” Caspar says with a grin and I grin sarcastically eating more cereal. I glance at Joe to see him eating his breakfast in silence, completely ignoring me. I frown and look away. I decide its time I leave so I try and stand up but fall, Josh being there to catch me. 
“woah, you okay?” he asks concerned. I look at Jack and he smirks, holding his hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter. I nod with an awkward smile and shuffle away to grab my phone, skirt and jacket. I hear the boys whispering behind me. 

“why is she walking like that is she ok?” Mikey asks. I hear Jack laugh and close my eyes, preparing for him to tell them and for their laughter. 
“Joe fucked her so hard she can’t walk” he whispers. They all laugh and congratulate Joe. I quickly grab my stuff and take one last glance at Joe, wiping away my tears before leaving. 

It had been about a month since then and I was throwing up into the toilet for the second time that day. I huff and grab my phone ringing zoe. 
“hello” she answers. 
“Hi Zoe, is it still alright for me to come over tonight, I know I said I was busy but I really need to see you girls” I whimper. I hear her shuffle, probably sitting up. 
“yeah, are you ok?” she asks concerned. I sniffle. 
“I’ll tell you when I get there” I say and she sighs. 
“see you later” 
“bye Zo” I mutter hanging up the phone. I grab a bag and pack my pj’s and clothes for tomorrow along with other random things- toothbrush, charger, hairbrush etc. I book a train down to Brighton and also an uber. It arrives in no time and I head to the train station. The train ride isn’t very long, only an hour. I get a taxi to Zoe’s house and in no time I’m knocking on the door. 

“hey” Zoe squeals wrapping me in a hug. She ushers me inside and into the living room where Tan and Nim’s are laying down. They jump up and hug me, I hug them back tightly. 
“what’s up, you didn’t sound too good on the phone” Zoe asks sitting me down on the couch. I got to start talking but I can’t speak, I just start sobbing, the girls looking at each other panicked. 
“Babe just breathe, take your time” Tan soothes trying to get me to calm down. It works and my breathing returns to normal, the occasional hiccup interrupting my speech. 
“now what’s up?” Nim asks. 
“I think I’m pregnant” I mutter but they all hear me. 
“what? why? how? with who?”Tan exclaims. I sigh. 
“yeah, I had a one night stand about a month ago, I’ve been throwing up for the past week and I’m late on my period” I cry. 
“who was he?” Nim’s asks. 
“uhm you know him, he left right before I woke up, after I told him I loved him the night before” I sob. Zoe looks at me sternly wiping my tears away. 
“who is it?” she asks. 
“Joe” I whimper and they gasp. “I know, it’s bad, I don’t know what I was thinking” I sigh. 
“he left you?” Zoe fumes. 
“I mean technically, we were drunk and we were in Jack’s, I got dared to give him a lap dance and then he took me into the guest room, he left me in the bed and we haven’t spoken properly since” I murmur. They are too shocked to speak. 

“when you say you told him you loved hm what to you mean?” Naomi questions. 
“we we’re cuddling… afterward” I make hand gestures and they nod trying not to laugh ”and I thought he was asleep, so I started talking but I guess he wasn’t asleep” I huff. Zoe rubs my arm. 

“come on” Tan exclaims standing up.
“where are we going” I sigh. 
“to get a pregnancy test” she says. I huff and stand up following them into Zoe’s car, Naomi and I go into the shop while the other two wait in the car. We awkwardly purchase the pregnancy test, nearly making it out of the shop without running into fans, but as we’re leaving we hear squeals and turn around, I drop the test and my eyes widen as the fans, who have their cameras out, look at what I drop and scream excitedly. We ignore all questions about the test, taking pictures with them and hurrying back to the car. Zoe belts it back to the house and we all scurry tp the bathroom. They leave me while I do my business but then all sit around it waiting for it to change. After 3 minutes the alarm on Zoe’s phone go off and we all reach for the test. I grab it and look at it, my hand flying to my mouth and tears rushing to the surface. Zoe grabs it out of my hands and squeals. 

“I’m going to have a niece or nephew” she jumps up cheering. I choke back and sob shaking my head. 
“no, Zoe this isn’t good” I cry and she stops jumping around bending down to my height. “he doesn’t want me Zo, he’s not going to want this kid! and if he does he’ll force himself to be with me for the baby because he’s a good guy, I’m going to ruin his life, Zoe this isn’t good. He’ll hate me” I sob falling to my knees on the floor. The girls crowd around me giving me a group hug. 
“he’ll never hate you and he won’t force himself, he’ll be with you because he wants to” Tan ensures me. They continue to soothe me as we cuddle on the couch with lots of food and movies. I don’t know about the girls but I end u falling asleep on the couch. 

I’m woken up by Alfie who gives me a sad smile. 
“hey butternut” he says, saying my nickname. 
“hey, you heard huh?” I sigh. He nods. 
“Zoe told me, I found the test on the table, don’t be mad at her.” he explains. 
“I’m not mad” I giggle. “relieved I don’t have to tell you myself actually” I snort. He looks at me seriously. 
“he loves you, whatever you think you’re wrong. He loves you and he’ll love this baby” he grabs my cheeks and I bite my lip trying not to cry. He sighs pulling me into a hug. We stand up. 
“thanks Alfie” I mutter and he pecks my forehead. We head into the kitchen where the girls are cooking breakfast. They smile when they see me. 
“you want some bacon?” Zoe chirps. 
“ohh yeah-” I start but then catch a whiff of it and run to the bathroom, throwing up everything in my stomach. I feel Nim’s hands rubbing my back and when I’m finished she hands me my toothbrush. I smile appreciatively and brush my teeth before joining the others. 

“uh, I actually need to get home. I have a meeting later, that I’ll probably cancel anyway but…” I giggle and they smile. I get dressed and join them at the door. I say bye to Alfie and the girls jump in the car driving me to the train station. We all step out and they even walk me to the gate, they wait until the train is about to pull up to give me hugs and comforting words. I get on the train and wave to them. Being alone for an entire hour isnt ideal but here I am. About 15 minutes before we get back to London I get a call from Jack. 

“Hey” I chirp trying to sound hapy. 
“Hi where are you?” he asks. 
“uh on a train?” I reply. confused. 
“where have you been?” 
“Brighton with the girls, Jack why are you asking so many questions?” I sigh knowing something was up and that I’ll have to deal with it. 
“we’re in your apartment and your not so we got a bit worried” he huffs. 
“we?” I cringe. 
“buttercream” he mumbles, as that’s what they fans called them. I exhale loudly. 
“okay, I’m just pulling up to the station, I’ll get a taxi and be there in ten?” I mutter. I hear him hum on the other end. 
“okie doke, bye” he calls. 
“byee” I murmur rolling my eyes and hanging up. 

The ride to my apartment is very long, if the buttercream squads there that includes Joe. I unlock the door to my flat and see them all lounging on my couch eating food. 
“uhm hey?” I say sarcastically. “no really make yourself right at home” I mumble putting my keys on the counter and pulling my jacket off, dropping my bag by the stairs. They are all silently staring at me and I huff having had enough of it. 
“Why are you all here?” I exclaim. 
“well, we seen this picture on twitter and wondered what was going on?” Conor sighs showing me a quad image of Nim and I in the shop, both of us very flustered and a close up of the pregnancy test. My face pales and my throat dries up. They raise their eyebrows and take my silence as a confirmation. 

“how far along?” Caspar asks. I twiddle my fingers a little. 
“uhm about a month” I reply with a nod. I see Joe’s head snap up out of the corner of my eye and gulp. 
“do you know who’s it is?” Joe asks quietly and I frown. 
“of course I do, I’m not a slut” I bite back, Joe gulps. 
“do we know him?” Josh asks. I nod again turning to face Joe. The other realize and slowly start to leave. 
“you left me” I whisper and he looks at me guiltily. 
“I didn’t want you to panic being sober and realizing what we did” he mutters. 
“You heard me, I know you did. You know I love you, why would you do that?” I spit. 
“I just thought you were drunk” he sighs. 
“and then on top of that you ignore me for a month” I cry. 
“yeah I know I did, I didn’t mean to but I’ve thought a lot this month, after not talking to you it made me realize how much I love you” he breathes stepping closer. My eyes widen and I don’t have any time to think before his body is trapping mine against the counter and his lips are moving feverishly against mine. He pulls away and puts his hands on my stomach. 
“are you really pregnant?” he whispers. I nod. 
“are you mad?” I mumble, he shakes his head. 
“I mean I’m a little disappointed, I still like going out clubbing with the boys but I could never ask for anything better, having a baby- babies- with you is all I want, accidents happen but they’re not all bad” he sighs moving his hands from my stomach to my hips 
“well you still can do them things, but you’ll have to come home to me and a little baby, are you sure that’s what you want?” I ask, nervous for his answer. 
“hooking up and that’s fun, but it can’t beat coming home to you, and anyway why look for somebody else in a club when I have you. I’m going to be the best damn dad I can be” he mutters pulling me close. He kisses me again and its I who pulls away this time. 
“Zoe’s excited to be an aunt” I giggle. 
“Zoe knew before me” he pouts. I nod and peck his lips making him smile. 

“I really do love you” he whispers. 
“I love you to” 

"The love of a family" -joe sugg imagine

Requested - “Could you do a Joe sugg/Zoe sugg imagine where joe notices how skinny his girlfriend is and how she doesn’t eat/always finds excuses not to eat so asks Zoe to speak to her. Zoe speaks to her and she admits that she might have a problem?? ❤️❤️❤️Thankyou so much”

Warnings: may be a bit sad.
You, joe and zoe grew up together and somewhere along the way you and your family left for 7 year’s and you never saw zoe or joe again.

After leaving for 7 year’s everything went horribly wrong. Your parents had got a divorce 2 year’s after you left your home town.

You decided to live with your mother and had never seen your father again after that day.

You mother then got engaged to another man 2 year’s later and he hated you.

He made you feel so useless and ashamed of your body.

when you were 20 year’s old and joe was 22 year’s old, you found each other again and you fell in love with joe as he fell in love with you.

3 years later and you although were happy to be with joe your mind never left what that horrible man had said to you

“Your so fat.” “Loose some weight” “no wonder you font have a boyfriend, your so fat”

What he said left a mark on you and you often found ways to not eat ever again after that

You and joe hadn’t been intimate for quite a while now as you felt you were still fat and didn’t want him to see that side of you.
As you got out of the shower one morning you walked into your shared room with joe and caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirrior you had in the room

Dropping the towel you stood there and looked at your pale and fragile body

Although you were way too skinny, you just couldn’t see that and in your mind you were still fat.

You were too busy picking at your skin to notice that joe was leaned against the doorframe of you room with sadness and tears in his eye’s

“Y/n….” joe said softly and quietly

Quickly turning around to see him you bent down to pick the towel up and wrap around yourself

“get out. Get out” you said frantically running to push him out and close the door

Joe banged on the door asking to come in with pain in his voice as you slid down the door and cried

Joe continued to bang a few more times before he realised that you weren’t coming out

Quickly running downstairs he ran into the kitchen and quickly grabbed his phone and dialed his sister’s number

Zoe picked up on the firat ring and could hear the deep breathes of her brother and immediately asked what was wrong onky for joe to craoak and start to cry heavily

“Please come over zoe now” joe said with heavy tears falling frantically down his face as he raced back up stairs and sat at the top of them and watched the door you were behind

“What’s wrong joe?!” Zoe frantically asked and joe could hear that she was moving around and getting her shoes on

“How could i have been so stupid not to know zoe” joe whispered in the phone

“What are you on about? Whats going on joe?” Zoe asked as joe heard a car start

“You know what, just breath and ill be there i 5 minutes” zoe said as she hung up

*joe’s pov*
‘How could i have been so blind to see that she had a problem and had been starving herself?’ I thought to myself as i got ip and went to our door

Gripping the door handle i turned it onky to realise she had locked me out

I sighed and knocked

“Y/n?…baby please let me in” i said as my breath got caught

I got the response of silence and that worried me

“Y/n?…..” i asked louder this time

“Go away…” i hear a faint reply and i could tell she was sitting down leaning against the door

Sliding down the door i leaned my head back and breathed as tears began to fall again

“Please baby……i want- i want to help…..” i didn’t know what to say

Silance filled the air once again untill a knock was heard on the front door

I was lucky that my sister and her husband were in town as i walked down to open the door

“What’s going on Joseph sugg.” Zoe said as she barged in with alfie following closely behind

She was about to start having ago at me When she saw my tear stained face she stopped

With a soft frown on her face she ran and wrapped me in her arm’s

“Where’s y/n? And whats going on?” She asked softly

“She’s in our room….” i could barley speak as i just cried in my sister’s arm’s

She patted my back and held me in her arm’s as she shhh’d me calming me down like she used to when we were little

Walking us over into the living room she sat me down on the couch next to her as alfie pulled a chair up and sat in front of us

“What happened joe?” Alfie asked softly as his hand held out a tissue

“She’s been starving herself…..” i started

“How could i have been so stupid zoe….ive been with her nearly 4 years and not once did i notice anything was wrong untill a few weeks ago….”

“I just saw her…..she was so- so skinny and pale…..she looked like she was about to break if she took one more step….” i just cried as i went to get up i was pulled back down

“I don’t think you should speak to her right now joe…your not in the right headspace.” Alfie said

“Please talk to her zo….” i asled as i turned to my sister with hope

*zoe’s pov*
“Of course” i said to joe as i got up and whipped the few stray tears that ahd fallen from my face

“She’s locked the door…” i heard my brother craoak as alfie hugged him

“I’ve got it…” i said as i pushed myself up the stairs

Standing in front of my brother’s room i knocked on the door softly

“Y/n….its zo….please open the door….” i said softly

I heard movement against the door

“Go away…” i heard a weak reply

Sliding down so i was eye level with the handle i pulled a Bobby pin out of my hair and placed it against it and did my work

After 2 minutes i felt the door unlock and high fived myself mentally

Pushing the door open slightly i slid in through the gap i ahd created and then closed it again

My brother was right…she looked like she would break immediately if she got up from her spot on the floor

“Oh y/n….” i gasped as i bent down near her and cried

“Why?…..” i asked her as she looked at me with dull eye’s and a tear stained pale face

“I was too fat….he said i was….” i stopped and got angry

“Who? Joe?” I asled as i got up and was ready to go after my brother

“No…” i ket go of the door handle and bent back down

“Who then?…” i asked softly as i pushed some hair behind her ear

“My stepdad….” she whispered so quietly that i alsmost missed it as she started crying again

“He said i was too big….that i would never get a boyfriend and no one would like me if i didn’t loose weight…..” she cried

“That’s not true y/n and you know that…..”
I moved so i was against the door and next to her as i pulled her into a hug

“What he said is not true….i mean look you’ve been with joe for what? Nearly 4 years now…and you have alfie and i…along with jim and tanya, jack, Connor, casper and maddie, josh and oli…youve got a lot more people than you think….we dont think your fat and we never have…” i began felling her slightly shake

Getting up i pulled her up softly with me and pulled her over to her wardrobe and pulled out a top and trackpants

Turning to her i got her to drip her towel and helped her into her clothes seeing as she already had underwhere on

“Look..” i said pulling her gently so we were standing infront of the mirrior

“I have a problem…i know zo….but i can’t stop…” she whispered as she looked down

“Your all going to leave me now arnt you…” she asked and that broke my heart

“Absolutely not. Listen just because that barstad of a stepfather of yours said all those horrible thing’s….that don’t make it true…yes it is not healthy to be this skinny and it is a slight problem but that does not mean we cant fix it…and we will love you no matter what…joe…he will love you no matter what, he’s loved your for quite some time now y/n and i doubt he will leave you…even if you were black, short, asian, skinny or fat we would still love you no matter what but this state your in. Its not healthy and i will do everything in power to help you And to show you that we are here no matyer what. Your apart of the family y/n….your a sugg and your apart of the gang and we all love you…we always have….and we always will. So dont you dare say any of that again. He’s no longer your family or apart of it. We are.” By the end of that she was on the floor with me in my arm’s as we cried

I soon felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see alfie and joe with sad and teary eye’s as they looked at y/n and i

Feeling y/n move slightly i looked down at her as she got up and ran into joe’s open arm’s and cried with joe as joe wrapped her up in a warm embrace

Alfie helped me up and hugged me as i hugged him back and soon we felt fragile and small ars wrap around us

“Thank you zo…..” i turned out of alfies grip and hugged y/n tight but not too tight

“Please just remember that we are here now and we are not going anywhere at all. Tomorrow were going out and were going to help you get back on your feet again.” I said as i held her

Soon i felt two more pairs wrap around mine and y/n’s body

“All of us. We are family and we help each other no matter what.” Joe said as we all smiled at her

“Don’t forget about us!” We hear a voice say as we felt more arms wrap around us

Soon the whole gang was here and we were all wrapped up in a big hug.

“The love of a family is lifes greatest blessing”
Authors note:
Joe had forgot that the bbq he planned was today and forgot that he had given the boys a spare key incase you were wondering how the rest gor there 😂😊