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Untitled #1

Long Distance Relationship

Part One - Untitled #3 (???) - Line’s Birthday

Part Two - Untitled #3 (???) - Line’s Birthday

Playful Morning

Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur (Inspired)

“its six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka”

Pregnant - Part 1


Untitled #1 x JJ


Untitled #1


Untitled #1

The J Team

John Frusciante

Jimi Hendrix

Jerry Cantrell

Jimmy Page

John Paul Jones

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Jack White

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Jeff Buckley

anonymous asked:

When was the hiatus era? Like I know they went on a hiatus, but what year(s) were it and why did they go on it? And do you know what happened to them when they went on hiatus?

Fall Out Boy finished up its tour with Blink 182 on October 4, 2009 at Madison Square Garden but hiatus wasn’t officially announced until mid-November of 2009 (see more here). They were burned out after years of non-stop touring between putting out albums and needed to take some time off to live life before regrouping.  This isn’t actually unusual as I have stated—it’s just that most bands take this time off an don’t label it as anything other than the fact they’re not working on an album.  The guys have said if they hadn’t taken that time off, they would have ended up breaking up for good. Patrick and Joe had also been in the band since they were 17 and needed some time to experience real adult life and find their identities outside the band.  During the hiatus, all four worked on other projects.  Patrick put out both the Truant Wave EP and Soul Punk as a solo project.  Pete formed Black Cards which originally was a band fronted by Bebe Rexha (with Pete writing the lyrics) and over time morphed into Pete and Spencer Peterson remixing other artists.  Joe and Andy were in a band called The Damned Things together (along with Scott Ian of Anthrax, Rob Caggiano of Volbeat, and Keith Buckley and Josh Newton of Every Time I Die).  Joe and Josh also did a band called With Knives, and Andy played drums with Enabler and FocusedXMinds. During this time, Patrick and Joe got married and Pete got divorced.  The hiatus officially ended on February 4, 2013 when My Songs was released, SRAR was announced, and the band played its first show in three and a half years. 

In Session: Josh Buckley at Converse Rubber Tracks Austin

Coming from the back roads of southern Alabama, old soul Josh Buckley has been playing in bands for twenty years.

He got his start in the strutting arena-country outfit Gilded Splinters, a longtime fixture in Austin bar shows. Now he heads up the Josh Buckley Band, a high energy rock group with plenty of southern swagger.

 He stopped by Converse Rubber Tracks Austin to get some of that energy down on tape and start recording new tunes.

Buckley’s easygoing attitude mixed well with the vibe at Rubber Tracks - as he puts it, “It’s a lot more fun and a lot less pressure when studio time is free.” The Josh Buckley band is currently touring its way through the south. Shake a leg at these upcoming dates.