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‘ Avengers:Infinity War’ with Jimmy Kimmel

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Chris Hemsworth, Chadwick Boseman, Karen Gillan, Sebastian Stan and Josh Brolin all made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live ahead of the movie’s premiere on Friday (April 27).


Infinity War Cast Surprises Avengers Fans

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


Last year I said Logan was the most depressing superhero film I’d seen…. it definitely isn’t anymore!

I still don’t know how to feel about this so I’m just gonna talk about it until I decide.

To start with, the opening of this film was a lot darker than I expected and the first deaths (we all knew there were gonna be deaths but damn!) happened way way sooner than I expected. The opening scene was emotional and I can’t decide if I want the main death from that scene to come back or not… on the one hand I like him, but on the other hand if he comes back one more time I swear…. 😂

There were a few things I forgot about too so I genuinely thought Thor died, forgetting he was supposed to have a storyline where he met the Guardians.

I felt the way that there were so many characters and storylines worked out a lot better than I expected it too, and they all tied together well. I loved the jumping between different groups and how it kept enough suspense to make you want to see more of all of them. The thing that I also loved was that although the avengers all more or less knew each other, every group had people who didn’t know each other and it freshened things up a lot for me. The Stark/Spidey/Strange combo was great but somehow made even better with the addition of the Guardians. The best team up though was definitely Thor/Rocket/Groot. I adored Thor in this and the way he kept calling Rocket a rabbit 😂 also, can we talk about Thor’s new eye? I’m kinda disappointed because I really liked the eye patch, but the scene where he puts the eye in made me laugh. Also seen posts about how when Thor catches up with the Avengers and basically has a competition with them about who’s had the worst thing(s) happen and I loved that there was actually a scene of this more or less happening!

Thanos was also so much better than I expected. He was bloody terrifying! Mostly because he was so clever in doing what he was doing that you knew he could outwit the Avengers as well as beat them with brute force.

The whole story was so well put together and so well planned out too. Right from the beginning you didn’t know where it would end up, and the “no one is safe” thing was so accurate. It was tense almost all the way through but I’m also glad that the moments from the trailer weren’t the worst moments for the characters. I loved loved loved the suspense and the travelling through worlds and time and the diversity in the scenery. I also loved the character diversity and the way everyone got a moment to shine.

Also in line with the plot, Gamora’s storyline was great and after going away and thinking about it her death was one of the moments that has stuck with me most so far. That, the ending (which I will come back to later), and the final fight between team Stark/Guardians and Thanos (because that was actually epic)

There was a surprising seriousness and lack of usual MCU humour but to be honest I feel like it needed that to have the impact it did. MCU humour is great but often a little forced so taking that out I feel gave a much better sense of how grave a situation they were in.

The fight scenes were also incredibly epic and dramatic and I loved them so much. You could feel that this film has been so long in the making and it had all the feeling you would expect it to after such a long build up to this.

Now for the deaths and the ending because this needs a whole section to itself:

So I already mentioned Gamora and referenced Loki, and they both impacted me pretty emotionally. As I said, I kinda want Loki to come back but I also think he’s died as many times that I kinda want this one to be final. It was definitely emotional and I feel bringing him back would take away from that but I guess we’ll just have to see about that. I’m not as attached to Gamora but her death also packed a pretty emotional punch and I’ll be honest I nearly cried. And Starlord’s emotion when he found out was pretty heartbreaking.

Vision’s was kinda sad but I never took to his whole romance with Wanda and I pretty much knew he would die seeing as how he needed the infinity stone to survive so it was probably the least emotional.

The freaking ending though!!!!

Spidey’s “I don’t want to go” brought a lump to my throat. But I mean the score coupled with the acting and the whole half of humanity disintegrating and ceasing to exist thing was just…. I don’t have words for how emotionally draining and depressing it was, but I loved how well it was made and how well they managed to transfer that feeling onto the screen and in turn onto the audience. I was in a screening with my work colleagues and we were all just silent when we came out, all of us saying it would take a while for us to process it. And the music through the end credits followed by the most depressing end of credits scene ever…

I did kinda feel until the very ending when everyone was disintegrating that they’d been tamer with the deaths than I’d expected, and we all know at least most of those disintegrated heroes are coming back (otherwise I would be so mad that Spidey was gone!)

Also, Stark’s near death was gonna get me. He was the only one I thought could die that I would have not been able to cope with if he did so when he did survive I was unbelievably relieved. They did that scene so well and it reminds you just how good an actor Robert Downey Jr is!

The film never felt too long either which is rare for me to think that, especially at 2 and a half hours. I already mentioned this but the cast wasn’t too big either and I think they split them into their respective groups well and gave everyone enough screen time without making you sick of any one character.

So I suppose I should round this up now. I definitely feel it needs another watch to fully comprehend and appreciate how much was going on; I still have a lot of thoughts I can’t remember or put into words right now. In some places it was a little bit meh. But overall it was such a well made, well built up, super emotional, completely effective, and reasonably entertaining superhero movie. Not the best, but I don’t think it was ever going to be and it was still good all the same.

Edit: after thinking about this film a little more I actually really like the way it happened particularly with most of the heroes dying in the end. It shows a side of superhero movies that never really gets to happen in that they are just humans. The bad guys can be stronger or smarter, and the heroes don’t always win (I mean okay they’ll probably win in the next Avengers film but even at that it won’t be easy!)


SPOILERS: Just watched Avengers: Infinity War and….

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… Don’t get me wrong it was an amazing film and brilliantly written. But I think there was too much going on for me to actually get absorbed in it 👁. Jumping from character to character was necessary but it didn’t give me a chance to get stuck in.

I also found the reasoning for Thnos wanting to ‘clense’ the universe stupid and getting rid of its primary characters 😂 😂 😂 😂 lmao 👌 I know that they r gonna come back (OFC) in part two but… Yeah 😂.

I was hoping for them all to be there at the same time but. Whatever. Still a great movie though!