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  STEVENSANE || John x Jane || TIME AFTER TIME || S01E05 || Jane pushing John around


Daniel Grayson RIP - “You’re home now” || 1x17 | 4x10.

“The person that Daniel really loved was Emily. He never loved anyone as much as he loved her. That was his true love and it was so fitting for him to die in her arms” - Josh Bowman
Emily VanCamp Engaged to Former Revenge Costar Josh Bowman
Romance rumors first linked Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman as a couple in rumors in January 2012

Because I’m a busybody, because it’s freezing cold and raining all the damn time and I have nothing better to do and well because I’m giddy for them like I actually know them or something I have read a bunch of articles about their engagement. I read the comments on Emily’s IG and on her Twitter (Josh doesn’t use social media) and I’m just struck by how absolutely drama free it is. I have read nary a negative comment about them. Just people leaving glowing congratulations for Emily and Josh about how much they love them together and how happy they are for them. There are no haters, everyone is respectful and rooting for them. I really don’t know why the Outlander fandom ended up the way that it did or why it was ‘blessed’ with so many nasty nellies but I can’t help but think that at least in part the reason that there’s no negativity surrounding Josh and Emily is because of the way they conduct their business. They are mature, private, but have never tried to hide that they were in a relationship, there are no games they are just infinitely likable and deserve all the goodwill they are receiving from fans and media alike.