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Imagine your Boss blindfolding Matt Miller and taking him one of their cribs. For most of the drive, Matt thinks the Boss is going to kill him, no matter how much the Boss says they aren't. Imagine that when they get there, Boss takes the blindfold off of him but tells him to keep his eyes closed. Imagine your Boss covering their ears when they tell him to open his eyes and he shreaks when he sees Josh Birk standing there. Imagine your Boss scrambling to catch a Matt when he faints.


Saints Row: Development Questions by Character
  • Johnny Gat - Who/What does your muse have a soft spot for?
  • The Boss - How has your muse changed since their start?
  • Shaundi - If your muse could avenge a loss, how would they do it?
  • Pierce Washington - If your muse was the wealthiest person in the world, what would they do with all the money?
  • Carlos Mendoza - Who/What would your muse die for?
  • Dane Vogel - To what lengths would your muse go to to reach the top?
  • Oleg Kirrlov - What does your muse value more, brains or brawn?
  • Kinzie Kensington - What secrets does your muse guard most carefully from the rest of the world?
  • Matt Miller - If your muse was a supernatural creature, what would they be?
  • Killbane - Who/What gets your muse irrationally angry?
  • Phillipe Loren - What does your muse feel is the most superior quality about them and has it gotten them into trouble?/What is your muse's nationality?
  • Kiki DeWynter - What is your muse's relationship with their family like?
  • Viola DeWynter - How well does your muse deal with death?
  • Lin - How well does your muse get along with others?
  • Angel de Lamuerte - If your muse could change their past and start again, what would they do differently?
  • Aisha - What would the perfect match for your muse look/act/sound like?
  • Troy Bradshaw - How often does your muse tell the truth?
  • Jezebel - Who is your muse's favorite Disney princess?
  • Zinyak - Would your muse rather be a master manipulator or do they prefer to follow someone else's lead?
  • Dex Jackson - If your muse wasn't doing what they're doing, what would they be doing?
  • Asha Odekar - Is your muse a good leader?
  • Josh Birk - What celebrities does your muse look up to?