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Anon request: Stevie Nicks and Dave Grohl photographed by Danny Clinch.

Grohl arrives first, dressed in a long sleeve, blue and black plaid button-down with faded blue jeans and black Doc Martens. Nicks arrives a short while later, again in black, and retreats to freshen up before the photo shoot. When the shoot begins, there’s a palpable affection on display as they find themselves in the continued honeymoon phase of newfound friendship.” – Josh Baron, 2014.


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Title: Nexus
Writer/Artist: Baron/Rude
How you discovered it: After watching a documentary about Steve Rude on Amazon Prime
Why you like it: The clean line art of Steve Rude
Favorite characters: Dave
Favorite moments: I love the panels featuring shots of stars and spaceships. And obviously anytime Dave is kicking butt.
Short Bio: Josh, Email Marketing Specialist

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I’ve been in and out of panic attacks since Monday night, having a rough couple of days. My roommate surprised me with NXT tickets tonight to cheer me up and I got to meet some of the most wonderful people ever. So here’s a bunch of horrible photos of me with some of my faves.

Josh Bredl
Jason Jordan
Chad Gable
Mojo Rawley
Baron Corbin
Daria Berenato
Corey Graves
Charles Robinson