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Robert Pattinson talks about playing working class criminal character

So many movies tend to romanticize the criminal intentions of their character…their mother is sick… or whatever… and to do a character where their intentions are quite confused, even to themselves, it felt quite audacious and interesting” ~ Rob about playing Connie in Good Time

Robert Pattinson talks about working with brothers again in Damsel

“The Zellners, that was weird,and they are also acting in the movie as well. To do two brothers in a row,  very very strange coincidence. It hasn’t put me off siblings directors.” ~ Rob about working with directors/actors of his next movie Damsel

Robert Pattinson and Josh Safdie talk about Claire Denis

“I’ve loved Claire (Denis) for forever. It’s just one of those people I’d never thought, I didn’t think it was a possibility to do a movie with her. She has never done a movie in English. My career trajectory to end up doing the lead as well, it’s just so crazy, and probably her craziest movie. It’s definitely, it’s a fascinating experience.” ~ Rob

“When Rob first reached out to us, when the kind of joy or the humbling nature of knowing, (that) cos we have been watching what Rob has been doing and the auteurs he was shacking up with; it was kind of insane to be “Oh, now he wants to with with us?!“ It’s kind of crazy. I remember when we finished shooting Good Time, the last day he shaved his head, kind of like what he has now, it was to shoot Claire’s movie and it was 2 years ago. But I remember feeling “wooh, I can’t believe we get invited to this party,” in a wierd way and he’s doing a Claire Denis movie after our movie and that was quite humbling” ~ Josh

Josh Safdie on his heroes Connie & NIck, and the song by Iggy Pop 

“I find Connie specifically to be a winner that doesn’t win. You don’t get to see him win and Nick is the purity. I see Iggy Pop song in the movie; we had no idea what the lyrics were going to be when he sang them. So when he opened his mouth and said “the pure and the damn are one” I really saw his intepretation of the film, is like kind of our own, is that Connie is this damned character and Nick is this pure character and in a wierd way they are one, because they both can’t meet in the middle, they can’t be in the middle. And anyone who is not in the middle is a hero to me. So whether it is the far end of the spectrums”~ Josh

Robert Pattinson on being attracted to the frightening and dangerous part of the roles he play.

“I always find where in a script, they are certain sequences or even lines in it which are scary to say, and you realized it can potentially slip out of the world of the movie. And there’s certain things you can do in a movie, when the movie is released, you kind of have to stand by and go “I’m playing a character!”, yeah but you chose to play this character. I like that when it’s pushing the line of acceptability. And even the first draft of the script was that there was some lines where I don’t think we’d have necessarily gotten away with. But I think it’s always exciting cos it’s difficult to get things to cut through all the noise, and it’s difficult to make things which are a little bit frightening and feel a little bit dangerous and I’m definitely kind of attracted to that” ~ Rob with sky news

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Robert Pattinson nominated for Best Male Lead by the Independent Spirit Awards 

Good Time did very well, with a total of five nominations, including Josh and Benny Safdie for Best Director, Benny Safdie for Best Supporting Actor, Taliah Webster for Best Supporting Actress and Ronald Bronstein and Benny Safdie for Best Editing.

Robert Pattinson joins Anna Kendrick, Lee Pace & Nikki Reed as the only cast members from the Twilight franchise to be nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. He is also the only actor from Twilight to ever receive an individual performance award nomination at the Gotham Awards (winners announced on Nov. 27).

me talking about how attractive I find guys my age:
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me talking about men much older than me:
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Tyler and Josh’s fathers imitating twenty one pilots as a whole x)

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Tyler's instagram live (in case you missed it)

- he’s proud of us
- Jenna had to show him how to use the live video
- he was in his woods, he goes there a lot, and even though it’s his personal space, he “let us in there for a little bit” (not exact quote, but close enough)
- he’s proud of us
- he bought a leafblower and thanked us for it
- he’s proud of us
- he never had to buy a leafblower before, because he never had his own place where leaves could fall, so he never needed one. but now he does, because of us
- he’s proud of us
- he and Josh didn’t go to the Billboard awards because it would have been hard to organise it (and also he didn’t really want to go either)
- he doesn’t really like music awards
- when he was younger, he had to show his music to house guests whenever someone was over. he never wanted to, but sometimes he still showed them his music. every time he did, he was happier afterwards.
- he feels like they wouldn’t be here now without us giving them a little nudge to keep doing there music
(- also I think he might have said something like he wouldn’t even be here at all, but I didn’t fully understand that sentence)
- he’s proud of us
- he’s asking us to be patient with them, they are working on new music (!!!)
- he saw a deer walking by, he went to find it
- he had a bit trouble with turning off the live stream, but eventually did it

you cannot put a ceiling to your dreams. you just can’t.
—  Tyler Joseph (during the last Trees speech of the Blurryface era)