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“Aren’t you pumped, Y/N?” Your best friend squeals excitedly in the small line beside you.

“Of course I am!” You reply to her with a giggle, still completely ecstatic over the fact you were going to see your favourite band in concert. Even though you’d already seen them perform multiple times, the feeling of excitement and adrenaline that flooded your body had never changed

It finally hit you that for the first time, you were going into the chaotic pit of a Twenty One Pilots concert. In the previous concerts you attended, you and your best friend had seats that were on the sides of the venue. However, this time you were going in be in the front row, pressed against the barrier of the pit; and that was guaranteed because you had arrived so many hours early to get your spot. You were going to be so close to the extraordinary band that you could see their faces up close. No screens, no TVs. In person. And that sent shivers down your spine.

“I just can’t believe that it would be possible to be so close to them, especially Tyler. I owe all I’ve got to that man and he doesn’t even know it,” you say with a shaky exhale. This concert meant everything to you. It’s as if being in the pit is like being on stage with the boys, sharing every single experience together.

“I know you’ve been through hell and back, and I’m so glad their music and Tyler’s words could be there for you. But tonight is all about being in the moment! Tonight we are going to finally be alive!” Your best friend squeals for the millionth time that day and pulls you into a heartwarming hug. You have no idea what you’d do without her love and support.

“Let’s hope we don’t die tonight in the pit. I’ve seen how crazy it gets in there,” you add. You tried to hide your nervousness under a small chuckle after your words.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine! Besides, if Josh, Tyler or the security spot anything fishy going on, they’ll get you out straight away,” your best friend nudges you on the shoulder and smile at you reassuringly. She could tell you were about to start sweating due to how anxious you had became, but she had your back if something unplanned happened.

You and your best friend had made it to the front of the pit, wild grins on your faces as you watched the venue fill up with people. Your wide eyes scanned across the Clique members that were practically drowning in the band’s merch, with all equally excited grins on their faces. It was only a matter of time that the best night of your life was going to begin.

And you weren’t going to forget it.


The crowd roared as Tyler jumped off the stage and into the tight space between the stage and the pit, leaving Josh in his own little world with his drums. The security guards helped Tyler onto the crowd, hands grabbing onto his ankles so he could stand. You felt your heart sink slightly because you couldn’t get to him, due to everybody pushing and shoving, but you were still overjoyed that you were so close to him.

His eyes glimmered with happiness and gratitude. A large smile was plastered on his face, Tyler’s white teeth shining in the lights. You could see the stubble growing on his chin and jaw, his long and dark eyelashes contrasting with his starry brown eyes.

You felt a wave of serenity wash over you. You weren’t sure what this feeling was, but it made you feel complete.

“Tyler!” His name slips out from your lips in a yell, dreaming to get the attention of the male who had his head was down, focused on trying to stay balance on the crowd. Tyler immediately raised his head up and you were met with sweet doe eyes.

You felt everything stop.

The sound of crazed fans and loud drumming in the background, muted. All you could focus on was Tyler. You looked into his eyes and got lost in them. You swore it felt like walking through a beautiful forest, trees towering over you. The earthy smells of pinecones and grass roaming the atmosphere.

You felt peace.

With all of these feelings rushing inside you, you managed to widened your eyes, astounded that he heard you over the screaming of thousands of people around the both of you.

“You saved my life, thank you!” You stammered inaudibly to begin, but you managed to spit your words out louder the second time. You held your hand out as high as you possibly could, hoping he’d take it. His eyes softened and watered with pride with your words, Josh still pounding at his drums to fill in the time it took to get his band mate on the crowd.

“I’m glad we could be there for you!” He yelled back as you watched a small tear quickly slip down his cheek. You could see the bliss and overwhelming amount of thankfulness in his eyes.

The whole Clique knows how much those small connections with fans, means to Tyler. It’s his motivation to keep going even when he’s in his darkest hours. The thought that his music had saved a troubled person, helps him push through his own.

Tyler lent down shakily and grabbed your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours, not breaking his eye contact with you. Your hand was smaller in his, but it fit. Your hands had fit together like puzzle pieces, that it were meant to be.

Your heart skipped a beat and you clung onto his hand for dear life, not wanting to let go and he did the same. Something set a spark off in your stomach when he gave your hand a small squeeze, after noticing you were crying. This had to be a dream, it was too good to be true.

Maybe it was the sound of the crowd screaming, or the feeling of invincibility that made you feel so calm. Everytime you came to a Twenty One Pilots concert, it made you feel at home. There’s no place you’d rather be than singing songs that nobody wrote with thousands of people.

“I’m taking over my body, back in control, no more shotty. I bet a lot of me was lots T’s and crossed I’s undotted. I fought it a lot and seems a lot like flesh is all I got not anymore, flesh out the door,” He sang into the microphone, each word laced with passion. You didn’t remove your eyes from Tyler’s, not willing for the blissful connection between you both to end.

Tyler continued to sing and the crowd couldn’t get enough, and neither could you. Your hero had your hand in his and he was gripping it tightly, like he was afraid that if he did, the world would crumble. The crowd looked at Tyler with stars in their eyes, gazing upon what is their world.

“You are surrounding all my surroundings sounding, down the mountain range, of my left side brain. You are surrounding all my surroundings, twisting the kaleidoscope, behind both of my eyes.” You watched Tyler’s bright eyes roam the crowd around him, feasting his eyes upon the beautiful white lights the Clique made with their phones. However, his eyes stopped and locked with yours again, and sang the seven words you’d never forget.

“And I’ll be holding on to you.” He sang. These words were soft and meaningful, different for when he yells it in the studio version. Meaning and purpose spilled from his voice and made your heart melt. You blushed wildly and Tyler chuckled into the microphone, the beautiful sound echoing through the arena.

Quickly before the security guard pulled him off the crowd, Tyler pulled his own backstage pass out of his back pocket and handed to you. The mass of fans around him tried to swipe and grab the pass, but he made sure that you got it with a couple of scoldings to the fans below him.

“Come after the show,” he said as the security guard ripped Tyler off the crowd and out of your reach. You can’t seem to form any words since you were so shocked over his gesture, so you nodded in response.

Slowly, his fingers slipped away from yours but Tyler kept his arm outstretched, giving you the feeling he didn’t want to let go.

From there and on in the concert, Tyler continued to belt out his songs with all that he had. He looked at you in the crowd when he was singing The Run And Go, particularly when he sang, “tonight I need you to stay”. Let’s just say Tyler made you blush millions of times through the concert.

Your best friend was freaking out beside you after how he talked to you in ‘Holding On To You’. She was freaking out just as much as you were and that was a crap ton.


“What do you do?” Your best friend said standing around awkwardly. It was the end of the concert and everybody had already left. It was just you and your friend in the venue, nobody else to be seen.

“I-I dunno,” You replied running your hand through your hair anxiously. You begin to scan over the arena, hoping to see a security guard somewhere to take you backstage. Your eyes fall over a familiar person, walking out from backstage and onto the stage.

“Holy shit, that’s Tyler Joseph,” your best friend stammered and pointed in his direction. You nodded and shoved your clammy hands into your jean pockets.

“I can’t believe you’re gonna meet Tyler Joseph,” she said and gave you a hug. “I’ll be outside the arena waiting for you,” she smiles and bids you farewell, leaving you and Tyler alone in the area.

You gathered all your thoughts and took a deep breath, walking over to the stage. You walked up the few steps and you grew closer to Tyler. You saw his cheeks flushed a crimson as you approached him and he began to walk over to you.

“Hey,” Tyler said with a large smile and pulled you into a hug. This took you by surprise as he wrapped his arms around your waist, but you pushed down your awkwardness and hugged him back. You snaked your arms around his neck and let out a shaky breath.

“When are you gonna meet that girl in the crowd that you won’t shut up about” A tall man with yellow hair announced as he walked out onto the stage in search of his friend, twiddling the red drumstick in his hand. “Oh,” he said as he saw you and Tyler standing together.

You saw Tyler narrow his eyes at Josh from the corner of your eye, pulling his bottom lip under his teeth.

“You know what- I’m just gonna,” Josh pointed to the backstage with his thumb and cleared his throat awkwardly, then retraced his steps back to the room behind the stage.

You felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment. Tyler was talking about you to his best friend?

“Well that’s proof Josh is practically a mother walking in on his kid that’s with his crush,” Tyler chuckled awkwardly and scratched the back of his head.

“Crush, huh?” You smirk confidently and giggle.

“Yeah- I uh,” Tyler stammered and failed to collect his words which made you bite your lip. How could somebody be so cute when they’re nervous?

“I’m really glad that our music could help you in your dark times,” Tyler said with a gentle smile.

“I am too. If it weren’t for this music, I don’t know how I would’ve fought the demons in my head,” you said honestly. This year had been really rough and it didn’t have any benefits on your mental health. However, when Twenty One Pilots came into your life and you found out that a man named Tyler Joseph shared the same feelings as you, you didn’t feel so alone.

“It really means a lot. It’s really comforting to know I’m not the only one going through this stuff,” Tyler replied and looked down at the ground, tapping his foot against the stage shyly.

“I was wondering if you’d like to tag along with Josh and I to get something to eat downtown? It’s all good if you can’t,” Tyler said after quickly collecting himself. A smile crawled onto your lips as he raised his head slowly to see your reaction to his proposal.

“That sounds lovely. Let me guess, we’re going to a Taco Bell nearby?” You replied with a boost of confidence. You had no idea why you felt so comfortable and chilled out around Tyler, but you chose to ignore the thought and let it happen.

“How did you know?” A relieved chuckle left his lips, his brown eyes twinkling in the light above the stage.

“Who in the Clique doesn’t know?” You giggled.

“Play ukulele?” He asks to clear the small silence. Tyler walked over to his ukulele that was perched on it’s stand, retrieving it and bringing it back to you.

“Yeah, I know some stuff,” you say as he hands it to you. You take it and smile, strumming it gently. You know how to play lots of songs on the ukulele and it was all thanks to Tyler for inspiring you to do so.

“I’m going to go clean myself up and look somewhat presentable. I’ll be back in a few minutes, please don’t leave,” he said with a small and sencere smile.

“I’ll be here, don’t worry,” you said sitting yourself down on the edge of the stage, playing a few chords on the instrument in your lap. With that, Tyler headed off to backstage.

However, you didn’t notice Tyler stopping at the door to backstage. His soft eyes stayed on you, just listening to you hum the sound of Tear In My Heart, accompanied by quiet strums of his ukulele.

He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

And neither could you.

I think it’s really shitty that people are pressuring Josh Peck on Twitter about the wedding situation. It seems to me that Drake Bell is most likely a toxic person (alcoholic) and I really wouldn’t want someone who’s well known for becoming too intoxicated (evidence: 2 DUIs) at a major event in my life like that. I think that point is exarcebated by the fact that Drake just spent the last year or so trying to piggyback off of Josh Peck’s recent (positive) rebranding; this comes after the lifelong fact that in their respective adolescent phases Drake’s entire brand was being ‘cooler than Josh’. Overall I feel bad for Drake but it seems clear to me that he wasn’t invited for justifiable reasons and to try to make Josh feel bad about that in front of the entire world by subtweeting him is incredibly selfish. This seems like the kind of decision that wouldn’t come easy for anyone, I hope he isn’t feeling too bad about it.

tl;dr: nobody should have to feel bad about cutting toxic people out of their lives