josephine nicole

Oh, my beautiful cutie pie.. Today I feel so blue. Today there is no light in my little world because Amanda Jordan is gone. I found you on TW almost a year ago and I fell in love with you and the kind of person you are. I refuse to think you’re not here anymore, it makes me so sad and it broke my heart to know I’m not going to see new pics of you or I’m not going to know more details about your life. You were such an inspirational silver lining for me at that moment because I was so down, I was having so bad days…. And now, one of the most amazing human beings of the world is gone. I hope you’re ok up there and please, take care of me ‘cause I’ll take care of you too even if you’re not here. All I can say is you’re in heaven, the place where angels have to be. You’re in my heart until the day I die. You’re in our souls and we are never ever going to forget you. I can’t do it. I miss you so so much. Finally, thank you, Amanda. Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me and thank you for teaching me how important is to be yourself in this world. Thank you for making me stronger than I was. I love you, nxggie. It’s not a “goodbye”, it’s a “see you soon”. Always in my heart. 💙 xoxo