josephine macdonald


Gotham Central #23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 31.

It’s nice how with this escamotage some private pictures of the various characters are shown. I like the parallelism between Renee and Daria’s picture on the frame and Kelly and his fiancé’s on the folder.  

We also learned that Inspector Esperanza is a coffe junkie and a total mess, jeez, look at those reports….! 

“Detective Josephine Macdonald, mostly called Josie Mac, has been filling in on the first shit for three months now.

"Still, every morning on of the detectives, usually Detective Cohen, hides her coffee mug.

"Under normal circumstances this hazing probably would have ended a long time ago…except Josie always finds the mug without any trouble. I have no idea how she does it, but it drives the other detectives nuts.”

Josie: There we go…

Eric: Aw, no way! That’s the first place you look? It was Romy, wasn’t it? She told you. You two’ve got some kind of girls stickin’ together deal, right?

Josie: I told you, Cohen, it’s just good detective work. Simple as that…

…Must be why my clearance rate is so much higher than yours…

Eric: Sure, kick me while I’m down…

Selina: So, McMillan gave it all up, then?

Josie: Yeah, with a little help from you, look of those marks around his neck. Like that whip a lot, don’t you?

Selina: It’s got its uses.

Josie: You didn’t tell your friend about me.

Selina: If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s how to keep other peoples’ secrets. But the thing about secrets, Josie, is that when you keep them from people you trust…the only one who suffers is you.

I’ll see you around, Detective.

Josie: Not if I see you first.

When Renee is busted out of a prison transport, rookie Josephine Macdonald makes a break in the case.

At the crime scene:

Josie: No, it  looks like something scraped up against the box, that’s all. Maybe thte getaway car?

Cris: Yeah, or maybe someone else’s car and it happened last Easter.

You saw this from way over there?

Josie: Hey man, perfect vision, what can I say.

At the GCPD garage:

Cris: So you do hear me. You lose something?

Josie: I…I thought I saw something…

There you are, you little son of a -

Cris: What’d you find?

Josie: It got scraped. When it nicked the mailbox.