Dream Daddy Cult Ending

Okay, so I’ve gone through Dream Daddy’s files, and have found the cult ending! I’m pretty sure you can’t actually get this ending, but I wanted to share it. I know I got frustrated trying to find it online.


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anonymous asked:

can you stop talking shit about joseph and stop spamming the tag with hate? we get it, you hate him.

what????? no i fucking love joseph

i love the fact that he’s so well written and detailed, i love that the writers took a risk and made a character thats defied what we’ve come to know as the norm for lgbt+ characters in media. AND HIS WRITER IS AN LGBT+ HORROR WRITER!!!! A THING WE NEED WAAAAAY MORE OF IN THIS DAY IN AGE!!

without joseph this game would have just been a generic ass dating simulator with the perk of them all being dads. i wouldn’t be as into the game as i am without joseph being a complete fuckboy it gives this story so much more depth than it would have had without

and people complaining that the game should have been extremely vanilla with none of the negative stuff dont seem to realize the game would have lost all its momentum after the first 3 days. if theres no deeper plot, nothing dark in the closet nobodies gonna stick around. do you really think people exclusively watch steven universe because it has lesbian rock women?

i mean yes some do and thats incredibly shallow of them but most people watch it for the incredible story it has to tell.

i hate it when people only show up to something when they hear it has something to do with gays in it.

it shows how much they dont care about good stories so long as it has a gay character in it.

sagittaria-sagittifolia  asked:

then I take 4 or 9

I’ll go with #4 – teacher/single parent au


The letter from District 12 Elementary was right on time, much to the chagrin of Josie Everdeen. 

“It feels like I just finished third grade,” the little girl whined. “Why do I already have to think about fourth grade?”

“School starts in three weeks, Josie,” Katniss said. “That’s why.” She tore open the envelope and scanned the letter, never expecting to see that name staring back at her. 

To the parents or guardians of Josephine Everdeen:

Classroom assignment for the 2014-2015 school year:

Classroom number: 437
Teacher Name: Mr. Peeta Mellark
Meet and Greet with the teacher will be held on Tuesday, August 19th between 6-8pm. 

Josie frowned. “I don’t know that name.”

“The letter says it’ll be his first year at your school.”

“What if he’s mean?” Josie asked, anxiously gnawing at the nail on her thumb. “What if he fails me?”

Katniss reached out, gently saving the little girl’s thumb nail from certain death. “I told you not to do that anymore,” She chided. “And I promise you he’s not mean, honey.”

“How do you know?” Josie asked. “You don’t know him.”

Oh Josie, if you only knew.


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anonymous asked:

Imagine though it's the middle of the night and the Inquisitor is woken up by Josephie scrambling in the dark for a candle because she just came up with an idea on how to solve some diplomatic issue that's been going on for a week. Inquisitor just yawns, flops onto their back, and holds out their glowing hand for Josephine to use.

This is too cute, anon. Josephine using the Inquisitor as a night light is my new favorite headcanon