josepha sherman

The Shining Falcon by Josepha Sherman, a retelling of “Finist the Falcon”

cover art by Kinuko Y. Craft

Storm-torn and ragged, the shining falcon falls to Earth–plummeting into a vast and dangerous woodland inhabited by magical beings as old as the world. Now the life of Finist, shape-shifting Prince of Kirtesk, rests in the healing hands of Maria, the noble daughter of a betrayed lord, exiled to the anonymity of the forest. While far away in the vacated court, a beautiful enchantress plots the ultimate treachery. Coveting the throne–and the life–of her cousin, the fallen prince, the sorceress Ljuba prepares to unleash all the dark forces at her command to achieve her traitorous goals. Soon the power of evil will reign supreme throughout the kingdom! Soon the Shining Falcon will fly no more!

The Shining Falcon is out of print so check your library or a used bookstore.