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Trans Kavinsky

as suggested by @rikomoriyama

+When Kavinsky learned that he could dream, that he could take things from his dreams that is the first time the future as he wanted it felt possible. 

+ Mirror that reflect himself as he wants to be seen.

+ binders that wear comfortably and blend in with his skin

+ Kavinsky hates shots so he dreams hormone pills that show results instantly

+ Its so easy to dream a better birth certificate, id, passport etc. There is no asking anyone or paying tons of dollars. He knows who he is and wants to be and he takes it from cabeswater to apply it to the waking world. 

+ He loves thin white tank tops, jeans that are slung low on his hips. He loves that no clothes limit him, he chooses what he is comfortable in and that is in as little as possible. 

+ Kavinsky has been dreaming of a way to permanently alter himself without surgery. He dreams tattoo’s and piercings onto himself but the tree’s don’t like that. they warn him with their quivering leaves, their loud whispers. 

+ He wonders if he could attract people the way he is, undoubtedly himself. At parties there are quick makeout session, groping but K hates explaining himself so he dreams of Proko who needs no explanation. 

+Proko is like Frankenstein’s bride. He is a thing composited of dreams like K, he is observant and clever and easy with his affection towards K. He knows how to touch K to make him feel the most without feeling gross. he knows when to slide packets of donuts and special dream pills to K curled up on the couch. 

+ The rest of the Dream Pack know. K helps Jiang with his own set of legal papers too. Dreams up even better things like cannabis that blocks periods until the testosterone treatments catch up. K floats him the money for top surgery and as soon as Jiang is healed up he drags Jiang out for street racing and kisses that taste like fireball whiskey. 

+ And Skov who is genderfluid spends afternoons wrapped around Kavinsky looking through catalogs, K provides a steady stream of dream clothes that are always what Skov needs at the moments. and somehow lgbt donation centers get bags of new clothes every month. 

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Heyo, I’ve been on tumblr for a while, and I need some other blogs to follow other than Phan…

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  • friend: so what kind of music are you into?
  • me: Twenty One Pilots (sometimes stylized twenty | one | pilots or twenty one pilots) is an American musical duo from Columbus, Ohio. The band was formed in 2009 and consists of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. They put out two self-released albums, Twenty One Pilots in 2009 and Regional at Best in 2011, before being signed by Fueled by Ramen in 2012. They released their signed debut, Vessel, with Fueled by Ramen in 2013. Their second signed album, Blurryface, was released on May 17, 2015 through Fueled By Ramen.
A Trans Woman on Gender Abolition

Gender abolition is a novel, and valiant idea, for sure. However, the material conditions of society currently necessitate gender, in part because transgender people exist. While the existence of transgender people is not the only material reality necessitating genders existence, it plays a large role. Capitalism necessitates gender the most, as gender acts as a cruel form of work alienation, in which one gender is pitted against another; thus the patriarchy. However, the male/female binary is more so a western concept, as there are, and have been for hundreds of years, non-binary people on eastern society. This material reality creates an entirely different condition for the workers, because some societies have three to even six different genders, and they all exist in a separate alienated state from the binary genders, while the patriarchy oppresses all genders, even masculine ones. Once the system that necessitates gender ceases to exist, gender will eventually become useless, and fade away with that state, until that time, more non-binary genders coming into existence, and the binary genders will be a part of society, even socialist society. Until full communism is realized, gender abolition is utopian, and fails to understand the underlying material conditions that necessitate gender. That said, eternally maintaining gender is little more than reformism, and cannot be a part of a communist society.

Dream Pack Headcanons

Kavinsky buys an apartment building, three floors high plus a basement, a little away from the Aglionby dorms when he figures out that Ronan and Dick III live in Monmouth because how rad is that and why are they all living in the dorms like losers? A week later, he buys an entire apartment building that was on construction and the Dream Pack moves in as soon as it’s finished.

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