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All the dad's reactions to one of their children coming out as trans?

Craig: He wasn’t quite expecting it, but he’d be fully supportive of them every step of the way. Craig would allow them to play on the boy’s baseball team and would make sure that no one makes any rude or phobic comments. 

Brian: Honestly, he’d be excited. He’s the ultimate supportive hype dad. Brian would be so proud of them for being true to themselves.

Damien: He’s gone through the coming out stage of transitioning himself in the past. Damien knows exactly what to do and how to react to his child coming out about their gender identity.

Hugo: As a teacher, he’s had some students indirectly come out by telling him what pronouns they’d wish to be referred to with. Therefore, he has an idea on how to handle the situation, and of course would be proud of his kid.

Mat: Part of him doesn’t know how to react but the other part expresses his utmost support. It’s just not his forte when it comes to counselling on the initial reaction. It would take him a moment for his anxiety to go down so he can put out a well thought talk with his kid about not letting others negativity get to them.

Robert: He’s not the best at these sort of things, but he’d show his love and support for his child the best way he knows how.

Joseph: In the beginning he wasn’t quite knowledgeable about how transitioning works. However, after speaking with Damien he learned a lot about the misconceptions and finally has a grip on his understanding. He’d be supportive of his child and would ask Damien for mutual dad support and plenty of advice. 

Joseph x Trans!Dadsona Headcanons
  • Joseph learned a lot about how different transitioning can be for different people through conversations with Damien. This has helped him understand Dadsona a lot more and has helped him avoid inappropriate questions. 
  • He tells his kids to make sure to use the pronoun Dadsona prefers vs what his kids think they might be based on their appearance. 
  • He shows a lot of support for them due to the positive feelings he associates with them. 
  • For their birthday he purchases them a nice binder so Dadsona doesn’t have to resort to uncomfortable bandages.