addict-with--a-phan  asked:

Hi ! Im looking for the fic where Ty and Josh are at a party and Tyler is trans ,, and when Josh takes him home ty figures out that Josh is trans also ?? Thanks !

i believe this is the fic you’re looking for -Lauren

Safe by edy (1/1 | 3111 | Explicit)

“Hey, you should fuck him.” She points, and she drinks, and she says, “I heard he was easy. I heard he’s got a pussy. You should fuck him.”

Dream Daddy tag in a nutshell

1- it’s super gay

2- a character is canonically ftm trans

3- joseph is a dick

4- fanart of jacksepticeye in a crop top

5- offended christian trolls starting discourse about a secret hidden cult ending that isn’t even canon in the first place

6- the game grumps were involved but only like how chris nolan was involved in man of steel

7- it’s super gay

anonymous asked:

Do you have characters other than Gio you hc as trans/nb?

OH YEAH TONS!! trans boy jotaro, trans boy joseph, genderfluid josuke, trans girl jolyne, nb f.f., nb lisa lisa, trans boy mista, nb abba, agender bruno, fuckin uhhhhh trans boy johnny, genderfluid hot pants, nb gyro, trans boy diego, trans girl yasuho, trans boy josefumi…..probably more to be honest. i have….very few characters that i hc as cis in jojo (or in general) bc fuck man, if i have no rep you bet your ass i’m gonna make some for myself in hcs……my jojo golden rule is that no characters can be cishet unless they’re horrible people hgjdkhgjfd