Musicals are, by nature, theatrical, meaning poetic, meaning having to move the audience’s imagination and create a suspension of disbelief, by which I mean there’s no fourth wall.” - Stephen Sondheim

Never forget that while Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu may have some beautiful parts, he still wrote it to be hella pathologizing toward homosexuality, and the moral of the story was that girls need the men in their lives to save them from their wicked temptations. It’s why the the fact that the webseries is the way it is is so important.

Make that asshole roll over in his grave.

I don’t know if this has been talked about, but I really love the effort that’s put into the tiny little details in Carmilla. In one of the eps, Laura catches Carmilla burning something in surveillance:

If you look, that appears to be a Stryker album (I don’t really know bc I can’t read it?) entitled Leviticus 17:17(again ?). Leviticus 17 talks about the prohibition of consuming blood, and of course in the original Carmilla, Carmilla complains to Laura about the hymns being sung at a funeral procession. The double meaning of the album both being by a Christian band (if it is Stryker/Stryken, a Christian heavy metal band), and being named after the chapter prohibiting blood consumption is kind of cool. So good job, writers.  

"You will think me cruel, very selfish, but love is always selfish; the more ardent the more selfish. You must come with me, loving me, to death; or else hate me, and still come with me, and hating me through death and after."

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla