Here is a Joe Sugg jealous, what I love to write about even if it’s hard to try and do something different than what has already been done! Hope you like it xx

Joe frowned as he heard some familiar laughs fill the room, he knew who was there before they even stepped into the kitchen. He smiled as he watched his girlfriend walk in his direction, followed by her best friend. “I didn’t know you were cooking dinner tonight.” Y/N exclaimed as she watched her lover move around the kitchen, putting different items out. He leaned in to press a kiss on her lips. “It was supposed to be a surprise.” Joe replied, eyeing her friend quickly and Y/N exchanged a look with her. “Oh she’s just staying for a bit and then she’ll have dinner at her place. I hope you don’t mind.” She questioned, her eyes meeting his as he let out a sigh. “It’s okay.” He admitted, moving around the corner to give her friend a quick hug before he got back to his spot, pressing a kiss on the top of Y/N’s head on the way.

The dark blonde boy sighed again as he watched them laugh as they settled on the couch. Joe was trying his best to focus on something else than the two friends but somehow, he just couldn’t. His eyes were drawled back to his girlfriend and he carefully watched how her friend was interacting with her. He knew he didn’t have to spy on them but there was something that was making him do it. Maybe if her best friend hadn’t been that obvious about the fact that she wasn’t into boys, things would have been easier but it was bothering him. Not because he didn’t accept this, it was totally normal but he always felt that way when she was around. And as he had prepared dinner for Y/N and him, that feeling only seem to grow.

His stare was now stern as he watched Y/N lean onto her as they took picture on her friend’s phone. They were very touchy and it annoyed Joe even more but he couldn’t tell her that, it would obviously be inappropriate. “Dinner’s ready.” Joe said as he grabbed two plates and placed it on the counter but none of them moved. He walked over to them, crossing his arms as he stared down at the two of them. “Oh yeah, sorry.” Y/N said, lifting herself up as her friend clearly noticed the nonchalant look on her. “I’ll leave you two alone.” Y/F/N stated, getting up to hug Y/N tightly and hugged Joe briefly as she left the couple’s flat.

“What’s your problem with Y/F/N?” Y/N asked, confusion itched across her face as she sat next to her lover on a stool. “Nothing.” Joe shrugged as they both started to eat, a weird silence hanging in the air.  “Joe, what’s wrong? You’ve been like this since we arrived.” She exclaimed, clearly noticing that something was going on with him. “Well maybe I just wanted to surprise you and spend the evening with you and you kind of ruined everything by bringing her here.” Joe suddenly blurred out, annoyance in his voice which was quite surprising as he rarely sounded so mad. “Hey, don’t be rude. Why don’t you like her?” Y/N said, frowning at him as he sighed, looking up to her. “I’m sorry. I don’t know, I do like her, she’s really nice but she’s just so close to you.” Joe explained, meeting her glance as a smirk slowly appeared on her face. “Are you jealous, Joseph?” She said, trying to hold in a laugh. “Well, she likes girls and as far as I’m concerned, you are one!” Joe exclaimed as a small smile was forming on his own lips.

He watched as Y/N got up, walking closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Well since you’ve known me for years, you’re supposed to know that I’m into boys. And especially one who used to be a thatcher.” She stated, letting out a laugh as  Joe wrapped his arms around her waist. “I just embarrassed myself, didn’t I?” He questioned, cringing at himself, earning a laugh from his girlfriend. “It was still adorable.” She admitted before they exchanged a kiss. 

Y/N and Y/F/N would definitely make sure to remind him of that embarrassing moment for the rest of his life.

Did You Know?

Tyler Joseph x Fem!Reader | masterlist

AU: You and Tyler get into a fight and split.. Only for him to find you a few years later.. with a son.

A/N: This is a Tyler version of my fic Is She Mine?, hope you enjoy!

“Tyler, why are you ignoring me?” you asked frustrated. You and Tyler had just gotten home from a party. Tyler ignored you the entire way home, and now that you two were finally in bed, he still continued to stay silent. He shot you a glare in response. “You know why, Y/N,” he finally said, with a dark tone.
“Tyler, if I knew the reason, I wouldn’t keep asking.”
“I am just so freaking tired of you flirting with Josh. It’s like, when Josh comes around, you forget I exist. You can’t have both of us, Y/N! So just make a decision and stop playing with me!” he shouted.
“Tyler, I do not have any feelings for Josh. I love you, and only you. You should know that.. Why don’t you trust me?”
“It’s kind of hard to trust you when I have to watch you throw yourself onto Josh.”
Okay. Ouch. That one hurt.
“Maybe you should just leave,” Tyler whispered, turning away from you.
And just like that, your heart was ripped into a million pieces. Tyler walked out the door, and you heard his car drive off. With tears in your eyes, you packed your stuff, and did exactly as he asked, leaving a small note with your engagement ring on top.

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Hole - edy - Twenty One Pilots [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Twenty One Pilots
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Josh Dun/Tyler Joseph
Characters: Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Anger Management, Anxiety, Enemies to Lovers, Guilt, Hoarding, Minor Violence, Recovery, Self-Harm
Summary: “I swear to fucking God, Tyler,” he yells at the top of his lungs, from his own apartment. His voice is loud and right above Tyler’s head. “If I have to smell this shit wafting through the air vents for one more day, I’m gonna fucking report you.”

i’m sorry it’s been… like, a month or whatever since i posted a fic… i’ve been writing, i swear, it’s just for a chapter fic and i’m not ready to post that yet…

i have no idea what i’m going to write next

 i feel obligated to finish my apocalypse fic (the chapter fic) because i don’t want 60k+ words to go to waste

who knows

Look at me.
Really look at me.
Not just the freckles on my nose
or the horrible pimple above my left eyebrow.
Look into me.
See who I really am,
and not just what you see.
—  Tyler Joseph
Tyler's instagram live (in case you missed it)

- he’s proud of us
- Jenna had to show him how to use the live video
- he was in his woods, he goes there a lot, and even though it’s his personal space, he “let us in there for a little bit” (not exact quote, but close enough)
- he’s proud of us
- he bought a leafblower and thanked us for it
- he’s proud of us
- he never had to buy a leafblower before, because he never had his own place where leaves could fall, so he never needed one. but now he does, because of us
- he’s proud of us
- he and Josh didn’t go to the Billboard awards because it would have been hard to organise it (and also he didn’t really want to go either)
- he doesn’t really like music awards
- when he was younger, he had to show his music to house guests whenever someone was over. he never wanted to, but sometimes he still showed them his music. every time he did, he was happier afterwards.
- he feels like they wouldn’t be here now without us giving them a little nudge to keep doing there music
(- also I think he might have said something like he wouldn’t even be here at all, but I didn’t fully understand that sentence)
- he’s proud of us
- he’s asking us to be patient with them, they are working on new music (!!!)
- he saw a deer walking by, he went to find it
- he had a bit trouble with turning off the live stream, but eventually did it