twenty one pilots ended the blurryface era by playing the last show of tour de columbus on june 25th 2017. 

this era changed a lot for us and for them. they’ve gotten countless awards such as their first ever grammy in 2017. they played sold out arenas worldwide including two sold out shows at madison square garden in new york.  

on the last show of the blurryface era, tyler changed the lyrics to “i want to say goodbye” during trees.  

Rough Day**




I haven’t seen Y/N in over a week. Finals had started and she had spent all of her extra time in the university library with her head in her books. We had made plans to hang out in hopes to take some of the pressure off of her but every night without fail, I’d receive a text late at night that she wasn’t going to make it.

Today was Y/N’s first final and I had managed to convince her to come over afterwards. She protested at first, claiming that she needed to prepare for her other finals, but she soon realized that she deserved a break from studying. 

I was sitting in my office editing a video when I heard my front door open and slam shut, the sound of loud footsteps making their way into my flat.

“Y/N?” I asked coming out of my office. 

I moved further into my flat only to find my girlfriend sprawled over my couch, a pillow hugged tightly against her chest.

“Hey love, how’d your first final go?” I said patting her leg that was flung over the arm of the couch. The smile I had etched across my face for finally seeing my girlfriend in weeks faded when I saw her tear stained cheeks. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I failed, I’m pretty sure I just bombed that test. I completely drew a blank on half of the questions and I now I’m going to have to retake the class…” she trailed off with a sniffled.

“Y/N you didn’t fail. You knew all the materials, forwards and backwards.”

“I failed Joe, like I’m pretty positive.” She said as she moved to sit up, allowing room for Joe to sit down next to her and pull her close. “And now I’m probably going to fail tomorrow’s finals because this is in my head and I should just drop out now.”

“Love you’re not dropping out, you’re already so far-“

“I might not have a choice Joe if I fail the rest of these tests.” Y/N said standing up and running her fingers through her hair.

“You’re stressed Y/N. You’ve been studying for months without a break. This is why I’ve wanted you to come over last week and today. You need to relax love. You’re second guessing your intelligence, promise me. Let me help you relax and get you ready for tomorrow.” I said pulling her onto my lap and kissing the side of her neck.

“No Joe, I need to go home and study.” She said attempting to push me away but failed as my grip around her waist tightened.

“Y/N you are taking a break tonight.” I whispered in her ear.

“Joe..” She said quietly as she let her head roll back as I began kissing her neck again.

“Come on love,” I said picking her up and carrying her to my guest room, laying her on the bed. “Let me make your bad day better” I said with a smirk as I kissed her lips.

I ran my hand down the side of her body, my finger tips stopping at the end of her t-shirt. I push my hand under her shirt and caress the smooth skin of her tummy. Pulling away from the kiss, I sit her up to pull the shirt over her head. My lips find their way to their favorite spot on her neck as I fumble with the clasp on her bra. 

I feel her own hands on the skin as she tugs on my shirt. I help her pull it over my head before reattaching my lips to her soft skin, as I move my way down her body. I stop to work at the button of her jeans, sliding them and her underwear down her legs and tossing them to the side next to the rest of her clothes. 

I kiss down the inside of her legs causing goosebumps to form as her back arches; anticipating my next move. I ran a fingers up and down her folds before continuing the actions with my tongue. 

Y/N let out a soft moan as I began to suck harshly on her clit. I could feel her body start to relax under my touch. All her built up stress from her exams were being release with each moan she let out. 

I pushed a finger into her slowly causing a louder moan to release her lips as her grip on the bed sheets tightened. 

“Shit…Joe” Y/N breathed out as her legs began to shake.

She let her back arch even more off of the bed as she let out another loud moan mixed with my name as she released all the pressure that had built up inside of her. 

Pull myself away from her core and bring my lips up to hers, “Feel better?” I smile against her lip.

“Mhmm, although I might need some more of that later tonight.” 

“Oh so you’re staying the night now?” I laughed. 

“I suppose I deserve a proper break for the rest of the day.”

“You can always come back after tomorrows finals, I’m sure there is something more I can do to help you relive some more stress.” I smirked causing her to laugh. 

“Thanks Joe.” She said wrapping her arms around my torso after I laid down beside her. 

moistevil  asked:

can we play kings and mao and bullshit card games like that with the stardust crusaders i think we both a deserve a night with the b o y s

-Let’s say they play Mao
-Mao is a game where you cannot talk, and you figure out the rules as you go.
•Joseph would start off as mao master because he’s old.
•Jotaro is very good at this game, though he gets carded often for not getting the rules.
•Polnareff gets carded for talking.
•A lot.
•"Merde!“ *carded* “That doesn’t count!” *carded* “Stop it this isn’t fair!!” *carded*
•Basically the only real competitors in this game is Avdol and Kakyoin. With Noriaki being naturally competitive and Avdol just being wise and witty enough to get by.
•They often become mao masters as well.
•They make up ridiculous rules as well, most of them specific to Polnareff.
•"Every time Polnareff swears in French, he has to stand up and sing for a full minute.“ -Avdol
•"Every time Polnareff gets carded, we get to point and laugh at him.” -Kakyoin
•With card games in general, Kakyoin wins.
•He’s very good with working under a set of rules, and he’s a major strategist.
•Joseph shuffles decks because h a n d s
•Polnareff is honestly comic relief to the group during the card game.
•It’s also very obvious if he bluffs during any card game.
•Jotaro just keeps quiet and enjoys the games because of the gang interacting with each other.
•Avdol tells really weird jokes, other than that he stays quiet. He has plenty of good stories too.
-Admin Jules╰(*´︶`*)╯♡


Descenso radical en parapente con Joseph Innes.

Joseph vive la vida a tope, quizás un pelín demasiado a tope.


tyler + zack joseph

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Fans in attendance at the Schott tonight have spotted white and blue confetti in addition to the usual red confetti. This could hint at a new era beginning tonight and a possible new album/song reveal/tease. 

NØTE: cliqueconspiracy is NOT in Columbus tonight, and cannot confirm that this is true. However, it would make sense.

FURTHER UPDATE: The entire arena went red a few minutes ago, signifying the end of the Blurryface era.

LAST UPDATE: Red confetti was released last night, meaning that the blue and white that was seen could have been left over from other events at the arena. The release of only red confetti also makes sense, as a final farewell to Blurryface in the album’s signature color.

At the moment, the significance of the WAIT_s has not been revealed, meaning that Easter eggs and clues to new music could be out there.

Tyler's instagram live (in case you missed it)

- he’s proud of us
- Jenna had to show him how to use the live video
- he was in his woods, he goes there a lot, and even though it’s his personal space, he “let us in there for a little bit” (not exact quote, but close enough)
- he’s proud of us
- he bought a leafblower and thanked us for it
- he’s proud of us
- he never had to buy a leafblower before, because he never had his own place where leaves could fall, so he never needed one. but now he does, because of us
- he’s proud of us
- he and Josh didn’t go to the Billboard awards because it would have been hard to organise it (and also he didn’t really want to go either)
- he doesn’t really like music awards
- when he was younger, he had to show his music to house guests whenever someone was over. he never wanted to, but sometimes he still showed them his music. every time he did, he was happier afterwards.
- he feels like they wouldn’t be here now without us giving them a little nudge to keep doing there music
(- also I think he might have said something like he wouldn’t even be here at all, but I didn’t fully understand that sentence)
- he’s proud of us
- he’s asking us to be patient with them, they are working on new music (!!!)
- he saw a deer walking by, he went to find it
- he had a bit trouble with turning off the live stream, but eventually did it


Tyler and Josh’s fathers imitating twenty one pilots as a whole x)

source: chrisajoseph (instagram)

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