“You‘re Josh, remember?“

Request: “I was wondering if you could write a story where the reader meets Josh during a m&g and he instantly takes a liking to her w/o her realising it? Thanks! Btw your blog is my fav thing ever. (:“

(A/N): Thank you so much omg, I hope you don‘t completely hate this because in my opinion it‘s literally one of my worsts. Thanks for submitting x 

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You‘ve been standing in this never ending line for your favourite band for over four hours now. A fellow friend of yours was supposed to attend the signing hours with you but unfortunately, he has to work so you‘re all by yourself, surrounded by hundreds - or even thousands - of strangers in this malodorous and small area. Eventually, you‘re just one person away from meeting your favourite humans on earth face to face. At the beginning, could hear Josh greeting the two girls and Tyler‘s voice shortly after, because he‘s sitting and the very end of the table. 

Before you know it, the girls have left and it‘s finally your turn. Your stomach knots up and your breathing becomes rapid and shallow. Your legs start to shake as you take unsteady steps towards the table. You‘re afraid you might trip. The only thing you could concentrate on, is the hammering of your heart against your chest. It seems to be pounding so hard that you feel like it will possibly break your ribs apart. You could not figure out wether it‘s the excitement of meeting your idols or the crippling anxiety that‘s causing your body to react this way. Your eyes are seeing the two men but appearing not to. It‘s almost too good to be true for your brain. Somehow, you manage to utter a high pitched “Hey“ as the security man pushes you forward, despite your empty burning lungs. 

Your gaze immediately lands on Josh, to see him already starring right back with a look you could not identify, in addition, no words leaving his mouth. The brown haired guy next to him appears to be waiting for his best friend to say something but for whatever reason, the dude remains silent. Therefore, he decides to take the lead and start the conversation. 

“Hi there, what‘s your name?“ 

You swallow harshly in order to speak. “An honour to meet both of you. My name‘s (Y/N)“

“I-I‘m Josh“ the drummer introduces himself, quick like a shot with a hint of uneasiness. You arch an eyebrow at his remark, not knowing how to respond. Suddenly Tyler breaks into forced laughter, failing at covering up for his bandmate. 

“I think she probably knew that before coming to our meet&greet, right?“ the lead singer jokes, trying to get you to ignore the pure awkward tension floating in the atmosphere. Sensing the poor attempt, you choose to go along. “Wait, who are you guys again? Twenty One Passengers, am I right?“

A playful smirk appears on the guy‘s face as the sentence leaves your mouth. “Oh no, it‘s actually Twenty One Pilots. I‘m Tyler, and you already know, that‘s Josh“ he finishes while patting the yellow haired dude on the back. 

“Really? I was hoping for Coldplay, but I guess I‘ll take it“ you answer shrugging.

“I like you“, the married man says after good ten seconds of studying your face with the remaining smirk, “What do you have there in your hand?“

“It‘s a painting I made for you guys“, you tell them and place the piece of art you‘ve put a hell lot of effort into, on the wooden table, “I know it‘s not very good, but-“

Before you could finish Tyler chimes in. “Are you kidding me? That‘s sick!“ he exclaims and takes the artwork in both of his hands to be able to take a better look at it. 

“So sick!“ Josh adds in awe, involving himself into the conversation. 

“Thank you so much! This is defiantly gonna look great hanging above my bed“ his best friend states, giving you a genuine smile. 

“I hope so?“, you blush, biting back an enormous grin, “By the way, would you guys mind signing this?“

Taking the shirt out of your grip, the drummer uses his teeth to remove the lid from his sharpie. “Of course! Wait, no- we do not mind“ he quickly corrects himself after realising his mistake, making you stifle a laugh.

“Dude, why did you sign with my name?“ Tyler cuts in confusedly, just as the man next to him finishes the signature.

“I did?“

“Yeah, it says ‘Tyler‘“, the lead singer claims pointing at the fabric with giggles escaping his lips, “That‘s me, you‘re Josh remember?“

“Crap“, Josh mumbles under his breath, “sorry about that, wait I can fix it“

“No no it‘s fine! You don‘t have to-“ 

Does‘t matter how hard you wanted to stop him, the yellow haired boy was already in the process of ruining your piece of clothing even more by making the mistake more obvious. After finishing covering up the false signature, he created by accident, with black paint, the guy passes on the shirt to his bandmate. Tyler takes his time to sign and hands it right back to you. “Thank you for coming, and for the sick painting“ he chirps. 

“Sorry again about your shirt“ Josh apologises, scratching the back of his head. 

“Oh don‘t worry about it, it was great meeting you two“ 

With that being said, the three of you exchange goodbyes. As soon as Josh‘s attention is focused on the next group of fans, Tyler gestures to the place where he has put his signature, telling you to take another glimpse at it. Not knowing what to expect, you choose to do what you‘re told. The second your eyes land on the shirt, you spot a series of numbers and some words messily written beside them.

“You should give my best friend Josh a call #  -Tyler“

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