Stardust Crusaders Scents

Jotaro- Drakkar Noir, his natural scent is greasy and musky because he’s a dirty teenager that never washes

Kakyoin- coconut shampoo, doesn’t use cologne very often, has a somewhat powdery smell

Joseph- lil’ bit of an old man smell, sweat, and Old Spice

Polnareff- cigarettes, mint gum, newspaper, uses Joseph’s Old Spice, sometimes sunscreen

Avdol- earthy incense, sandalwood, and fire

Iggy- nasty unwashed dog and coffee flavored gum

Holly- signature mom smell and cookies

DIO- dust, sex, blood, and a deep, mysterious, intoxicating aroma


jojosheadcannons  asked:

Could we get a scenario of young Joseph and Caesar (separately) on silly dates they'd take their s/o's out to?

i wanna go on a silly date with them wtf 

especially joseph he seems like he knows how to have a fun asf date - mod cassie


  • Knowing Joseph, a silly date with him would probably revolve around something to do with the circus. The thing is, though, the information he has isn’t even that solid. He heard it from a conversation of two people, one of which was informed by a friend that the circus was coming to town. Though he hasn’t heard of it before and there was no physical evidence of it’s existence, he has a time and place so of course you’re going.
  • Let’s say this thing actually exists. The circus is in town and you two actually manage to arrive on time and get to see the performances. Man, Joseph would have a ball in watching the events with an arm around your shoulder, loudly laughing at the comedy sketches (despite being very cheesy) and shouting out praise when they were performing their stunts. 
  • Whenever something intense happens, he’ll over dramatically wipe at his forehead and say, “Whew! That was a close one, don’t you think?”. If it was something that really caught his eye AND it was pulled off expertly, Joseph will jump right up and cheer, then look down at you with eyes of excitement and say, “Did you see that, ___?!”
  • In truth he probably has more fun with the circus than you do, and more of your joy and fun times is you watching him get so hyped and enjoy himself. He’s just so cute and it’s hard not to love him.
  • When it’s all over and the circus is calling in for the night, he’ll stick around for just a bit longer to make sure the both of you don’t miss anything. If there’s any stands around for the event he’ll end up splurging his money by buying lots of food and tons of cotton candy, which was mostly just for you but he stole a lot of. He also would buy you drinks but would end up drinking yours once he finishes his own. If there’s any interactive stands like games he’d play them and try his best to win you whatever stuffed animals your heart desires. 


  • Being the fancy ladies man that he is, having silly dates with his partner isn’t exactly his forte. He does nice restaurants, walks under the moonlight, flashy or soothing things. If there was going to be silliness it would probably be him taking you to dinner and a show, and the show just happened to be something comedic you both can laugh at and enjoy.
  • If you wanted to do something less traditional and more fun, more silly than the things he suggests, it would have to be you who plans it out and brings up the concept. Honestly, with enough of your coaxing I could see Caesar having a lot of fun in building forts.
  • At first he doesn’t see the appeal. You’re just messing up furniture, making a mess of blankets and pillows for something you’ll just tear down later. He really doesn’t see the point, but goes along with it anyways because you’re excited over it and the last thing he wants to do is disappoint you.
  • When he starts building and gradually gets over his previous feelings, he’d realize that it’s actually way more fun than he had originally thought. As the two of you start pulling sheets and pillows together, using chairs and cushions as walls, he really gets into the idea and begins to loosen up a bit, and helps design the fort to be something amazing.
  • When it’s all finished, his need for flashiness kicks up again. He decided this fort needs one more thing, and he has to dig for 10 minutes through decoration boxes to get it. It ends up being christmas streamer lights, which he lines the inside of the fort with and turns on for aesthetic purposes. 
  • After you’ve had your fun together and you suggest taking it down since it’s starting to get a bit late, he finds that he really doesn’t want to. You both worked so hard on it, and it’s sooo pretty and well put together, what’s the harm in just staring in it overnight and dealing with the clean up tomorrow when you’re both more rested?
  • You have no issue what so ever, and you both work to hound up whatever pillows and blankets you have around the house that weren’t used as fort supplies. The two of you settle back into the fort, relaxing, satisfied at your creation and the time spent together. 
Battle Tendency Scents

(New and improved!)

Joseph- like a manly MAN, when he’s training he smells like sweat but it’s not gross, he has a pleasant musk, when he’s not all sweaty (which isn’t very often) he uses old spice

Caesar- soap and a lot of expensive cologne, skin and hair products

Lisa Lisa- cigarettes, black coffee, and elegant perfume

Susi Q- fruity perfume and a little bit of cleaning supplies chemicals

Kars- incense of unknown origin, really musty and coppery

Esidisi- fire and a similar incense smell to Kars but it’s a lot harsher than his

Wamuu- that crisp wind smell, a little sweaty, and jasmine

Santana- musty, similar incense smell to Kars and Esidisi but it’s distinctly less potent and it smells like cinnamon

I always pictured the Pillar Men having similar scents but they were all distinctly unique to each person.


DiU Scents

Josuke- hair product, bubble gum, some kind of manly man cologne that doesn’t suit him

Okuyasu- pine-scented hair gel, too much cologne, money!!!$$$

Koichi- clean laundry and vanilla extract

Rohan- paper, ink (wow, surprising and original, good job, Cloud), Chanel No.5

Yukako- cheap girly perfume, grape flavored chapstick



Kira- nail polish, typical office man cologne, aftershave

Hayato- crayons, rain, no tears shampoo

Shinobu- dinner, rosemary, and mom lotion

Mikitaka- cinnamon buns and freshly cut grass