Though the chains of destiny may bind you, though you may be fated to fight, know that a noble heart is strong as a diamond, and as free as golden wind in the sky. Though you may be imprisoned in a sea of stone, you can keep walking toward the light. There’s always a blessing waiting in the wings, and as many signposts to guide you as there are stars in the sky. Go now, and journey beyond the stars!


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-sadly I'm on mobile so I can't get to your rules. I truly apologize for being an inconvenience if I screw up. delete my ask if this sucks- Let's pretend Jonathan somehow comes back (at like maybe the end of part 4). Could I request headcanons on how the other Jojos (from parts 2-4 of course) would react to meeting him?

No rules have been broken, don’t worry at all! I hope these turned out okay!

☆ Joseph ☆

  • Joseph would get pretty emotional, actually; he says he doesn’t care much about family name, but having grown up without parents, he’d love to be able to meet his grandfather. He’s heard good things about Jonathan from Erina, so he’d love to meet the man himself.
  • Jonathan would be amazed; this is his grandson? What?? He’d also be very proud at Joseph’s Hamon ability and training; he may even ask that Joseph teach him a few things, or take him to Lisa Lisa, since Jonathan never got training of that level.
  • He’d be somewhat disappointed in his grandson’s attitude, honestly- he seems reckless and loud and very un-gentlemanly. However, when he sees how in love Joseph and Suzie are, he’d be filled to the brim with pride; he’d inherited some of the gentle Joestar spirit after all!

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • Things would probably be pretty uncomfortable between these two at first; Jonathan is a gentle giant, and Jotaro is anything but. There might be some bickering at first, as Jonathan tries to offer advice to fix Jotaro’s attitude- it would be up to Holly to keep them from going at each other.
  • Once they’re settled and not fighting, they’d get into fairly deep conversation. When Jonathan learns that Jotaro is the one who permanently took out Dio, he’d have a new respect for the kid, and would want to spend some time learning about Star Platinum and Stands in general.
  • Jotaro would probably try and be the tiniest bit nicer around Jonathan; he’d never heard much from that side of the family, and the guy’s from something like a hundred years ago, so it can’t really hurt. He draws the line when Jonathan starts entertaining the fangirls and inviting them to date his descendant, though

☆ Josuke ☆

  • Although he’d be confused at how this was even possible, he’d be so excited to meet Jonathan! He’d never even known his own father, and now he’s able to meet one of the men at the head of the bloodline- this is great.
  • He’d want to show Jonathan around the entire town, showing him off to all his friends. “Can you believe I’m related to this beast? The two of them stop to pet every dog they see along the way, and that ends up with all the dogs following them home. They both look ready to cry when Josuke’s mom says take ‘em back.
  • Josuke’d heard a bit about Hamon from his dad, but given that Joseph isn’t in the best shape to teach, he’d ask Jonathan to show him how it works! He doesn’t quite have the talent for it, though; he can make a few sparks fly from his fingertips, but that’s it. Jonathan would be proud of him anyways!

Ok so I actually thought about this a while ago and idk why I’m only posting it now but here you go

Theory: Joseph’s clackers were literally just improvised from a toy he already happened to have with him

When Joseph first demonstrates the clackers, he talks about them as if it’s some cool thing he put a lot of thought into beforehand, but I don’t think he actually did. I think he’s full of shit. Here’s why:

These screencaps are from when Joseph, Caesar, Speedwagon, and Mark were in the car on the way to the colosseum. This couldn’t have been more than like, maybe a half hour before they fought the Pillar Men.

Now what’s important to note here is that Joseph doesn’t say “I’ll show him my special attack”, he says “I’ll invent a special attack”. This implies that he doesn’t already have one- he’s still thinking. (It also means he’s probably been somewhat hyperfocused on wanting a cooler attack than the bubble launcher for a couple hours now, poor guy. But that’s not important right now.)

Obviously, there’s no way he could have thought of a ton of potential weapons to make, decided on the clackers, and created and practiced using them while in the car. So they were almost certainly an improvised weapon.

Now, where did he get the clackers? He certainly didn’t pick them up on the floor of the colosseum. In fact, he specifically mentions that they’re “ordinary American clackers”. This implies that he brought them with him from America, and has had them on his person this entire time. A toy.


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HC's for Jotaro and Joseph with an empath s/o? Take your time and thank you! (If you don't have inspiration, you dont have to do it)

I had to do some research on what an empath was, so I’m sorry if I didn’t get it quite right! ;w; I hope you like these anyways!

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • Because he keeps to himself so much, Jotaro may be kind of uncomfortable when his s/o explains what an empath is. There’s reasons he keeps his feelings buried, and having someone be able to read him so easily would be unnerving.
  • He may also struggle if his s/o is on the more expressive end of the spectrum; he isn’t quite sure how to comfort them on the many occasions they start crying, and if they’re very physical then he’s likely to freeze up if they grab his hand or go for an unexpected hug.
  • Whether he realizes it or not, Jotaro will eventually settle into being extremely comfortable in his s/o’s presence, much more than either of them expected. As long as they realize that he’s uncomfortable being read like a book and questioned, he’ll begin to open up in his own time.
  • It would take awhile of being together, but eventually he’ll let his s/o talk about the things they’re feeling from him. It would be a huge relief, having someone to pull all that grief off his chest, once he’s finally ready.

☆ Joseph ☆

  • He’s never heard of an empath before, so he’d have a lot of questions. Is it some sort of magic? Are they psychic? Can they control emotions, or does it just stop at feeling them strongly?
  • He doesn’t hide his emotions much; he feels them pretty strongly himself, so there’s really no question as to what’s going on in his life at the moment. Because of this, if he and his s/o are together and feeling something very strongly, it can overwhelm the people around them.
  • They’re not allowed to watch sad movies together because they always end up bawling for hours afterwards
  • He’d want to do some research eventually, to figure out how to handle an s/o that’s more emotional than even him. It may take him awhile to get to it though, so until then, he’d just try his best to roll with whatever they’re feeling.
  • If his s/o is in some sort of rage, he’d let them take it out by punching his fantastic abs