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twenty one pilots themed asks!
  1. how long have you been a fan? 
  2. what’s the first song that you heard?
  3. do you remember the exact moment when you realized you were hooked?
  4. what are your top five favorite songs by them at this moment?
  5. have you ever introduced them to a friend or family member, and they ended up being a fan as a result?
  6. have you met any amazing friends because of twenty one pilots? tag them!
  7. what other musical artists have you found because of twenty one pilots? 
  8. reese’s puff or waffle crisps?
  9. what’s your favorite tattoo of tyler’s?
  10. what’s your favorite tattoo of josh’s?
  11. do you have any twenty one pilots tattoos? or do you want to get one someday? 
  12. do you have any of their merch?
  13. which of their songs make you feel happy or “pumped”?
  14. which of their songs calm you down?
  15. which of their songs make you feel sad, if any?
  16. what’s your favorite song off of no phun intended?
  17. would you ever consider being tyler or josh for halloween? what would the costume be like?
  18. what do you order at chipotle?
  19. any theories or hopes for the new album?
  20. who’s the tyler to your josh (or josh to your tyler)? tag them!
  21. would you rather be attacked by 100 chicken-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized chicken?
  22. Have you ever seen donnie darko? what about fight club? what did you think?
  23. which album era best describes your “aesthetic”?
  24. what’s your favorite music video and why?
  25. have you seen them live before? do you have plans to in the future?
  26. are you a redbull person or a starbucks coffee person?
  27. favorite quote of tyler’s?
  28. favorite quote of josh’s?
  29. what’s the last twenty one pilots song you listened to? what were you doing at the time, and how did you feel?
  30. you get to have a 30 minute lunch at taco bell with either tyler, josh, or jenna. who do you choose and what would you like to talk to them about?

anonymous asked:

AU for companions fashion style in our timeline?

Lets pretend Ada and Codsworth can wear clothes for this

Ada: Hoodie and jeans, casual and comfortable

Cait: Leather jackets, jeans, wild hair, “biker/rocker chick” aesthetic

Codsworth: Smart attire 24/7

Curie: Nerd Chic aesthetic, glasses, minimalist style, bright colours, overall cuteness

Danse: Flannel shirt, blue jeans, rough/ bed head hair and some stubble

Deacon; Classic T-shirt and Slacks

 Gage: Standard black top and blue jeans, nothing fancy

Hancock: Slight hipster styel but dapper in his eyes

MacCready: Military styled clothes, jackets, boots and aviators

Nick: Smart, casual, of course with an overcoat

Old Longfellow: Overcoat aesthetic but more rugged than Nick

Piper: Alternative/ hipster chic, glasses and of course the red coat and hat thrown in somewhere

Preston: Casual attire, jeans, hoodie and a jacket for hanging out in

Strong: Tight t-shirts to show off the muscles

X6-88: All black, extremely smart, still with the aviators

Maxson: Big Bomber Jackets, swept hear, jeans and boots