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I’m bored, play with me

Goodbye sanity

Certified nutso

Oh, come to daddy

Little vixen (Halloween themed)

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Arkham Intern • part 1 (JokerXreader)

It’s your first week as an intern at the Arkham Asylum, you are the assistant of Dr. Andersen, a psychiatrist. She’s a famous doctor here, mostly because she is in charge of all the big cases. Today you and Dr. Andersen are going to see the patient she is having the most trouble with, the Joker himself.

“He’s a tough one, he doesn’t respond to any form of therapy. He hasn’t spoke a word since they assigned me his file. He killed his last doctor and the one before that got send home, the poor Geoffrey lost his mind in the process… It seems like his attitude changes accordingly to each person, he is playing us.” Dr. Andersen explained to you as you both were walking toward his glass cell with two guards to escort him to the therapy room.

As soon as he saw you and Dr. Andersen he pounced on the cell wall, pressing his hands against the wall. He was shirtless which allowed you to see every of his well defined muscles.

Ooooh you got me a little gift Mrs. Andersen, so nice of you.”

Back off psycho !” a guard answered him.

So you speak to me now Joker ?” asked the doctor.

He ignored her, he ignored them all but he was staring at you. “What’s your name beauty?” You looked at Dr. Andersen as if you needed her permission to answer. She was quiet and the Joker was still staring at you, waiting for an answer.

I’m (y/n)” you said with a small voice.

Tell me (y/n), do you like games ?”

Enough psycho !” the guard was loosing his patience.

Joker looked at him with the darkest gaze you have ever seen. Even from here he looked scary. If he wasn’t safe behind a glass screen the guard would already be dead by now. You don’t speak like that to the Joker.

Doctor I’ve got an idea, why won’t you let me have my therapy session with this cute intern of yours ? I’d say nothing to you anyway you know that. But with her,” He stopped to look at you from top down. “I could have a little chit chat.”

He looked scary saying that but also very strangely, sort of attractive. The doctor turned a button off so the Joker couldn’t hear you discuss.

“You can’t be thinking about it seriously, she has no experience !” said the guard.

Well why not ? It’s not like we have many options left. What do you think (Y/N), would you be comfortable with this?”

I’m not sure that comfortable would be the exact word but I’m willing to give it a try.”

Are you all crazy?” asked the other guard.

Dr. Andersen put her hand behind your back taking you away“All right, but remember he is a crazy psychopath, he’ll probably try to take advantage of you and manipulate you.”

You kind of felt like you were her guinea pig but if it could help your internship grade, why not ? Time to show your reckless side.

When you entered the room he was already sitting behind the table in front of you. He was wearing a straitjacket, the guards insisted on it for more safety and you knew they were standing right behind the door if you needed them anyway.

You walked toward the Joker and sat in front of him avoiding direct eye contact. He destabilized you so much.

Don’t be scared sweetie, I won’t bite. Unless you ask nicely.” he smiled.

You felt your cheeks blushing to his flirty tone.

So tell me a bit more about you (y/n), how old are you?”

Dr. Andersen’s instructions were clear : just make him talk. Whatever the subject was it could help the doctor entering his mind and try to understand him, you just had to report her his words.

The session was going on and it seemed more like he was interviewing you rather than the opposite. He was actually being so charming with you, you become more comfortable talking to him. You two even shared a few laugh.

You knew he was totally toying with you but you still had in mind your goal and decided to play his game by helping him unleash one of his arm to ease the pain a bit.

You know it was dangerous to partially free him, yet you also wanted to know what he was gonna do, as a psychiatric experiment for sure, but there was also a tiny part of you that what just curious.

The second the green haired man regained control of his own arm he jumped on you, overturning the table with his quick move. He pushed you against the nearest wall with a tight grip on your neck.

Tell me doctor, what did you expect ?” he asked, his face so close to yours.

You must be dying to hurt me now, right ? I know how difficult it must be for you to be chained, unable to cause any pain to someone else since days”

Don’t tease me darling” he grinned.

His face became serious again, he let go of your neck and grabbed the bottom of your head instead.

You thought he was going to kill you, right now, with his bare hand. You knew he could and he knew it too.

His other hand started to caress the collar of your blouse following the white tissue down to your chest. He couldn’t see your breast but it seemed like he was trying to picture it. He was staring at it so deeply with his mouth slightly open. He softly touched your visible skin with his thumb awakening your skin, it gave you goosebumps.  

He looked up at you, slowly removed his hands and calmly regained his sit. 

This man is so unpredictable. You were at his mercy two seconds ago, he could have done anything to you, but he didn’t.

You tied his arm back behind his back without him resisting. You were not supposed to free him at all, you would be fired if someone learned about it. You sat back in front of him and checked the clock, the session was over.

Don’t wear a bra next time you come to see me.” he added just before the guards came in to take him back to his cell. His little game was perfectly timed.

I thought I would do just a one shot story, but it’s going to take at least 3 parts, I can’t stop writing. Maybe there is to much unnecessary parts but i feel like I can’t not give any context.

Warning: part 2 is gonna be out soon, shorter and with a little smut and even more smut in part 3

Please give me some feedback :)

Part 2 (Light SMUT)

Part 3 (SMUT)


“God, why are you doing this to me? Do you hear me? Any kindness you take away. You gave me the dreams. You brought me the gift! Some gift! My dreams are lies. What have I done to deserve this?”

“But you are a miracle. God sent you to save our family and all of Egypt. And you did

I’m bored, play with me

Pairing: Joker x reader

One-shot; Smut 

Mistah J is busy handling business as usual, but Y/N wants to play

You had been skipping around mistah j’s mansion for 30 minutes now, bored out of your mind. He hadn’t taken you out on a heist for weeks or stolen any jewelry for you. Lately it’s been all business, no play. He never let you into his office when he was having his meetings. Apparently he didn’t want other men gawking at you. It was starting to get late so you had changed into your green night-dress. You loved it, and you knew your puddin loved it on you. It reached down to about your mid-thigh and you decided to put on the green diamond ring mister j stole for you a couple of months ago. You kept skipping up and down the stairs in your bear feet, your long hair bouncing up and down. ‘’PUDDIN!’’ you screamed through the hall. 

You could hear him slam his fist on his desk and expected him to burst out the door in a raging fit. But he didn’t. You stood there, pouting and stomping your feet. Fine then. You walked into his office. He was alone now, sitting with a large bunch of papers, writing with a glass of grape soda on his desk. ‘’Whatcha doin mister j?’’ you asked in a sing-song voice. He only growled back at you. ‘’Come on puddin, talk to me, I’m bored.’’ You said a little louder. He looked up but didn’t turn around to look at you. ‘’I’m busy pumpkin.’’ He said plainly and looked down again. You weren’t one to beg for his attention so you refused to plead him to look at you. You were simply going to have to find another way to get his attention. This could be fun. 

You ran into the kitchen giggling, grabbed a spatula and some chocolate goodies. You melted the chocolate in a pan and started baking dark chocolate cookies. They were his favorite. For a bitter man, he had a real sweet tooth.  You were sitting with your legs crossed on the kitchen counter, whistling and singing. A goon walked passed the kitchen as he blankly stared at this little girl mixing cookie-batter and humming. You shaped the batter into little circles; put them on a tray and into the oven. 

Now all you had to do was wait. Hmmm, you thought to yourself as you walked into you and your puddin’s master bedroom, opening his closet and grabbing his revolver. You smiled to yourself and walked out on your terrace. Outside you could see some of mister j’s goons walking around, talking, and looking boring.

 You smirked to yourself as you raised the gun and aimed it at them. Of course, you had nothing on your puddin but you were still a hell of a shot. If you actually did shoot em’ mister j would get mad at you so you settled with scaring the living shit out of them instead. You aimed at the bush, inches away from where a goon stood smoking and telling a joke. ‘’HEADS UP’’ you screamed as you pulled the trigger. The goons both jumped into the closest bush, covering their heads with their hands. You started laughing frantically. ‘’Bad joke, baaad joke, bad bad bad joke’’ you mumbled to yourself as you tiptoed back inside.

 You ran downstairs and got the cookies out of the oven. Puddin liked when they were warm and gooey on the inside. You put them on a plate and started walking to his office. You were the only one allowed to just walk inside without knocking. ‘’Puuuuddin’’ you said as you walked towards him. ‘’What.’’ He said harshly. ‘’I got you something real special.’’ You hummed and put the plate of cookies on top of his papers, right under his nose. You hated his business. It took too much time away from you and you never got to be there during his business meetings anyways.

 Mister j sniffed two times before raising his head. ‘’You did this for me, toots?’’ he asked, not as harshly anymore. ‘’Of course’’ I giggled and put my arms around his torso and my leaned my head in the crook of his neck. ‘’Listen cupcake. Daddy’s got a lot of work to do, and you’re not helping.’’ He said as he pushed the plate to the side. You pouted and walked around his chair, hopping onto to his desk and crawling to the middle of it. He was about to yell and kick you out, until he saw what you were wearing. It turned him on seeing his girl wearing his color. Especially when he’s the one that got it for her.

 Mister j leaned back in his chair and sighed, looking at you. ‘’Come on, I’m bored, play with me’’ you whined as you started to crawl towards him and straddled his lap. You put your hands on his shoulders and looked at him as if you were innocence itself. ‘’You know, I really ought to lock that door in the future, baby’’ he said as he slid his hands down your back. ‘’Too many distractions seems to be getting in.’’ he grinned and kissed you.

 You wrapped your arms around his neck and played with his hair. Mister j’s pants tightened and you got up and slowly unzipped his pants. Pulling them down while keeping eye contact with the joker. ‘’Get up’’ he said, and you did as you were told. ‘’Why don’t you be a good little girl and ride your daddy?’’ he grabbed your ass and pulled you on top of him. Pulling your panties aside and positioning himself at your entrance. You sat down, feeling his length fill you up as you let your head fall back in pleasure. Mister J sighed as he leaned forward and buried his face in your chest as you rode him.

 You were both panting as you kept going faster. He pulled down one of your straps and attacked your nipple with his teeth, grazing it between his silver grills. He sucked on it and moved his hand to pinch and play with the other. You started moaning and supported your hands on his shoulders. ‘’You like that?’’ he growled. ‘’Y-yes mistah  j’’ you whimpered. He slapped your ass and guided your body onto his aching crotch. The slap would probably leave a bruise.

 Eventually, you felt his cock twitch inside of you, which made your pussy tighten around him causing you both to moan into your heated kiss. Then you rode out your orgasm together, gripping and biting each other. After your breathing became steady, you wrapped your hands around his neck and rested your head on his chest. He grabbed your waist and lifted you bridal style out of his office. ‘’Let’s go to bed’’ his hoarse voice purred in your ear. You smiled and kissed his chest. ‘’Mmmm, we can have cookies for breakfast.’’


Justice League - Official Trailer 1

Little vixen (Joker fanfiction) Halloween themed

Y/N is ready for a night out with her best friends at a halloweenparty in Gotham City. However, a strange meeting with a dangerous clown gangsta in an alley turns her night in directions she didn’t think possible.

(Gif-credit: @tillyswilda)

Warning: Smut

You were dressed in your favorite purple dress and golden heels, ready for tonight’s Halloween party. Keeping in mind that most guys over 20 would probably dress like the infamous killer clown; The Joker, you sighed and chuckled to yourself in disgust. 

It was so basic, so plain, so.. boring. Everyone knew he was the most dangerous villain in Gotham and honestly, dressing up as him isn’t the worse idea at all. It’s just that these college horndogs don’t even bother to make an effort. Some green in their hair, red lips, black eyes, and they think they’re good to go.

Anyways, you were going to enjoy yourself nonetheless. You had your friends, and you had your best friend, booze. Walking into the club with your friends, you already spotted three Mistah J’s. Jesus Louisus. Then you saw the bar, and felt your feet pick up the pace. 

The night was fun. You laughed, you drank, you danced and you flirted with a few zombies. Can’t really ask for more in Gotham.

As you were walking home, you heard a low groan from an alleyway ahead of you. Clenching on to your purse, you started walking faster, the echo of your heels dancing around in the empty streets. 

You had attempted to be bold by choosing a short cut to get home, which happened to be one of Gotham’s restricted areas. Restricted as in citizens don’t go there, as in if you wanna live, you take the long way home.  

When you got closer, you felt your curiosity beating in your chest. You realized that there was only one person there, and he sounded hurt. 

You probably never would have done this if it wasn’t for the alcohol, but you carefully pulled out your phone and pressed flashlight as you shuffled into the dark alley.

‘’Hello? Are you hurt?’’ you shouted as you waved the light from your phone around, trying to catch a glimpse of the man who had been groaning in pain, just seconds earlier.

‘’Aaah ha ha ha ha.’’ Your head snapped up and you gasped in shock as the light from your phone hit a deranged face. You immediately knew who he was. The Joker. Everyone knew what he looked like, and that laugh was infamous for sending shivers down people’s spines. 

Your eyes travelled down to his stomach and you could see that he was bleeding.

Something in you, felt pity for the monster and without really thinking it through, you walked over to him and hauled him up, his arm hanging over your shoulders. He didn’t say anything, and neither did you as you limped all the way back to your apartment. 

You kicked the door open with your foot and helped The Joker onto your couch. Pulling his shirt up, you tilted your head in confusion as you examined the wound. It was a tiny little cut that didn’t really look like it hurt at all. It wasn’t very deep, so you probably wouldn’t even need to stitch it.

That’s weird. Why did he groan so much from such a small injury? Quickly, you shook it off and found a bottle of vodka from your kitchen cabinet. You put some on a cloth and looked at the clown king who had his eyes glued to you in fascination. 

‘’This might sting a little’’ you said as you pressed it to his bleeding cut. The Joker only chuckled at your drunken wobbly actions and licked his lips.

When you finished up, you helped him sit up straight as you pulled on your dress uncomfortably. The alcohol was starting to wear off and you suddenly became very aware of who was sitting in your apartment in the middle of the night.

‘’Does it feel better?’’ you carefully asked as you looked down at the floor. The Joker grabbed your chin gently and forced you to look up at him. ‘’It does now, thanks to you beautiful.’’ 

Your cheeks reddened a bit and you started playing with your feet, uncertain of how to proceed with this really weird situation you had put yourself in.

‘’I’m just wondering, how I can repay you for you trouble’’ he grinned and started stroking your chin with his thumb. ‘’I-uh, I don’t need anything. It was no problem at all, actually, don’t worry about it’’ you gently spoke as you looked everywhere but in his eyes.

‘’Drop the formalities, princess’’ he growled as his grip became a little tighter. You heartbeat increased rapidly as his rage was starting to show. Then he got up and walked into your kitchen, searching through your drawers while chuckling to himself.

He will just let himself out, right? You didn’t have the guts to ask him to leave as he would probably throw a grenade into your apartment and blow the entire place up while miraculously making it out in one piece. 

Still a little drunk and way too exhausted to even care about the situation, you walked into your bedroom and changed into your silky nightgown. You jumped under the covers and sighed at the delicious warmth.

A part of you was terrified, as you heard The Joker himself pace around in your apartment while you were tucked in. Despite the dangerous situation you were in, you apparently managed to fall asleep because when your eyelids drifted open, you saw that you had been asleep for three hours.

 It wasn’t raining outside anymore, and you couldn’t hear the Joker’s footsteps anymore. You sighed in relief as you realized he had found his way out.

That’s when you saw him sitting in your window, staring at you. Your heart stopped and your eyes widened as you looked at him. Mister J got up and took his jacket off as he walked towards your bed. Paralyzed with fear and excitement, you simply remained as you where, watching his every move. He threw his jacket to the floor and sat down in bed next to you. 

Luckily, he didn’t get under the covers. You somehow found the courage to turn your head towards his and were met with cold and dark eyes. He didn’t say anything, and neither did you.

Then he lifted his hands and placed them on your naked chest, pushing you down on your back. You didn’t want to stop him, your curiosity had full control over your body and you were dying to see what he’d do next.

Mister J ran his fingers gently down the side of your arm, causing goosebumps to form on your skin. You still didn’t stop him. After caressing your arm for minutes, he moved his hand to your stomach and started stroking it gently with the tip of his fingers. 

Knowing who was doing this to you, caused shivers to flow through your entire body as your breathing became heavier.

His eyes were looking down at his hands and what he was doing to you, and you, were looking at him. His fingers danced their way further down, and he carefully started playing with the hem of your panties. You should stop him, right? But you didn’t want to. 

His touch felt so good on your bare skin. Then he looked up into your eyes as his hands slid up your pussy over your panties. He could see the lust forming in your eyes and let out a muffled, throaty groan.

As if that was the permission he had been waiting for, he moved his finger to the fabric of your panties and slowly pushed them to the side. You could feel his steady breath in your ear as he started stroking your wet pussy. Feeling how wet you were made you a little embarrassed. He had barely touched you and you were soaking. 

The sounds of your dripping pussy was the only audible thing in the room and caused you to grow even wetter. He slid his index finger up your wet folds and softly brushed it over your clit. His touch was so faint, you shouldn’t have reacted as strongly as you did. This caused you to give in completely and give up complete control as you gasped and arched your back.

Then he slid two fingers inside you while his thumb was massaging your swollen clit. You couldn’t help but let out a moan as you threw your head back in ecstasy. You knew he was looking at you now, so you shut your eyes. His breath remained steady as he skillfully thrusted his fingers in and out of your throbbing pussy and rubbed your clit. He wanted you to know that he was in control.

Then, his fingers left you and you couldn’t help but let out a pouty disappointed groan. Was he going to leave? Your eyes were full of questions as you looked at him with your swollen pink cheeks. The Joker slowly slid on top of you and crawled down to your legs. You automatically spread your legs for him and he pulled your panties down your legs and threw them where he had thrown his jacket.

You were too scared to look down, so you glued your eyes to the ceiling, shivering with anticipation. The Joker used his fingers to spread your pussy lips apart. Before you knew it, he had placed his wet tongue between your folds. Your breathing was heavy and unsteady. He slid his tongue inside of you and thrusted it in and out, like he was fucking you.

You rolled your head around in pleasure and curled your toes as you felt him licking you. His tongue exited your hole and slid up your wet folds. Then his tongue quickly brushed over your aching clit and you moaned. He flicked his tongue roughly over your clit as you shivered and panted. 

His touch was unlike anything you had ever felt. He kept flicking his wet tongue on your swollen clit as you grabbed his green hair with your hands and tugged on it, desperate for more.

Just when you thought the pleasure couldn’t get more intense, he slid two fingers inside you and started sucking on your clit. You tugged on his hair harder and bucked your hips upwards, begging for more. 

You are writhing underneath him as he grabs your inner thighs to hold you in place.

‘’I-I’m c-close’’ you moan loudly and grip the sheets. Finally, you get some response out of him. You can hear the control he once had, slip as his breathing grows heavier and he growls into your wet pussy. 

The sound and vibrations of his voice causes your eyes to roll back into your head as you pull on his hair and grind your pussy against his face. His tongue is flicking over your clit so fast that it was almost unbelievable.

Your orgasm must have gone on for 20 seconds as his soaked fingers kept thrusting in and out of you hard, throughout your orgasm. Your loud moans were mixed with his groans and growls as he devoured you, which only caused the pleasure to grow more intense.

Your thighs were shaking as you threw your head back and relaxed your body. Your chest was racing rapidly as you were trying to catch your breath. Whilst coming down from your dreamy daze, The Joker kept lazily licking your pussy, like a content cat. He continues for several minutes, as if he is cleaning you up.

Then he slowly gets out of bed and puts his jacket back on. Your eyes are fluttering from the explosion your body just went through and the last thing you see before your eyes shut is the clown prince of crime leaving your bedroom. He didn’t say anything, and neither did you.

Oh, come to daddy

 Pairing; Joker x reader 

A/N: Y/N runs and hides in the house which Mister J isn’t at all pleased with

Warning: Smut

You and Mister J had just gotten into a huge fight over a heist gone wrong. You happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and the bat caught your foot and threatened to throw you off the roof of the building if Mister J didn’t surrender. He knew you were his only weakness. You put yourself in harm’s way, and Mister J was not happy. Usually when he got angry like this, he would take it out on you sexually and honestly, you didn’t mind. Actually, loved it when he played rough with you.

Only you’d never seen him this angry before, which made you scared so you stormed out of his bedroom. The minute you slammed the door you could hear it being kicked open again and his footsteps chasing you down the hall. Which leads us to your current situation. You sitting with your knees pressed to your chest inside the kitchen counter.

You could hear him entering the kitchen and you held your breath, praying to god he didn’t hear your breathing through the cabinet. ‘’Y/N??’’ he sang as he paced around the kitchen counter. ‘’I know you’re in here doll’’ his voice was lower now.

Every time he walked past your hiding spot, your breath hitched in your throat. He kept pacing around the kitchen island, torturing you. ‘’Don’t you wanna play with your daddy?’’ he growled. All of a sudden, he stopped. The crack of light between the counter doors were now blocked by a shadow. He tapped his fingers at the fridge. ‘’If you come out right now, I won’t be too hard on you. Your choice dollface.’’

You considered it. If you came out now, he’d play a bit nicer. On the other hand, if you just stayed in here, he would eventually have to give up and go look in another room. You decided to stay put until he got tired of looking. Wrong choice.

All of a sudden, the counter doors were slammed open and a hand grabbed your arm and pulled you out of the cabinet. He let go of your arm and breathed heavily as he glared at you. You started to back away slowly, turning your head to see what your options were in terms of escaping. Slim. Before you could attempt to make a run for it, he caught you from behind and used his grip to spin you around so that you were facing him. He squeezed your hips and lifted you up on the kitchen counter as you whimpered. ‘’You’ve been a very very bad little girl.’’ You couldn’t lie. His rough and dominant side had always turned you on. ‘’Daddy’s gonna have to punish you’’ he growled, his lips only inches from your sore ones.

He used his rough hands to part your legs and got in-between them. Attaching his lips to your neck and started sucking, his hand started travelling up your knee. When it reached your mid-thigh, you slapped it away without even thinking. The feeling was so intense that your body shivered. Mister J looked into your eyes and growled at you before using his other hand to grip your throat and slam the back of your head into the wall as he squeezed.

He used his other hand to glide it up your thigh until he started rubbing your inner, warm thigh. You couldn’t help but sigh in pleasure as he caressed your body roughly. His hand slid further up and he started rubbing your throbbing pussy through your stockings. Mister J let go of your throat and attached his lips to yours. The kiss was needy and passionate. You felt your legs turn to Jell-O as his tongue worked wonders on you.

‘’M-mistah j’’ you whimpered in pleasure as he placed his lips on your earlobe and started nibbling on it. ‘’Such a good little girl’’ he purred into your ear as you threw your head back. His hands grabbed your waist and carried you out of the kitchen and into his bedroom again. He carried you to the bed and dropped you on it. You were on your knees, looking at him with puppy eyes. ‘’Nice try, princess.’’ He chuckled as he sat down on the edge of the purple satin sheets.

He patted his thighs, ‘’On your stomach.’’ He growled and you crawled on top of him and laid down. Mister J pulled down your stockings in two swift movements and ripped your black lace panties off with his strong hand. You shrieked quietly as you felt the sting of the materiel being ripped off your skin.

You were breathing heavily, the anticipation killing you. Mister J started rubbing your ass with his palm and breathed heavily. ‘’Daddy’s good little girl’’ he murmured as your bit your lip. His hand came crashing down on your butt cheek and you screamed from the pain and the surprise. He kept slapping your ass with all the force he could muster, your back arching for every slap. ‘’Mmmmm’’ you moaned when he slapped you for the fifteenth time. ‘’Oh you like that don’t you? Naughty, naughty.’’ He purred as he rubbed your pink, sore ass.

His fingers started rubbing your inner, naked thigh and you took a deep breath, devouring the pleasure he was providing you with. He used his thumb to run it over your slit, feeling your pool of wetness soaking his finger. ‘’God, you’re so fucking wet for me.’’ His voice had turned into a low growl as he pushed two fingers inside you. You arched your back and moaned loudly as he rubbed circles on your clit with his thumb.

As soon as he had begun, he stopped and pushed you onto your back, on the middle of the bed. He ripped his white shirt and pants off as he crawled over you like an animal. Your body was withering, desperate for his touch. He put his tongue on your hard nipple and swirled it around. Just the sight of it, made your pussy drip.

He slithered down your body, placing little bites and kisses on your stomach as he reached your throbbing pussy. He looked at it and kissed your slit, teasing you to the point where you nearly started screaming. ‘’Look how swollen your cute little clit is for me’’ He kissed it and you moaned at the intense feeling spreading through your body. The side effects were always sexual, and you were dying for a taste.

Mister J grabbed your thighs with his strong arms and pinned you down as he started flicking his wet tongue on your swollen clit. You moaned loudly and arched your back as you gripped the satin sheets. ‘’Oh, god!’’ you moaned. Mister J looked up at your and smirked. ‘’Yeah, you like that baby? Does that feel good?’’ he growled, his voice sending vibrations through your body.

He began sucking on your clit and you felt your eyes sink to the back of your head. ‘’Y-y-yes daddy, fuck yes, it feels so good.’’ You whimpered as he devoured you. Just as you felt your orgasm building up, he stopped and crawled back on top of you. He pulled his throbbing cock out of his boxers and ran it up and down your slit as he stared at you. You felt chills travel down your entire body. Before he could continue, you pushed him off you and got on your knees. First, he was surprised, but when he saw you crawling over to him, cheeks red and hair messy with your perky little tits, he didn’t object.

You used your tongue and flicked it on his tip. Mister J threw his head back and growled under his breath. ‘’Don’t tease me.’’ You ran your tongue up his shaft before you took all of him into your mouth and started bobbing your head. Mister J tightened his jaw and grabbed your hair, stroking it. ‘’Goooood girl.’’ He groaned as he watched his little girl make her daddy feel good. When he felt his stomach tightening, he grabbed your head and pushed you up. You quickly got the hint, and straddled him. You rubbed your wet pussy on his hard cock, teasing him, before he grabbed your hips roughly and forced himself into you.

You both moaned at the sensation. You started bucking your hips, feeling his cock fill you up and hitting all the right places. ‘’God, you’re still so fucking tight.’’ He groaned and pinched your nipples which made you gasp in pleasure. ‘’Mmm, god you feel so good.’’ You moaned with your hands pressed on his tattooed chest.

Mister J grabbed your waist and threw you on your back before crawling on top of you and thrusting into you, harder than he’d ever done before. You felt your stomach tighten as he thrusted into harder and faster for each time. He kept his eyes locked on yours and grunted as he felt your tight little walls pleasure him. You were both two moaning messes, groping, biting, sucking and slapping every body part you could find on each other.

His thrusts eventually got sloppier and he clenched his fist on the headboard of the bed. ‘’You gonna cum for your daddy hmm? Come on dollface, cum for me. I want your sweet little juices to cum for me’’ You moaned at his hoarse words as you grabbed his shoulder and moaned loudly, your walls clenching. ‘’I want you to cum in me daddy’’ you moaned into his mouth and this sent him over the edge. He growled loudly as he released his warm liquid into you. You were both panting heavily, lying next to each other. He rubbed your chin with his thumb and admired you. Next time, find a better hiding spot.

• Imagine: GOC’s mole • Part 4: Meeting the Joker (2)

You are sent by the Organized Crime Syndicates of Gotham City to seduce the Joker.They never really know if he is on their side or not, he is too unpredictable and work for himself only. That’s why they decided to hire you as a sort of spy for them, you’d make him just a bit vulnerable, you’d be his weakness.

Warning: NSFW, smutty scene (so please read until the end ;)

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