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Hey! I need more people to follow so if you rb/post things about this stuff like/rb this post :
• Dan and Phil
• Twenty One Pilots
• Harry Potter
• Science
• Space
• Asexuality
• Snape
• Scorbus
• Physics , Chemistry

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Let's Try This

Reblog or like if you post anything to do with

-Harry Potter
-Sebastian Stan
-Twenty Øne Piløts
-Panic! At the Disco
-Brendon Urie
-Psychology Facts

Also anyone that knows about any blogs that post one or more of these things then please tell me.

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Tag yourself Classi9 edition - I’m Kylo Ren

Send me "Would you rathers" and "Fuck marry kills"!!!

I’m bored guys, send in some asks. Also here’s a cute lil gif:

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Looking For Blogs to Follow

I literally only follow like 30 blogs so I’m searching for more blogs to follow. If you post anything from the fandoms/aesthetics mentioned, then I will follow you.

¬ Dan and Phil (Phan)

¬ Twenty One Pilots 

¬ My Chemical Romance

¬ 5 Seconds of Summer

¬ Harry Potter

¬ The Hunger Games

¬ Green Day

¬ Grunge Aesthetic(s)

¬ Pastel Aesthetic(s)

As mentioned before, if you post anything from these fandoms/aesthetics, then reblog or like this post!