joseph potter

Heres to the kids who maybe can’t deal with things around them so they dive into their favorite book, show, band or movie to help them cope. Heres to the fangirls and fanboys who have alot going on and the only thing that makes them feel at peace is their fandoms and friends.

You are not a loser, you are not headed nowhere just because you haven’t gotten to where you wanna be. Everything will be okay. My dms are always open. You can do that thing you think you can’t and you’re fucking beautiful.

Let's Try This

Reblog or like if you post anything to do with

-Harry Potter
-Sebastian Stan
-Twenty Øne Piløts
-Panic! At the Disco
-Brendon Urie
-Psychology Facts

Also anyone that knows about any blogs that post one or more of these things then please tell me.

Thank you so so so sooooooo much


You know who I think is the ugliest guy in the company? That David Webster! You know what I would give him on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 would be the ugliest and 10, pretty…I would give him an, an 8…8.5…or a 9. NOT over a 9.8, because there is always room for improvement. Not everyone is perfect like me. That’s why I’m holding out for a 10. Because I’m worth it!
—  Joseph Liebgott