joseph payne

For the love of all that is good and holy will one if you talented birds of paradise make me a manip of Liam Payne as Joseph (and the amazing Technicolor™ dream coat)????!!!!!!?!?!


ok so i have come to the conclusion that i need more mutrals. so reblog this if you like any of the following:



troye sivan

one direction

twenty one pilots



little mix


british tv shows

lesbian moon

if you reblog this i will check you out. have a lovely day xx


hi there :-) I know I’ve had requests closed for the longest time / or that I never really signaled that they were open but I’d like to say that they sort of are now? I can’t promise to get them written the next day or even the next week but my inbox is open and waiting <3 So send in requests for imagines!

I am willing to write (and mostly fluff though I might make smut exceptions):

-One Direction (i.e. Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis)

-Twenty One Pilots

- Marvel / Avengers: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff (I might add onto this but for now it’s just them, I’m sorry!) 

If you’re wondering about Zayn, I don’t have anything against him but I don’t feel anything creatively towards him at the moment? If that makes sense.

PLEASE BE PATIENT when I do this! I struggle with a writers block and inspiration in general so please don’t be hurt / impatient if it doesn’t come out as soon as you’d like. I’m trying my best and I do this for the pleasure of writing first.

Love to you,

Iz xx

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(The gif is literally me before I write lmao)

That is so me 😂😂

two years later and this is still the meanest harry has ever been to someone

cool things that i like

(in no particular order)

1. constellations
2. rainy days
4. records
5. hot tea
6. hair dye
8. thunder storms (kinda)
9. band tees
10. oversized sweaters
11. tacos
12. nooooodles
13. food in general
14. books you can’t put down
15. really good music
16. fuzzy socks
17. white fluffy comforters
18. sleeping in
19. fairy lights
20. you

I have a thing for Psychopaths with nice hair….

My band obsession has gotten to the point where I find absolutely no one in real life attractive