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Preview Ball 2012 Athletic Chic!

One of the most awaited issues of Preview Magazine is their July issue featuring their Best Dressed List! Leading the pack this year, is actress Dawn Zulueta! 

Dawn Zulueta in a sleek Boom Sason design. 

This years Best Dressed! Mara Coson, Tessie Singson, Linda Ley, Emi Jorge, Dawn Zulueta, Joyce Makitalo, Vania Romoff, Megan Young, Lovi Poe and Pie Alvarez!

Each year, a ball is held to celebrate the Best Dressed List! This year, the Preview Ball’s theme is Athletic Chic! Never in my life would I imagine that I would get to attend the most prestigious ball in Philippine Fashion! It was held last July 7, 2012 at the Seventh High! 

Joseph Aloysius Montelibano, thank you so much for making me like Cinderella that day! Joseph designed the vest I’m wearing, he was inspired by 18th Century fencing! Joseph paired the vest with a Polo by Ralph Lauren and shorts by Izaac Mizrahi! He even did my hair and grooming! Thank you so much! Joseph is extremely talented, just wait because he has something big in store for all of us which will solidify his name in the fashion industry! He is just bursting with ideas and talent which is why I am honored to wear him on the biggest event of my life so far! 

Now some shots during the ball!

With and’s Nikki Santiago!

With the Stylebible team

With Preview’s Kissa Castañeda and Lyca Puno

With Divine Lee

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring my camera that night. But the memories that night will forever be photographed in my heart and soul! That night was so surreal! 

Another speechless and surreal photo! My first photo! I remember dreaming about having a photo with the logo! And now, it’s a reality! Thank you so much! 

This concludes my blog post about the Preview Ball, I might do a blog post about the editors and what they wore. Preview Magazine and to the entire Preview team, thank you so so much! No words could possibly express how thankful and grateful I am to have been able to attend your ball! The memories that night will forever put a smile on my face! To Summit’s Tara Santos, thank you so much for introducing me to everyone and for the words of wisdom! 

Forever Preview Girl,

♥ Xoxo Firas ♥