joseph mcphee

  • Jack: My whole life is a wash!
  • Mr. McPhee: Your life is not a wash. You hurt now because you had the guts to put yourself out there, to go after what you wanted.
  • Jack: I can't. I can't keep going through this. It's like having all the problems of a typical teenager and there's this whole other level of constant fear... and pain. Do you know the anguish I went through over a kiss? One stupid little kiss? Most people don't have to do that.
  • Mr. McPhee: You're right. They don't.
  • Jack: Then why me? I don't want to be different. I didn't ask to be gay.
  • Mr. McPhee: No more than I asked for a gay son. But boy, am I glad I got one.
  • Jack: You don't mean that.
  • Mr. McPhee: Yeah, I do.