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Skiing with Jarod summary post:

-Got there and he was sitting with his mom at a booth in the restaurant, his mom saw me and immediately was like “it’s the Calgary Flames girl! I loved your video!”

-Jarod was like, “yeah we’ve talked on Twitter about hockey. We bonded over it” and later (in reference to my video again) he was like “she knows the way to my heart”

-we were sitting at a table drinking tea and he was like, “I tried to get Sachin to come” (Sachin’s in Edmonton) and then proceeded to call Sachin and put him on speakerphone

-he loves Sachin a lot. Said that they’re best friends and that Sachin’s the funniest guy ever

-Sachin couldn’t come because he had an uncle’s birthday party or something to go to tonight, Jarod asked him if there was anything he could say to change his mind (the answer was unfortunately no)

-They finished the conversation by saying “I love you” to each other, it was super cute

-Jarod also called Chelsey to get her to come, but she didn’t pick up. Also, apparently Chelsey never sleeps

-They started Christmas break last week, but some people left earlier because they were done filming - He said all the Australians had already left

-Jarod and I were the only ones who needed rental equipment so we were just chatting for a bit

-one of the guys handling rentals was like, “do you guys need anymore handsome actors?” and Jarod said, “No, they have me” and then he said something along the lines of “actually that was Ricky, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself until you see that guy.” I was like, “yeah, Ricky’s handsome, but no one’s doing badly in that department”

-he says there’s no bad seeds on set, that’s such a TV thing to say but they all genuinely love each other. And he said it’s so rare to have a work environment where everyone gets along

-he asked me who my favourite character was and I said “Bellamy…sorry” and he just chuckled and said “yeah I don’t think I’m anyone’s favourite”

-then he was like “so do you want Bellarke to happen?” and I said “yeah?” kinda hesitantly because tbh I didn’t want to come off as a crazy shipper

-he was like “so you’re kinda ambivalent?” and I was like, “no, I like them! But I’m not as crazy as some people” and he basically said “OH MY GOD I KNOW”

-he said it wasn’t until this year that people actually started following him on twitter so he was used to using it just to talk to his friends, and he didn’t know anything about tropes and shipping (“I’m jus a sports guy!”) and the first time he got a shipping question he just picked one at random. “I had no idea it was like choosing sides!”

-he was also like, “can I admit something? I don’t actually watch the show.” He doesn’t want it to change the way he sees it/approaches it but will watch the whole thing when it’s done

-he said “Yassss, queen!” in response to everything, because apparently they say it on set all the time. Later in the day it changed to “snow queen!” but still everything was called “queen” and that’s the story behind our tweets

-his mom is super sweet and he’s such a momma’s boy, it was adorable

-they had Sosa and his mom’s dog in the car because they didn’t realize they couldn’t bring dogs to the hotel with them. I was supposed to go meet his dog after but his mom had already left with the car for a hotel in Banff

-he is so ridiculous. Told the ski instructor that he was an intermediate snowboarder despite not having been in 15 years, had numerous absolutely ridiculous wipeouts because he was trying to get fancy even though his level is like, beginner (we had to constantly wait for him to catch up because he’d come to a dead stop or fall or something)

-I bailed hardcore on our second run (I’m still not sure what happened but I landed several feet away from my skis) and Jarod was right above me so I was like “don’t hit me!” and he fell beside me and was like “I’ll hang out with you”

-I was wearing my Calgary Flames scarf and he stole it from me, he just loved it

-he said he used to do construction in Edmonton (he lived there for a couple of years) and then one day he decided he wanted to be an actor and moved the next week. But it was 3 years before he actually got a gig he got paid for

-he’s not very good at remembering lines, but Sachin’s very good at it

-he said that season 5 (if they get it) is going to be INSANE so sounds like they already have a plan for that (or maybe s4 ends on a cliffhanger - I didn’t ask much about s4 because I don’t actually want to know)

-he also jokingly said “it ends with me on a bed waking up, and it was all my dream. I’m actually the main character”

-before lunch I asked if there would be beer available and he said there would be; at the bottom of the hill he was like, “so are you going to drunk-ski?”

-Jarod doesn’t actually drink much but one of the instructors was like, “I thought you were going to have a beer” and he was like “no, I was just asking for Sam”

-he was also like, “yeah I die, I die this season” and then was like, “no I’m kidding"

-we ended talked about Finn; he said he didn’t really like Finn and I was just like, “me neither, I hated Finn more than any other characters, even the bad ones”

-then he was like “what did you guys think of Wells?” and I basically said I didn’t like him as much as many people in the fandom because of the whole committing a crime just to follow Clarke down to Earth so he could protect her thing

-he’s SUPER excited about Unity Days, and kept trying to get everyone to come (obviously he knows I’m already going)

asked him if he related to Miller and he said they’re both sarcastic

-he’s kind of touchy-feely, like he’d reach out randomly to touch my shoulder or would balance himself by holding onto me, once he just randomly gave me a really nice hug

-we talked about a lot of random things, like my job (“Wow, that’s a real job!”) and growing up in Calgary (how every separate quadrant is almost like it’s own city, and no one ever leaves their quarter; confirmed it by asking me if Market Mall was in the NE or NW and I was like, “I don’t know, I live in the SW!”), about how the city is completely different from when he was living there, about high school, about hockey, about how much he loves LA (he doesn’t like Vancouver much, said it’s boring there and everyone’s stuck up)

-somehow the zipper broke on both of our coats so we were skiing with them flapping open and guys, it was so freaking cold out

-it was so cold out that everyone’s phones kept dying, we were trying to take videos and photos at the top but it didn’t work (we were going to take a video of us skiing next to each other but my phone died just as I put it on video)

-he had poutine at lunch and kept saying “the truffle fries are talking to me!” (I guess they were really good?)

-my sister texted me asking “how is Jarod?” so I asked him and then we decided to call her and she was freaking out, it was hilarious

-we did get a sick-ass selfie on his phone, there is now a photo of me on his phone (he sent the photo to me later through DM, pictured above)

-he said he wants to go to a hockey game next week so I told him he should do a meetup if he ends up in town

-he bought everyone toques at the end of the day as a souvenir, what a sweetie (we all got matching ones except for him, also pictured above)

-he’s afraid of heights, and also snakes

-sounds like Miller gets some good storylines in s4, he’s excited about it

I’m sure there’s more I’m not remembering, I spent like 6.5 hours with the guy. He’s super down to Earth (thanked us several times for coming), is funny, ridiculous as I already said, just a really sweet guy. It was snowing like crazy (we were actually worried for a bit that the highway would be closed and they’d have to put us up in a hotel for the night) and the drive home was actually scary af.

I offered to give him a ride to Banff since his mom ditched him but he was already going to take a bus back with the girl who arranged everything (it would’ve been a real tight fit in my car but I could have made it work). Anyway, I said I’d see him in a couple of weeks in Vancouver anyway.

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when the leader of the bad guys sang, something soft and soaked in pain, i heard the echo from his secret hideaway.

i’ve always been intrigued by the leader of the bad guys. he spends his time hiding in a secret place turning pain into music, knowing that his four lonely walls are the only witness to his madness. it can be scary to show other people the inside of your mind, so we let go only when we’re alone, and we scream to our four walls because we know they will protect our screams and echo them back to us. we break down only when no one is there to see it, but sometimes we forget to close the door and the whole world hears our tortured symphony. sometimes other people hear the dismal chords we strum when we think we’re alone, though we try so hard to hide it. when it’s only your four walls that declare you insane, it’s much easier to crank out those dismal chords. it’s harder to do so outside of your house, and in front of an audience. it’s like we become entirely different people when we’re alone in our four walls, and sometimes the only person we have to keep us company is the leader of the bad guys. he’s built his house in our shadows, and he grows stronger in the dark.

sometimes he plays music.

his music comes from somewhere within us, from the place in all of us that’s become his home. he plays the dismal chords that we hear echoing off of his four walls, the same chords that become our catharsis. the leader of the bad guys is a dark part of us, but he’s the reason that we make art and the reason we play music. he’s our motivation. we know that we have to move our demons somewhere outside of our heads if we want to survive, and the way we do that is by creating. but if he’s driving us to create art that lessens our pain, is the leader of the bad guys really all that bad?

is this the reason why even though he’s the embodiment of my pain and everything i fear, it’s still so hard to let him go?