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did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????


I know i’m not really active (i doubt that someone really gives a fuck tbh) but i remember to upload these jojo phone wallpapers i made for a facebook group  months ago, ‘cause i didn’t upload them in good quality, so-

Fusion song

Rude, mean, loud, crass, cunning, self-absorbed, over-dramatic, easily-bored, sarcastic, spiteful and arrogant, there’s no-one who manages to love himself more than the creatively-named Jobacio. This is fortunate, because his insufferable dickery means most other people won’t. Although his stupid bullshit should constantly get him into trouble, his eerie levels of luck and ability to bluff his way out of everything make him virtually immune to getting his ass righteously kicked. He’s secretly a fucking nerd who doesn’t listen to half the bands he has t-shirts of and religiously watches shitty police movies. The only really ‘positive’ thing that can be said about this fucker is his loyalty - if he starts hanging around, get used to it.


When the Music Plug knows you been looking for better rappers to get into.

APPLE MUSIC 👈🏽hit this to listen

  1. Go Off // Ta’East
  2. Already // Kemba
  3. Namaste // Angelo Mota
  4. Black Gold // Ill Camille
  5. Juggin’ // Lute
  6. Rhymes to the East // Sampa the Great
  7. Streaming // Ivan Ave
  8. Johnny Law (Green Light) // John Givez
  9. Get Fonky // Elevator Jay 
  10. Once Upon a Time // Jonah Cruzz
  11. Bonds // Cousin Stizz
  12. Wezide // Clairmont the Second
  13. Red Light // EARTHGANG
  14. Vintage // Sean Leon
  15. Hate Government // Denzel Cury
  16. Came Down // Chaz French 

SPOTIFY 👈🏽hit this to listen

  1. Come Home with Me // Joseph Chilliams
  2. Sam Cook// Illa J
  3. Pill // Danny Watts
  4. Everyday $Hit // Tha Vill$ide
  5. Luxury Vintage Rap // Nick Grant
  6. Revoke Thee // Latasha Alcindor
  7. Guillotine // Buddy
  8. Coldest / Gio Dee
  9. Baka // Azizi Gibson
  10. Brink // Lou The Human 
  11. Maryland Ass Nigga // IDK
  12. Blackmale // Ta’East 
  13. Raw // Daye Jack
  14. Methlone // Bas
  15. These Day // Derin Falana
  16. Shoe Box Financial // Chuuwee
  17. Losers // Translee

Note: This is the last time that the Dope Kid or Fresh Soul series will have such a huge roster across both playlists. From now on it’ll be the same artist for both versions, just different songs. I want to make sure I give attention to great artists and give myself time to look for more. I take it very seriously that I show you guys quality music. ENJOY! ~ The Music Plug // @lvdeo