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if i wanna get into dc as a Gay where should i start pls

Sorry for the late reply!!! Ok here is a list of good LGBT heroes, a short desc, and links to recommended reading!

EDIT: I realized I sourced to someone who ships incest and I want this to be a safe blog without anything like that. Unfortunately for some of the sources I couldn’t find any others or any better. I’ve marked all links to their blog w a *. Stay safe.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Bisexual. Selina is a highly skilled thief who is both a hero and a villain, depending on the arc. Selina’s morality is definitely neutral on the scale. She’s not opposed to stealing and hurting bad guys but she has objections to unnecessary cruelty. She’s best known for being one of Batman’s allies & love interests. Her official “coming out” was when she kissed Eiko Hasigawa, the daughter of a Yakuza boss, who teamed up with Selina to bring him down. ( x | x )

Harley Quinn. Bisexual. Harley Quinn’s backstory unfortunately features a lot of the Joker but she’s on to better things now. Psychiatrist turned supervillain, she was brainwashed by the Joker and in a long running relationship with him, where he manipulated and abused her. She has a similar (but obviously, better in every way) clown/jester aesthetic. Currently, she’s in an open relationship with Poison Ivy. Tw for emotional & physical abuse & manipulation for any stories that include her relationship with the Joker. ( x | x | x )

Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy. Unspecified wlw. Pamela was a botanist who was poisoned but they fucked it up big time because she not only survived but can now she’s immune to all poisons, can control plants, and her lips produce poison that she can use to control people. She has had relationships with men but they have consistently been for her own benefit and as a result her sexuality is frequently debated over. ( x | x | x | she also recently got a solo one off you should check out )

*Little note abt the above 3: if you’re not already familiar, they frequently team up and in some arcs they even live together. The three of them are known as the Gotham City Sirens and I’m going to link you some sources for them separately bc if you want gay comics what’s better than the Big Gay Apartment of Crime? ( x )

Joseph Wilson/Jericho. Bisexual. The son of Deathstroke with the ability to possess people. As a child he was kidnapped by a terrorist who was after Deathstroke and after Joseph refused to give them information about his father, the terrorist slit his throat, rendering Joseph mute. Joseph apparently was originally going to be gay but they didn’t want it to be “stereotypical” since he’s sensitive & artistic. There’s also some lame stuff where a man Joseph was dating goes to call him bi and he cuts them off to say he doesn’t like labels…but he still seems pretty cool. ( x * ) 

John Constantine. Bisexual. John is an occult detective and sorcerer. I’d say he’s more hero than villain but his morality is…gray to say the least. He’s a complete asshole but it can be a very fun read and if you’re interested in something that is more based in demons, witches, & spirits than supervillains then John’s your man. Tw for drugs in a lot of his stories. ( x | x )

Harper Row/Bluebird. Bisexual. New ally to the Batfamily. She’s bisexual and her brother, Cullen, is gay and her brother’s identity is actually part of her start as a vigilante hero. Her brother was being assaulted & attacked by homophobes and Harper tried to defend him. She kept a taser with her and when they were cornered by the group of bullies, she tried to fend them off. When they were overpowered, Batman appeared and saved Harper & Cullen. Both vowed to show their thanks to Bruce – Cullen by getting a tattoo of the bat symbol and Harper by becoming a superhero herself. She has an expertise in electrical engineering. ( x * | x )

Grace Choi. Bisexual. Grace Choi is half human, half Amazon. She’s headstrong and tough and was a member of The Outsiders for a while before it disbanded. In The Outsiders she met Anissa Pierce (listed below) and the two became romantically involved. Unfortunately I’ve seen some people on here call her “heterosexual homoromantic” or some shit but as somebody with some sense…I’ll just tell you she’s bi lmao… ( x * | x )

Anissa Pierce/Thunder. Lesbian. A metahuman with the ability to shoot lightning and control her own density. She promised her superhero dad, Black Lightning, she would go to college before fighting crime so on the night she graduated college she became Thunder. Was also a member of The Outsiders and Grace Choi’s girlfriend. ( x * )

Alysia Yeoh. Bisexual & Transgender. Alysia is the only person on this list who is neither a hero nor a villain. I wish she were a hero but I wanted to include her because finding trans characters who are not made into jokes is incredibly hard and Alysia is not a joke character. She was Barbara Gordon’s roommate and is a bartender/artist/activist. She dated Babs’ brother for a while but is currently married to another woman named Jo. I know she’s in Bombshells but tbh I don’t know the extent of her involvement. ( x * ) 

Dawnstar. Bisexual. An alien from the futurewith enormous wings that’s skilled in combat. She’s a member of the Legion of Heroes and a bounty hunter. Her best known relationship is with fellow legionnaire Drake Burroughs (Wilfire) who is apparently just sentient energy trapped inside a suit? Tbh I don’t know much about her but she sounds dope…An unnamed female character confirmed that they had a relationship together during a mission in which heroes sought out her help in resurrecting another hero. ( x * )

Kate Kane/Batwoman. Lesbian. Batman’s Jewish lesbian cousin. Honestly if you like Batman you’ll like Kate. They operate similarly and use a lot of the same gadgetry. Kate’s best known relationship was with Renee Montoya (mentioned down below) though I believe she’s currently with Maggie Sawyer. (  x * | x | x )

Renee Montoya/The Question. Lesbian. A detective turned vigilante hero that wears a kind of spooky faceless mask. Was Kate Kane’s girlfriend for a while. Some of her stories include her struggle with alcoholism so watch out if that’s a trigger for you. ( x * | x ) 

Midnighter. Gay. Gay goth asshole tbh. Midnighter is a superhero with enhanced fighting abilities. Often referred to as basically being like Mean Gay Batman but if you ask me Midnighter is a very cool stand-alone hero. Also he’s 6′5″? That’s not super important but I think about it a lot. Married to Apollo even tho Apollo could not be more of a prep. In some arcs they’ve even adopted a daughter together. ( x * | x * | x )

Apollo. Gay. Sweet prep god? Apollo was kidnapped and subjected to experimentation as a child that resulted in him having superpowers similar to Midnighter’s but more advanced and powerful. Just like Midnighter is considered to be similar to Batman, Apollo is considered to be similar to Superman, but again, they are very, very cool without being compared to anybody else. ( x * | x * )

Jackson Hyde/Aqualad. Gay. Gay black teenager with hydrokinetic powers, best known for his role in the Teen Titans. Aqualad was just made gay recently, in Rebirth, so the reading for him is pretty simple. Just a heads up, his mother doesn’t accept him being gay or his abilities, so any issues with his mom will have homophobia present. (Check out Teen Titans Rebirth!)

Holly Ann Fields/Virtue. Lesbian. Holly has several psychic abilities as well as flight and is the leader of the vigilante group located in Coral City, The Movement. (as far as I know the reading would just be The Movement by Gail Simone, which has unfortunately been cancelled so it’s only 12 issues.)

Miguel Barragan/Bunker. Gay. Miguel is a metahuman from Mexico and was written with the intention of being “angst-free” so his family & village were very accepting of his superpowers and his sexuality. He has the power of creating things out of this weird purple energy. ( x * ) 

Holly Robinson. Lesbian. Selina Kyle’s best friend & understudy. Holly experienced a lot of abuse as a child and was forced into prostitution. Selina caught a cop assaulting Holly and stepped in and taught Holly how to defend herself. They teamed up and got out of the scene and Selina taught Holly how to fight, as well as her tips for stealth and theft. Holly occasionally stands in as Catwoman. Big tw for child abuse, sexual abuse/assault. ( x * )

Ray Terrill/The Ray. As a child Ray was told he couldn’t be exposed to the sun so he spent most of his life in the dark. However, as his father was dying he told him that he wasn’t his biological father and he lied about his son being allergic to sunlight. His real father was a superhero called Golden Age Ray and Ray in fact gained powers from the sun. His powers allow him to fly, become invisible, create illusions & constructs, turn his entire body into light energy, etc. Ray was confirmed gay before Rebirth, but in Rebirth he is confirmed in canon. ( x * | x )

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. Bisexual. Diana is an Amazon and as such has…so many powers…She’s very strong. She’s also very good & intelligent and tbh is all around a great hero. You probably know who she is tbh. She was recently confirmed to be bisexual but unfortunately it was out of canon and therefore she doesn’t have any plots that relate to it and it’s not confirmed in canon. ( x )

Also here’s another link to check out: *

This is by no means a comprehensive list! If anybody wants to add more or correct anything I’ve said here that’d be really great! But here are some great heroes. If you have any questions, any specific requests, or need help finding any download links, my askbox is always open and I’m always happy to help.


Comparison of performers who played Usnavi in In the Heights.

In order of the video: Michael Balderrama (understudy on Broadway), Shaun Taylor-Corbett (understudy on Broadway, then understudy on the National Tour), Jon Rua (understudy on Broadway), Javier Muñoz (understudy, then replacement on Broadway), Joseph Morales (understudy, then replacement on the National Tour), Corbin Bleu (replacement on Broadway), Lin-Manuel Miranda (Original Broadway cast), Kyle Beltran (Original National Tour cast).

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great tv recommendations: you, me and the apocalypse 
↳ "Yep, it’s judgement day. The actual apocalypse. And where am I? In Slough. Or rather, under Slough. I mean, what the hell are we all gonna do down here? No internet, no radio. God, I hope there’s Boggle.” 

The Man with the Chevy Impala: A Dean Winchester Imagine

So this is a little Dean imagine that I just decided to write. I don’t really have anything else to say about it, other than it’s my attempt at trying to be cute, and I think it’s kinda bad. Hope you guys like it, enjoy x 

About two years ago, Dean Winchester was nothing more to you than the man with the 1967 Chevrolet Impala. When you’d first seen it, it had been in a parking lot outside the school you taught at. You’d found it to be a stunning car, well looked after, the surfaces gleaming as the sunlight hit them. You couldn’t help but peer inside, and found yourself admiring the leather interior. 

It wasn’t long before you were interrupted. 

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Stunning. Is she yours?”

“Yeah, she’s mine.”

Turning to face the owner of the male voice, you weren’t surprised to find him just as well kept as the car itself. He had green eyes that reminded you of trees in the springtime, and that any girl would be lucky to be the subject of. He wore a suit and tie, one that clung to him to suggest a well built body underneath the fabric. For a moment, you were lost for words. 

“You okay there, ma’am?”

“Um, yes. Sorry,” you spluttered as his lips pulled into a smirk, “It’s just, your car, she’s amazing.” You internally rolled your eyes at yourself, knowing you were terrible at talking to attractive men. 

The man with the green eyes smiled. 

“Thanks. I don’t mean to sound too forward, but do you happen to work here?”

“Um, yes. I’m an English teacher, Y/N Y/L/N,” you reached out to shake his hand, which he took with eagerness. His skin was calloused, causing goosebumps to appear on your arms. Surely, he wasn’t real. He reached into his jacket to pull out his badge. 

“Agent Criss, FBI. My partner, Agent Frehley, is just inside. We’re here about the death of one of your students, Kyle Josephs.”

“Criss and Frehley? Like KISS? Right, sorry. Kyle, it was a shock to us all.”

“I expect it was. Do you know anyone that would want to hurt him?”

“Not that I’m aware of, but I’ll let you know if I think of anything.”

He passed you his card, and as you took it, his fingers brushed against yours. 

“Thank you, Miss Y/L/N. We’ll be in touch. Feel free to carry on looking at the car.”

You blushed as he walked back into the school. You were sure that the man with the Chevy Impala was not one that you would easily forget. 

The next week was possibly the strangest of your life. You’d discovered that the supernatural existed, Kyle having been killed by an ex-girlfriend who had turned out to be a witch. Agents Frehley and Criss had turned out not to be FBI agents at all. In fact, they were hunters by the name of Sam and Dean Winchester. 

Dean. The name suited him. 

You’d been there when they’d killed the witch, after she had tried to attack you. Needless to say you were shaken up, and the two brothers had made the decision to stay in town just to check that you were okay. 

And then you’d shown up at the motel. 

You’d sat there in bed, too scared to move. It was then that you realised that you were tired of being scared. You wanted to be able to protect yourself, and it wasn’t long before you found yourself in your car, driving to their door. 

You knew it was their motel; it was obvious from the car. That beautiful, beautiful car. 

The door opened to reveal Dean. 

“Um, hi?”

“I want to come with you. I don’t want to be a teacher anymore. I want to be a hunter and I want you and Sam to teach me. I want, I want-”

Dean seemed to understand, pulling you into his arms as you broke down. When you’d eventually ceased crying, you looked at the man holding you, finding yourself lost in those pools of green. 

And then you kissed him. 

Now, two years on, you were living at the bunker with the Winchester brothers, Sam having become your best friend, Dean, the man you loved. To you, he would always be the man with the Chevy Impala, a car that had become your safe haven, a place to escape to when the supernatural world became too much to handle. It was the place you and Dean had shared your first time together; it held too many memories to count. Laughter, cries, smiles and tears. They all took place in that car. 

They all took place at home. 

Currently, you were perched in the backseat, reading the book that you had stashed under the seat, leaving your own mark on Dean’s baby. You were too engrossed in the world the book provided to notice Dean looking at you through the window, and when you finally did, you felt your heart warm at the laugh that escaped him. 

“You scared the life out of me. Jesus, Dean.”

“Quit whining, sweetheart.”

He opened the car door, lifting up your legs and placing them on his lap as he sat down. 

“You okay?”, the sincerity in his voice was endearing. It had been a rough hunt, and even though you were skilled, sometimes it still fell to Sam and Dean to pull you out of the fire. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired, that’s all.”

You leaned over, pressing a chaste kiss on Dean’s lips, his hand cupping your cheek. It was hard to believe that he was yours. 

Dean smiled. 

“I’ll leave you to it then.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too,” came the reply from the eldest Winchester, the man with the 1967 Chevrolet Impala.



“People talk about family across the NBA, their teams are like brothers, each player, they all get along. But I really think that we have the closest team in the NBA. […] On the road, team dinners, whether it’s Kyle putting something together, whether it’s DeMar, he putting something together, or TRoss holding something, it seems like whenever a teammate has something we’re all together. And everyone just loves each other, you know, whether it’s teammate wise or whether it’s family, kids, wives, mom and dad… We all look to each other as one big family and it’s probably the best that it’s been since I’ve been here.” -Patrick Patterson



“See that? That’s the end of life as we know it. Yep, it’s the end of the world; the actual apocalypse. And where am I? I’m deep under the suburbs of suburbia, watching it on telly. A few minutes ago I was a dead man, now… Now I don’t know what I am. Yep, it’s been quite a morning so far.”

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I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss. I see the lives for which I lay down my life, peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy. I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known.