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Band of Brothers Headcanons

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                    Hickey Headcanons

Richard Winters- He only leaves one at a time and makes sure you can cover it up my lord.

Lewis Nixon- Intertwines his fingers with yours and pins you up against the wall and leaves like 5 dark hickeys.

Carwood Lipton- He leaves them down your chest, right between your collarbones. That a way it’s easy for you to cover up but he can spot them when you’re switching in and out of uniform.

Denver “Bull” Randleman- He starts really soft and gentle and then he gets rougher and so much more passionate (not enough to hurt you).

Joe Toye- Drags his tongue all over your neck, his teeth will find old marks and he will leave like 20 on your neck I kid you not.

George Luz- He does it just to make you laugh and then a moan slips out and all hell breaks loose. He continues and continues until you’re a mess for him and he makes sure he has some so you can ‘match’ as he says.

Eugene Roe- He will literally leave a hickey in the shape of a heart don’t fight me on this.

Joseph Liebgott- Makes sure people can see them and he smirks, “yeah thaTS ALL MINE”. He takes his time, makes sure to make you whine.

Lynn “Buck” Compton- Will do it in the shape of a L so evERYONE KNOWS and they’re all like ‘ooookaY I see you Buck I see you, hold it down”.

Donald Malarkey- Very very faint little marks. He doesn’t want to get you into trouble but makes sure he can still tell their still there.

Warren “Skip” Muck- He’s so playful it starts off very jokingly and then he actually ends up leaving a few hickeys around your collarbone and you’re both like “oops lmao”

William “Bill” Guarnere- “I can do this duh pft” but he’s so nervous and ends up leaving small marks littered all around your neck in a mess.

Darrell “Shifty” Powers- He will literally ASK if he can give you hickeys like just to e sure and he does it closer to the back of your neck so you can hide it if you need to.

Frank Perconte- Does not give a shit, he leaves huge hickey marks like diagonally across your neck. You were gonna cover them up?? haha you can try.

Ronald Speirs- He leaves them on your thighs omg. Ron wants to be sure it’s something intimate just between the two of you. Besides, if the guys knew they would tease him endlessly.

Edward “Babe” Heffron- Leaves small hickeys but their super dark bc he swol and everyone calls him out and he just sits there like a tomato.

Chuck Grant- Will give you hickeys in front of people he wants to make sure everyone knows that you’re his.

Floyd Talbert- He makes a long trail of them down your neck some he spends more time on than others because he likes to create a ‘masterpiece’ that doof.

David Webster- You do it to get his attention and then he starts to get his revenge by doing it back and you’re both having a competition on who can give the other more.

Harry Welsh- A gentleman bean, hickeys aren’t his forte but when he does leave them he makes sure they don’t hurt you. He leaves them in places very hidden because it’s a secret just for the both of you.

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Teen Titans: Judas Contract

Alright well first off, I just finished watching Judas Contract. I wanted to wait to get it on DVD instead of watching it online but then I procrastinated when I bought it on Tuesday and only just got around to it. I also bought the deluxe edition that came with a cute little Blue Beetle figurine

With that out of the way, wow. Just wow. I never read the original comic for Judas Contract but I know the base storyline - Terra joins the TT, works for Slade as a double agent??, betrays team but then feels salty about it and tries to fix the situation? - something like that. I assumed that Cyborg was going to be in this movie before they released the trailer since at the end of TT v JL he said that he was gonna stay with the team instead of the JL but I don’t know.

First off, I must say that I loved seeing Kid Flash (I’m always a sucker for Wally and Bart) and it was really fun getting to hear Jason Spisak and Crispin Freeman reprise their roles as KF and Speedy; whom they played in the Young Justice cartoon.

So from seeing (almost) the original Titans in action through a flashback to Raven showing a pouting Damian a black lab puppy, I was thoroughly amused throughout the movie.

What surprised me though, was seeing someone that at first I thought looked like Jericho. For those of you not familiar with the name, he is Slade’s son and for those of you thinking ‘Deathstroke has a kid??’. Yes, he does. 3 actually; Grant, Joseph (Jericho), and Rose. Back to what I was saying, I was like ‘Oh my god that’s Jericho? That’s so cool that they would put him in here.’ - but then he got shot in the forehead and seemingly died……and I thought that maybe it was just an extra with an uncanny resemblance to the character? I was a little sad because I got really excited that they were going to somehow add Jericho to the Titans roster.

Moving on, there were two moments in the movie that had me laughing my ass off. The first was when Dick and Kori were sparring and Starfire knocked Nightwing down and she proceeded to tell him that he “lasted far longer this time” then Beast Boy and Terra giggled and Kori had to explain that she meant about their training session and was going to make clear that he was quite proficient during sex when Dick cut her off. 

The second one kind of ties in later but it was when Damian had been captured by Slade and Terra and the mercenary got up close and personal in Damian’s face when he started to mouth off and told him that “inside a month he’d have him bringing him a pipe and calling him papa.” This popped up later when, during the final battle, Damian charged at Slade with a  pipe and said “Hey papa, here’s your pipe.” Like I honestly can’t help but love Damian’s snarky attitude even when he’s being a complete dick or asshole.

As I said earlier, I never read the original Judas Contract comic so I have no idea if Terra died in that as well as in this movie (though they didn’t state that she really did?? She just kinda passed out maybe but then again she did get caved in under tons of boulders so) but they could also be doing a thing kinda like in the Teen Titans cartoon where Terra didn’t die in the cave in and lived but oh well.

I was extremely happy that they introduced Donna to the team at the end! It looked like she was having trouble flying so maybe she’s not used to her powers or maybe it was just a stumble on her part. Nonetheless, it was a great way to end the movie-NOT. The best ending for the movie was actually after the credits, if you watched that far (I learned from Marvel movies to always watch after the credits for extra bits).

It shows the seemingly dead Jericho look alike open his eyes and loe and behold they glow. What’s so special about this, you ask? Well if you don’t know, Jericho’s ability is that he can possess a person after making eye contact with them. His eyes glow and his astral form? leaves his body and possess another. This allows him to access the host’s powers, be it physical, mental, or magical, as well as their memories. The host is conscious throughout this time but unable to do anything as they are not in control of their actions.

anonymous asked:

would u mind if i asked what may possibly be the dumbest question u have heard in your life bc i'm just generally confused by lafayette's name. like, everyone either references him as gilbert or lafayette but he has so many names before gilbert, so why doesn't everyone call him marie-joseph? or paul? did he prefer gilbert? is lafayette his last name? is du motier his last name? i'm just- i'm so incredibly lost. i literally have "was lafayette actually lafayette's name" in my search history.

Excellent question, Nony!

Laf’s full title is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, which is a combination of saint’s names, family names, and a personal name. Marie [Mary], Joseph, Paul, Yves, and Roch are all saints of the Catholic faith. People invoked these saint names for the protection of their children. Lafayette even joked about it at one point.

  • Marie, or Mary (the mother of Christ) is invoked to promote perfect love and obedience to Christ in the child’s life.
  • Prayers or petitions to St. Joseph grant one help and welfare spiritually and physically from Christ.
  •  Naming one’s child after St. Paul promoted the graceful labor of said individual to spread the faith and to endure any trials and tribulations that the child faced.
  • St. Yves is the patron saint of lawyers, invoked for the defense of the child and his/her life.
  • St. Roch prevented against pestilence and plague. 

So, in essence, his name begins with a series of saints to protect the young marquis. Gilbert du Mortier is his personal name…one that people would later address him as. And Marquis de Lafayette is the name and title registered by the king. It is the name of his claim to nobility. In short, Laf’s name is basically listed out logically as follows: 


…It’s a mouthful.

If he had been born without a title, people would have just called him Gilbert du Mortier.

Make sense?

Band Of Brothers Preference

Can you do the reader or the guys distancing themselves from being with them? Like the slow dancing one? Gifs please! Requested by Anon

Richard Winters:

Who distances themselves: you from him

Winters was always being selfless and you began to worry that would the end of him. What was the point of loving someone if there was a huge chance you could lose them at any given moment? That just wasn’t something your heart could take. But once he heard your reasoning he took you aside and promised you that he was never going to leave your side no matter what happens.He was going to be there.

Lewis Nixon:

Who distances themselves: him from you

What were you trying to do being with him? He was only gonna end up hurting you or disappointing you, he thought. When you entered the room he would leave immediately or try to look busy to stop involving you in his life. Once you approached him about it he just let it spill, he thought you deserved alot more. Safe to say, you stayed around to make sure you proved just how amazing her was to him.

Carwood Lipton:

Who distances themselves: you from him

When Lip loves he loves wholeheartedly and he loves everyone. So when you continually declined his offers or just waved him off it just made him want to know why even more. Lipton was not one to let go off people, he was going to make sure he got over those walls that you kept so tightly around your heart and he was going to stay there.

Denver “Bull” Randleman:

Who distances themselves: you from him

Did you think you could just walk away from him? Aw, that’s funny. Bull would not let that happen, let alone you even think about it. You try to do it subtly but he catches on quick and pulls you aside making sure to take every bad thought out of your mind and let you know that after all this, you’re gonna be stuck with him.

Joe Toye:

Who distances themselves: him from you

What’s the point in getting to know someone who can screw you over? Or worse, someone who can just die and leave you alone. Toye was known to be someone who didn’t open up but you wouldn’t allow that. You pushed and pushed and pushed until he finally snapped. He didn’t want another person in his life because he didn’t want the hurt that came with it. And if you knew more about him, he would become attached to you and that itself was the worst pain. There was no thing he made clear though. That was that if you knew him and truy knew him, you would have to stay, and that wasn’t even the slightest of problems for you.

George Luz:

Who distances themselves: you from him

If there is one thing everyone knows about George Luz, that is that he always cares. Doesn’t matter who it is or what they do, you deserve to be happy. And you were someone he really wanted to be happy, more than anyone. Luz doesn’t shy away from anything so you better believe he up and calls you out on it as soon as he knows for sure whats going on. He makes it a point to look you in the eye and tell you he is going to stick around until you open up to him and nothing that you do will change it.

Eugene Roe:

Who distances themselves: him from you

Roe would not speak a single word you let alone even look in your direction. That only made you want to get to know him more. When there was a time you were both alone, you let it slip, ‘I’m not going not hurt you.’ He cleared his throat explaining that he didn’t want to be the one to see you get hurt. It was sweet honestly but that wasn’t a valid reason by you. ‘It’s okay. Because if I do get hurt, I know who’s gonna save me.”

Joseph Liebgott:

Who distances themselves: you from him

Lieb had his eyes on you and he would literally follow you everywhere. He never realized it truly bothered you until you called your temporary or just another girl. The next time you were together, he stood up in front of everyone pronouncing his love for you. The thing is, he was already attached. And he knew what he wanted. You and only you for a long time.

Lynn “Buck” Compton:

Who distances themselves: you from him

Buck was liked by everyone and always tried to be even with everything he had been through. He deserved something constant something whole in his life and you just didn’t believe that was you. Those words broke Compton’s heart because somehow you didn’t see all his cracks and how you were the only thing that made HIM feel ‘whole’. 

Donald Malarkey:

Who distances themselves: him from you

This sweet thing craves acknowledgement but there is also a chance that things can go wrong. With everything that happened, he only needed one thing to go right. What’s the point in rolling that dice again though? Better to be alone and content than together and then heartbroken. Soon that became frustrated, you forcefully had to make Malarkey be around you and grabbed onto him. ‘I’m here. I’m always gonna be here, no matter what you do. So stop trying.’ That’s all he needed to hear.

Warren “Skip” Muck:

Who distances themselves: you from him

Skip is such a sap oml. Ignore him all you want, you will still find flowers, love notes, hugs, compliments, etc., all coming your way. He doesn’t give up easy or with you, at all. In the hell he is in, you’re the only thing that makes him feel safe.

Bill Guarnere:

Who distances themselves: him from you

Aww this giant teddy bear. BIll gets hooked super easily so once you walked in he was like “abort abort abOrT”. One thing that scared Bill was depending on people and not having them there one day. Being away at war, he only thinks about you but God knows what you’re thinking about he just hopes it’s him. He needs reassurance every once in a while to know you’re the only one for him.

Darrell “Shifty” Powers:

Who distances themselves: you from him

Shifty would not let you go, not even for a second. If you’re what he wants, he will get you. He’s one of those guys who is super sweet constantly and soooo polite about it, how could you tell him no? He’s also super upfront, he will tell you straight up, he will get you. no if’s and’s or but’s.

Frank Perconte:

Who distances themselves: you from him

You want to keep your distance? Can’t do that if he’s everywhere you go. *inserts meme guy* But seriously Perco will make sure he is always around you, at some point you’re gonna have to open up. He’s so stubborn, you will give up before he does I can promise you that. Frank also follows you like a lost pupper looking for some love and affection. 

Ronald Speirs:

Who distances themselves: him from you

He will not get close to you. He will not open up to you. He will not lose you. That’s what goes through Speirs’ mind. He figured everyone else in the company tries to avoid him, if he’s rude to you maybe you’ll just avoid him too and he won’t have to worry about it. If anything, it only intrigued you more which really worried him. Everyone noticed how he began to snap at you easier and even the officers began to suspect something. If you hated him, he couldn’t catch feelings. But soon enough you crawled right under his skin and he could not even think about being without you.

Edward “Babe” Heffron:

Who distances themselves: him from you

Poor bean has been abandoned too often. babe doesn’t have much regard for himself, but you saw the world in him. He didn’t regard himself as much of a suitor or someone people are interested in. Why would he want someone to be with him if there’s a chance they could find better?

Chuck Grant:

Who distances themselves: him from you

Chuck has this whole reputation of flirting but it terrified him to have something real. Once things are real then they can be destroyed and more than anything he doesn’t want the pain of being destroyed. He will not give anyone the opportunity to hurt him. Pick at him, find out quirks, make a joke, compliment him. Small things slip out and before he knows it, Grant has created so much space for someone he didn’t want around in the first place.

Floyd Talbert:

Who distances themselves: you from him

Everyone knows how Tab can be. His little flirty moves, his suggestive comments, it’s all really in fun until he finds someone who really peaks his interest. and not just their body no, their mind, their movements, their banters. It’s stuff that makes him want to know every part of someone. But of course if you don’t know that side of him, being with Tab is something really hard to imagine. But if there’s one thing he tries to get across its that, ‘Honey, I’m gonna be the person who makes sure you don’t get hurt again.’

David Webster:

Who distances themselves: him from you

If you love people you have more to lose. That’s how he sees it. Web has witnessed his closest friends get wounded and it hurt like hell. One more person was not worth it, he was not meant to fall for you and did his best not to. But we all know this doe-eyed boy. Look at him once with those innocent eyes and wide smile and damn it. He’s a fool for you.

Harry Welsh:

Who distances themselves: you from him

This hopeless romantic. He was always out there first and always in the way of danger. He doesn’t even worry about the matter, he is all smiles and grins when he sees you because he knows at some point you’ll be in his arms and everything between the both of you will be right. And everything before that won’t matter. He just has to wait.


All Time Greatest, Iconic Movies Jurassic Park (1993)

The world has just changed so radically, and we’re all running to catch up. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but look… Dinosaurs and man, two species separated by 65 million years of evolution have just been suddenly thrown back into the mix together. How can we possibly have the slightest idea what to expect?