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February 11, 1965 

Ringo Starr and Maureen Cox posing at Caxton Hall on their wedding day. From left: the bride’s father; Joseph Cox, Cynthia Lennon, the bride’s mother, Florence Cox, John Lennon, George Harrison; Ringo and his bride, Maureen, Brian Epstein, Ringo’s stepfather, Harry Graves, and mother, Elsie Graves. The only Beatle missing was Paul McCartney, who was on vacation. 

Photograph by Robert Freeman.


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Also on this day, February 11, 1965, Ringo Starr married his girlfriend Maureen Cox, who was on the early months of her pregnancy of their son Zak. The ceremony was celebrated at Caxton Hall in London.

On the third photograph, from left to right: Maureen’s father Joseph, John and Cynthia Lennon, Maureen’s mother Florence, George Harrison, Brian Epstein (he was the best man at the wedding) and Ringo’s step-father and mother Harry and Elsie. 

Paul McCartney was unable to attend as he was in Portugal at the time.

kradeiz  asked:

I never really had a problem with 'Fenton Menace', then yesterday I realized that a lot of the scenes that made me wonder whether the Fentons might be abusive came from this episode. Particularly the whole strapping Danny on a spinning table bc they think he's crazy. I hate it when characters are written ooc for "comedy".

That part in particular is apparently a reference to certain 1800s psychiatric treatments, which makes it even more disturbing. It was called “rotation therapy,” and it had some very extreme negative affects on patients, unsurprisingly. Search up Doctor Joseph Mason Cox if you’re interested in more information, though be warned there are quite a few mentions of unsanitary things. The cliff notes version, though, is that it was a form of torture where a patient would be strapped into a spinning chair until they were “cured,” or more honestly, their will was broken so they wouldn’t have any more desire to engage in “insane behaviors.”

I can’t prove that this reference was intentional, but if the joke wasn’t already bad, that makes it even worse. Mentally ill people were tortured this way in order to force them to behave the way the doctors wanted. The Fentons have joked about using torture devices on their kids before (in Fanning the Flames), but that’s all it was. A joke. The kids weren’t actually hurt. Heck, Jack was the one who was shut in the containment device in the end.

Danny does get hurt with this “joke.” He’s actually strapped onto a spinning table in reference to old “medical” torture techniques. We never see anything that extreme from Jack and Maddie again, so it’s just weird. Add that to Jazz’s cruel behavior, and you can probably see why I’m not a huge fan of this episode.

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