joseph blondel


In occasion of the celebrations for the Thargelia, Birthday of Artemis and Apollo, we celebrate especially also Their Mother, Leto, since … “Leto is a Life-bearing Spring encompassed in Demeter. This is why our ancestral Traditions honour the same Goddess as both Demeter and Leto, demonstrating the unity of these Goddesses. This Goddess sends forth all Life-bearing Light, illuminating both the intellectual essence of the Gods and the orders of souls, and ultimately lights up the whole perceptible Heaven, since She has generated the light around the Cosmos, and established its cause in Her children, Apollo and Artemis, and flashes like a lightning Her intellectual and life-bearing Light into all things.” (Proklos, in Crat. 104)

[Leto and Her children, Artemis and Apollo; W. H. Rinehart, Metropolitan Museum. Leto and Her children, Artemis and Apollo; Joseph Blondel, Louvre Museum]