joseph becker


A month later and I’m finally making this post! For those who don’t know (and even those who do), @colebecker (Lauren) and I traveled to Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL to see SWMRS at their last three shows on the ATL tour.

So many wonderful things happened on this trip that I can’t even begin to explain. Lauren and I got called/were treated like friends by all the guys, Max and Cole especially. I got to show them my tattoos, which they both got super excited/freaked out about. There were so many conversations and little things that made Lauren and I feel so at home hundreds of miles away from home. While I don’t want to go into detail here, feel free to ask some details if you want (off anon please). The guys truly showed us the time of our lives and even basically convinced us to go to St. Louis and Lawrence for the FDN tour. I can’t wait to see them again and tell them how much they mean to me (especially Max in the wake of Harvey for everything he’s done). The guys are absolute sweethearts and I’m so blessed to love a band that loves their fans so much! 💕