joseph bates

I just want WWE UK because the universe deserves it

The UK tourney was extremely successful. The title belt is gorgeous; it’s one of my favorites. The talent that was showcased in that tournament was amazing. I’m not just talking about BSS; Wolfgang, Sam Gradwell, Danny Burch, Mark Andrews, James Drake, Joseph Connors- these guys deserve a weekly show to showcase their talent. Give us what we want, WWE.


We got the best ending we could have wished for, it was great.

Edith and Bertie FINALLY married:

Mary and Henry all happy and a baby on the way:

Rose and Atticus all happy with a baby girl:

Henry and Tom opening their business together:

Isobel and Dickie married and happy:

Tom flirting with Miss Edmunds and she catching the bouquet:

Thomas becoming the new butler at Downton:

Anna and Bates with their baby boy:

Everyone gets happy ending