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Different Workforces and their Holy Patrons

  • Saint Joseph - Carpenters and Slate-quarry Workers
  • Saint Vincent Ferrer - Gardeners and Vegetable Growers
  • Saint Barbara - Firemen, Miners, and Artillerymen
  • Saint Mary Magdalene - Glove-makers
  • Saint Medardus - Umbrella-makers
  • Saint Luke - Painters, Sculptors, Doctors, and Glaziers
  • Saint Dorthy - Florists and Gardeners

The North American Nebula Widefield False Color - April 19, 2017 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from New Mexico Skies Observatory using an SBIG STXL-11000 camera and Takahashi FSQ 106 telescope on a Software Bisque PME 2 Mount with AOX guiding. LINK Info about this nebula: Positive: Negative:

Intergalactic gas and ripples in the cosmic web

The most barren regions known are the far-flung corners of intergalactic space. In these vast expanses between the galaxies there is just one solitary atom per cubic meter – a diffuse haze of hydrogen gas left over from the Big Bang. On the largest scales, this material is arranged in a vast network of filamentary structures known as the “cosmic web,” its tangled strands spanning billions of light years and accounting for the majority of atoms in the universe.

Now, a team of astronomers, including UC Santa Barbara physicist Joseph Hennawi, have made the first measurements of small-scale ripples in this primeval hydrogen gas using rare double quasars. Although the regions of cosmic web they studied lie nearly 11 billion light years away, they were able to measure variations in its structure on scales 100,000 times smaller, comparable to the size of a single galaxy. The results appear in the journal Science.

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The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy or M83 or NGC 5236 - Narrowfield C - May 8, 2016 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from Savannah Skies Observatory with an SBIG STL-6303 camera and 33-cm RCOS telescope in a Software Bisque PME mount. 60 x 1 min; Clear Filter; Scale 0.63 asec/px

So I have this headcanon that post-sdc, Joseph and Kakyoin start exchanging comics and manga with each other, because like Kakyoin’s interested in the different art styles, and Joseph is a massive comic book nerd and as soon as he hears Kakyoin’s interested there’s no stopping him. Like it probably starts around ‘89/’90 because Joseph sees Barbara Gordon’s revival as Oracle and is just like… that’s Kak. So he sends Kakyoin a bunch of comics and is like ‘read these Oracle is cool’. And pretty soon Kak is in too deep and he can’t be saved. So he sends Joseph stuff like Dragon Ball and Joseph is fucking loving it. And they keep this up throughout their lives. And it’s like their little thing that Jotaro doesn’t really pay attention to, and it brings them closer together and Joseph is kind of the family figure that Kakyoin really needs. I don’t know man these guys are nerds and I just love the idea of basically all the Joestars adopting Kakyoin as their own, in their own special ways.